Top 10 Best Hip and Butt Enhancers for the Modern Crossdresser


Check out the top best hip and butt enhancers from the Roanyer Store, on the market today for crossdressing!



Welcome, lovelies, to another experience-sharing article! As someone who’s been crossdressing for years now, I’ve met a lot of friends along the way who helped me compile this list of the best hip and butt enhancers.


Butt Enhancers - hip enhancers - crossdresser 


Gone are the days when we crossdressers use crumple papers or socks and stuff them on the side of our tight pants to upgrade our hips and derrière! We’re more advanced now, and convenience meets our goal just right. Get ready to know the top-notch products to achieve that sought-after feminine shape!



Why Hip and Butt Enhancers are Essential


Butt Enhancers - hip enhancers - crossdresser 


A feminine silhouette is always associated with a narrow waist and wide hips. So, for us crossdresses, it’s a given that we want to emulate and highlight those specific parts. But how do we get that perfect shape? There are many ways actually. For someone like me who has a natural hourglass figure, I often use waist trainers or corsets to further emphasize my shape. Others take the extreme step and go under the knife.


I’m not criticizing those who go through surgeries like BBL for a bigger butt and Rib Removal for a narrower waist. I’m just being realistic and saying the obvious: Any procedure comes with its complications. Plus, many of us in the community, especially the newbies, are not ready for that kind of commitment just yet. Not to mention, we don’t have $31,000— ($6,000 for safe BBL, $25,000 for Rib Removal) just lying around.


But don’t you worry— hip and butt enhancers are to the rescue! I never really think much of them before. But now, years after realizing these products’ benefits, I wish I had given them the chance the very first time I’ve heard of them!


Hip and butt enhancers so much to help me get to the feminine silhouette I am so after. And without any awkward bumps and ridges, too! More than the aesthetic results they pose is the confidence I gain from seeing myself so— womanly. It’s an experience that further pushed me into taking my crossdressing journey more seriously.


Top 10 Hip and Butt Enhancers You Need to Try


In hopes of sharing with you the satisfying feeling of seeing myself as I want to present, I’ve asked around and got a consensus of excellent products. Check each other out and see what fits your situation and your aim!


Super Strong Hip Pants


Hip and Butt Enhancers for the Modern Crossdresser 


So, speak of the devil, the first on our list is the Super Strong Hip Pants. These beauties are the answer to every queen’s dream who desires a voluptuous figure. These pants are available in four skin-matching tones, giving you plenty of options to find your perfect match.


You can opt for a realistic, penetrable vagina, a urination pouch kit, and even choose whether you want pubic hair or go for a smooth, bare look.


These pants are designed to cover the middle tummy till just above your knee and are perfect for those with a waist of around 26 inches and hips of about 52 inches. They will hug your figure snugly, offering an instant curvy silhouette.


I personally have this, and I can’t stop taking pictures of my side profile! But I do not recommend wearing them for more than a few hours as they can weigh you down— I mean, they are humongous! And that is what they are made for, so I do not regret buying mine one bit!


Ultra Soft Modal Boxer for Men


Hip and Butt Enhancers for the Modern Crossdresser 


One step at a time, isn’t it? If you’re just dipping your toes into crossdressing and not quite ready to go all out, this one’s for you. The Ultra Soft Modal Boxer for Men is the subtle change you need. It’s made from a cozy blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Plus, they come with a built-in crotch pad, so you don’t have to worry about tucking.


This low-key approach to enhancement is the kind you can wear on a casual day out, under your everyday clothes, without feeling like you’re trying too hard. The boxers are available in sizes from small to double XL and in two colors: the ever-classic black and a subtle nude for those who prefer a more natural look under light-colored clothing.


Body Shaping Shorts with Gaff


Hip and Butt Enhancers for the Modern Crossdresser 


Created best for our petite sissies, these shorts don’t go overboard with the augmentation. Instead, they offer a subtle but noticeable lift to your hips and butt that’s absolutely perfect for those who aren’t looking for a dramatic change.


