What Is and How to Reach a Sissygasm?


Today I bring a very special topic, one that is crucial to please our kinky, feminine desires: sissygasm!


If you are having trouble reaching one or have no clue what this is and how much you can enjoy it, don’t worry!


You can find all about it here!


Crossdressing tips


Most social constructs around gender are very restrictive in their sexuality. Lots of rules and standards that make up for a “proper” way to enjoy sexuality and oneself.


For many sissies, crossdressers, and femboys, the love for feminine things only starts with clothes.


But we can’t forget about one of the more obvious aspects of gender, sexuality! Let’s talk all about it here, without any “taboos”!



What is a femboy?


A femboy refers to a person, typically under the age of 30, who is biologically male but often expresses themselves in a distinctly feminine way.


This can be a consistent or occasional behavior.


It’s important to note that femboys are distinct from ladyboys, who are Asian male-to-female transsexual individuals.


Additionally, femboys differ from cross-dressers.


While they embody femininity, femboys are not necessarily inclined to wear exclusively female clothing, although this is frequently seen.


Being a femboy does not provide any information about one’s sexual orientation.


Femboys can identify as straight, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, or any other sexual orientation.


Furthermore, identifying as a femboy does not necessarily indicate one’s gender identity.


A femboy may still identify as male, or they may prefer to be identified as female. It is common, however, for femboys to identify as bigender.


What Is a Sissygasm?



A sissygasm is reaching sexual climax without touching your penis.


This is mostly achieved through anal and prostate stimulation, but there are other ways.


Ear play or nipple play are some of the most common alternative methods.


Using sex toys and edging for a long time will help you get there more easily too.


The general rule of a sissygasm is to embrace the feelings of a naturally feminine orgasm.


Some practices involve restraining oneself from sexual activity, whether with the aid of a chastity device or not.


As with everything else, some dangerous methods are going around on the internet on how to reach a sissygasm.


That is why I always recommend caution and starting slowly.


Rushing things can get you hurt and ruin the whole experience that you are looking for!


Explore the most sensitive parts of your body carefully, minus your bits, and you will get there before you know it!


The Power of Feminine Sexuality


What Is and How to Reach a Sissygasm


As crossdressers, femboys, or sissies, in spite of being assigned male at birth, we are not very fond of the masculinity others demand of us.


We have a natural tendency towards femininity that rarely gets explored.


And even when we do, it is often very shyly, or in private where we are our only teachers.


There are many reasons why this is both good and bad at the same time. First, let’s go over the nice part.


We have no limits. We are alone with ourselves and our body is ours.


Discovering new pleasure spots in your body parting from a feminine perspective is like going through puberty all over again!


Remember the first time you felt something during your “alone time”?


That multiplied by a thousand times! Followed by a warm and fulfilling sensation all over your body! You will not only feel like a “femme fatale” but like a goddess!


How Can It Boost Your Feminine Energy?


Crossdressing tips


As said before, achieving sissygasms will bring you much closer to the experience of going through puberty like a teen girl than you can imagine.


Allowing yourself to discover your body in a girly fashion will strengthen your female persona.


“Standards” demand that the masculine part of a sexual relationship takes up the dominant role.


This old-fashioned statement, sadly, still rules over the growing up of many kids, which sets a constrictive and limited vision of gender and sex.


Exploring the feminine sexual side of yourself is a must if you always have been drawn to femininity, in one way or the other.


Not only you might have a great time, that’s really up to you, but it will surely make you a better lover and understand the other part of a sexual encounter.


How to Get There?


Crossdressing tips


Building up for a few days and edging can help you reach a sissygasm more easily than you can imagine.


Playing with “pleasure spots” in your body other than your genitalia can make you sissygasms without further help.


These are some of the non-intrusive and most common ways to sissygasm:


If you still can’t, you can always play with your prostate through your anus.


If you are trying to reach a sissygasm this way for the first time, start very slowly and carefully.


Use one of your fingers and lube to facilitate the whole process.


I don’t recommend spending any money other than on lube to start.


This DOES NOT mean that you should use anything phallic-like object you find lying around in your house.


Only when you are accustomed to the size of your finger can you think of getting a small dildo!


Practice, Practice, and Practice Girl!


What Is and How to Reach a Sissygasm


Don’t be frustrated if you can’t get there at first. Feminine sexuality is less depicted in the media and taught thoroughly.


You are not the first nor the last gal that ends up unsatisfied after sexual stimulation.


Also, do not rush to get something enormous to reach a sissygasm, it doesn’t work like that.


Try laying in different positions, never do it in a rush, and take your time to explore where it feels nicer.


I have found that feminization hypnosis is a fun gimmick that can help you get in the right state of mind to reach climax.


Hypnotube is my go-to site whenever I feel like taking the experience even further!


Having a comforting voice speaking to your ear, telling you to embrace your femininity that you are trying to hold back has an unbelievable impact!


Safety Is the Number One Mistress


Crossdressing tips


As I mentioned before, when we are learning and exploring our own bodies with no one but us to guide our hands, we can hurt ourselves.


Desire can be very powerful and lead us to commit mistakes that lead to injuries.


Whether you are only starting to walk this path or have been having sissygasms for a long time, be cautious when looking to upgrade the experience.


Also, when looking for dildos, look for the ones that have a base on the bottom of them.


This will prevent your new best friend from sliding up and getting stuck in your intestines.


The same principle applies to any other kind of toy you are looking to buy.


Check also for the specs sheets on the manufacturer’s page to see if the material of the toy is safe to use. And don’t forget the lube!


What Is and How to Reach a Sissygasm


This is all for today, gals! I hope that this has awakened your curiosity about experiencing a female orgasm!


As I said, I do not only think that everyone reading this should experience it for their own pleasure, but also will change how you see sex as a whole!


If you want to know more about it, don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below to let me know! For now, this princess takes her leave.


See you again soon!

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  1. Great article.. many of the same points I advise gurls trying to achieve a sissygasm. Your advise to treat this as if you are a young girl going through puberty is spot on. One additional point I would like to add to that:

    Men learn orgasm through an “explosive” sensation with the release that occurs. Women’s orgasm is much more like a building wave. Imagine it as being in the ocean and the sensation of small waves lifting you up and down with gentle sensation and then all of a sudden one massive wave crashes over you. It overwhelms you and jumbles you and your sensations.

    That is how my personal sissygasm feel. It took lots of relaxation and exploration to learn to enjoy the small waves of pleasure until all of a sudden the big O hits. Gurls need to learn to go slow and not hurry or expect an “explosion” because with me at least when I cum like a sissy it slowly comes out again with a feeling that CIS women experience.

  2. I feel like regularly cumming bores me. I try to be masculine in my life but I fail. Whenever I try to cum I can never finish to the girl and I always finish imagining myself being the girl. Please reply and tell me if you think this stuff is worth to get into, I want orgasms to be better for me.

  3. I’ve been trying to get to it since the album for a while is it normal to feel like you have to pee and how do you just let go

  4. I like to wear panties, as I do every day, and a bra (I have B cup breasts).
    Press my perineum against the edge of a table.
    Work up my butt hole with a dildo.
    However, I can’t reach an orgasm this way.
    To reach an orgasm I revert into my male role again, and masturbate like a man does.
    It’s nice to feel like the opposite sex, but only as a hobby.

  5. The ONLY way to achieve a sissygasm is sniff poppers then bounce up and down on big thick dildos for hours.

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