The built-in camel-toe gaff is also noteworthy. It offers that feminine bulge in your lower half, making it easier to create that seamless transition between your body and your clothing. Trust me, you’ll appreciate this feature when you’re rocking your favorite pair of skinny jeans or that tight-fitting cocktail dress.


These shorts are available in sizes from S to 2XL, so no matter your body type, there’s a pair waiting for you. And let’s talk about the material for a second– stretchable and breathable. That means not only do they fit like a second skin, but also keep things breezy and comfortable. As someone who’s had their share of uncomfortable padding, I can’t stress how vital this is.


2 Inch Astrobooty Drag Queen Hip Pads With Shorts


Listen up queens, crossdressers, and trans folx alike! The Astrobooty offers you an exclusive ticket to voluptuousville. These hip pads come with spandex shorts, with medium-density foam pads for that instant plump in all the right places. These pads are available in sizes from S to 2XL, in four different colors.


Hip and Butt Enhancers for the Modern Crossdresser


It also comes with zippers and elastic material, ensuring that you can trot, twerk, or tango without a hitch. Slip them on, zip up, and voila! This feature is a total life-saver if you’re running late for a meet-up. As much as I like being fashionably late sometimes, one of my pet peeves is waiting for serial latecomers. So I try to be on time the best I can.


Silicone Buttock Pants with Open Crotch 


Here’s an enhancer that screams, “Let’s go party!” If you’re looking to add some oomph to your derriere while rocking see-through outfits, make the Silicone Buttock Pants your new best friend. Available in six different tones, you can choose a shade that blends seamlessly with your skin tone, making it natural, believable, and – most importantly – fierce.


Hip and Butt Enhancers for the Modern Crossdresser


The Silicone Buttock Pants come in sizes ranging from S to 2XL, so whether you’re dainty or bootylicious, they’ve got you covered (and by covered, I mean enhanced.


The open crotch design? It’s not just for convenience, though it makes things pretty convenient, eh? It also ensures airflow and comfort while you’re serving looks and turning heads.


Hip Enhancing Pant with Anal Hole


For all my sisters out there who covet that perfect hourglass silhouette, I present to you the Hip Enhancing Pant with Anal Hole. This baby takes care of everything from your lower tummy to your thighs, helping you achieve an enviable ~22-inch waist and ~40-inch hips.


Hip and Butt Enhancers for the Modern Crossdresser


It comes with a realistic, penetrable vagina and the optional urination pouch kit. You can even customize it with or without pubic hair, depending on how au naturel you want to go.


It’s made from medical-grade silicone, flexible, and feels hyper-realistic. It also integrates a craft honeycomb structure, ensuring breathability so you can strut with confidence without the dreaded sweaty discomfort.


Crossdresser Silicone Short Hip Pads


Hello, miniskirt fans! Are you ready to make a grand statement with a little extra oomph at your hips? Allow me to introduce the Crossdresser Silicone Short Hip Pads. These petite powerhouses are perfect for those daring short dresses, cheeky shorts, and playful mini skirts that you love so much— – and I can’t blame you for that, really!


Hip and Butt Enhancers for the Modern Crossdresser


Crafted from 100% soft silicone, they’re as comfy as your favorite pajamas, and with paper-thin edges, they blend seamlessly with tights and leggings. You won’t have to worry about any awkward lines ruining your ensemble. They’re a great pairing with waist trainer corsets, taking your sexy hourglass figure to the next level.


Weighing in at 2.75 lbs and measuring 12 inches by 9.25 inches, they’re substantial enough to make a noticeable difference but light enough to not feel like you’re carrying weights at your hips. I mean, who needs an extra workout, right?


One of my favorite parts? The warranty. These pads come with a 1-year warranty against rips and tears.


Hip Enhancing Pant with Fake Vagina


Hip and Butt Enhancers for the Modern Crossdresser


Want to feel transformed from top to bottom? Meet the Hip Enhancing Pant with Fake Vagina. This enhancer covers from the lower stomach to the higher part of your thighs, and yes, it even includes a cute little belly button. Talk about attention to detail!


It’s also customizable and comes with a hyper-realistic vagina. You can even choose to have a urination pouch kit added. And, for those of you who like keeping things a bit more authentic, there’s an option to add pubic hair, too. The sizing is pretty generous, with a ~21-inch waist and ~32-inch hip, making it a perfect fit for individuals weighing between 132 and 198 lbs.


Large Silicone Hip Pads


Now, let’s get into the big leagues! The Large Silicone Hip Pads are just the ticket for those who aren’t afraid to go all out and flaunt a bolder, curvier silhouette. These bad boys measure ~19-inch by ~11-inch and weigh ~3.5 lbs. They’re large, in charge, and ready to make a statement!


Talk about elasticity! These hip pads can stretch like your favorite pair of yoga pants. And don’t even get me started on the ultra-thin edge. It’s so seamless it’ll have you questioning whether they’re truly pads or if you’ve just magically grown hips overnight. I know it sounds too good to be true. But trust me, they’re the real deal.


Hip and Butt Enhancers for the Modern Crossdresser


And let’s touch on the shape, shall we? They mimic the most natural curves so well that even your grandmother wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. But don’t let their size intimidate you; they’re perfect for anyone weighing between 132 to 220 lbs.


But, like any queen knows, even the most fabulous outfits have their small hitches. The Large Silicone Hip Pads, for all their beauty, can be a bit heavy to carry around. Think of it as carrying a small purse on each hip. However, the dramatic transformation they offer? Worth every ounce!


Invisible Butt Lifter Full-Leg Body Shaper


This sleek piece of wonder comes in a range of sizes from S to 3XL. It’s crafted from a seamless fabric that offers moderate compression, giving you that zing without sacrificing comfort.


It’s a garment that covers everything from the top of the bust down to the ankle. The perfect companion to your B to C Cup breast forms, and did I mention the straps are removable? Yes! It fits like a second skin, meaning there’s plenty of room to add more hip enhancers since it’s nice and snug. No slipping, no sliding— just pure, unadulterated gorgeousness.


sissy clothes


But hey, let’s talk about the special tension under the butt area. If you’re not looking for a fake butt, no worries, darling! This shaper lifts your natural butt, giving you that peach-perfect tush in no time. It’s composed of 80% polyamide and 20% elastane, striking the right balance between flexibility and firmness.


Now, for the nitty-gritty. While this shaper is an absolute gem, it does cover a large area of the body, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially in those scorching summer months. And if you’re not into a tight fit, this might be a bit of a challenge.


How to Choose the Perfect Hip and Butt Enhancer


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Are you eyeing your next hip and butt enhancer from the list above now? That’s great! But before you go and put your order in, I’ll give you more tips on how to not be disappointed with your product choice. Below are questions you’ll find valuable:


Do you understand your body?


I know it might be a tall order for some of us to take a good look at our body and understand it fully. For instance, when I was just starting crossdressing, I hated looking at myself in the mirror because I didn’t like what I saw. I crossdress to venture into knowing the full extent of my identity, and there were many times when I just— didn’t want to look at my body.


Unfortunately, this is an experience that many crossdressers share. More so for our transgender friends who battle body dysmorphia. But when you’re trying to get the best product for you, you’ll have to be in tune with the body you’re going to furnish. As they say, your body is your temple, and you want your temple to look its best, right?


Check your skin tone, eye color, hair color, body type, shape, and more. Through these, you can pinpoint what colors work best for you, what clothing cut accentuates your assets, hide the parts you’re not too keen on sharing with others yet, and what enhancers make your figure look proportional.


Knowing how your body works will make shopping easier, especially for undergarments like hip and butt enhancers.


How comfortable do you want to be?


Long-time crossdressers are risk-takers, at least most in my friend group. The longer they are into crossdressing, the more willing they are to try new products that may seem daunting, even ridiculous, to some. I am one of these people. It’s not that I do not have reservations. It’s just that I am willing to discover new things.


I think this is a natural train of thought one develops with years of experience with crossdressing materials. For us, say pro crossdressers, we don’t mind a little discomfort if it will make us look hella good. Beauty is pain is really a mantra.


But if you’re a newbie, it’s understandable that you will put more importance on your comfort than what the product promises you to look like. So, identify your comfort level and choose a product you know you’ll feel secure in.


What size and fit are you after?


Are you looking for a tight fit that makes your waist look snatched? Are you willing to forget breathing for a few hours? I’m joking, but not really. Some hip and butt enhancers might require you to squeeze yourself in to fit into the product.


I thought before that women’s tights were called that because they were so tight. But then I get to trying silicone enhancers and now have to battle more predicaments: how do I make it easier to slide over my legs? Will this hold while I jump up and down while out with friends?


The product you’re going to get should correspond to the fit you want. There can be a few sacrifices, but that is the price we pay to get a feminine silhouette that’s sure to turn heads!


Where and when will you use the product?


You can’t wear a 40-inch hip and butt enhancer when you plan to swim in the pool! It might sound fun, but with that kind of weight, safety becomes an issue. It’s one thing if you plan to just stay by the poolside, though.


What I mean is you need to be wary of where and when you use the hip and butt enhancer. Think of the occasion, the season, and other factors you need to consider.


Maintenance and Care Tips for Your Enhancers


sissy clothes 


So, you’ve picked your enhancer, tried it on and you’re looking chef’s kiss divine. But the journey doesn’t stop there— unless you’re willing to spend dollars again and again! It’s crucial to take care of your enhancers to keep you looking snatched for as long as possible.


Silicone enhancers are a bit like that designer dress or those high-end shoes you may splurge on— they need a little extra love. Use mild soap and water for cleansing, and remember to pat dry— no wringing or twisting!


I can’t stress this enough, but please, for the love of all that’s stylish, avoid folding your enhancers! They aren’t a pair of socks to be crumpled up and shoved into the drawer. Lay them flat or hang them to maintain their shape.


Keep ’em away from high temperatures. Silicone enhancers loathe heat as much as we dread unflattering lighting. So, store them somewhere cool and dry.


Take your time when putting on your hip and butt enhancer. Remove any jewelry or long nails, too! Silicone is durable, but it can still tear under too much pressure. Be gentle; use a little talc or liquid soap if needed. 




I’ve laid down everything I’ve got to present you a comprehensive list of the best hip and butt enhancers out there today. All I hope is that you will feel the best version of yourself— everyone deserves to feel and look fabulous from time to time! Don’t be afraid to use these products to manipulate the reflection you want to see in the mirror. It’s not vanity; it’s discovering aspects of yourself that will ultimately help you feel complete.


Elevate your style, let your personality shine, and keep experimenting!


sissy clothes


FAQs – Best Hip and Butt Enhancers for the Modern Crossdresser


What are the best materials for hip and butt enhancers?


Foams are best for newbies, but for pro crossdressers, I’d recommend silicone. It’s durable, skin-safe, and mimics the feel and look of natural skin! If budget is not a concern, it’s best to go for silicone hip and butt enhancers.


How often should I replace my enhancers?


The answer will depend on you. What material is the enhancer you bought? How often do you use it? How do you care and maintain it? With proper maintenance, good-quality silicone enhancers can last several years. Keep an eye on the condition of your enhancers and replace them if you notice any tears or changes in shape.


Are there any side effects to using enhancers?


Silicone enhancers are generally safe for use, but as with anything you wear, comfort is key. If you experience any discomfort or skin irritation, it may signal that you need a different size or material.


How do I know which size to buy?


Choosing the right size is all about personal preference and your desired look. Measure your hips and butt, then refer to the product’s size chart. If you’re stuck between sizes, opt for the larger size for a seamless and comfortable fit.


Can enhancers be worn with any outfit?


Absolutely! Silicone hip and butt enhancers are versatile and can be worn with almost any outfit. They’re perfect under jeans for a curvy look or dresses to give you that hourglass silhouette. Experiment and see what works best for your style!

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