Why Do Some Cross-Dressers Have a Sudden Change in Personality While en Femme?

03/12/2023 BY WR3N

Every cross-dresser is unique, especially when going en femme.


We come in different shapes and sizes, and each one of us has got a personality.


That is what defines who we are, but sometimes it changes.


A few cross-dressers have a distinct personality while they’refemme.


One that resembles in nothing their male self.


But why does it happen? And how can we deal with these changes?


Roanyer Blog Why Do Some Cross-Dressers Have a Sudden Change in Personality While en Femme?


This kind of situation is more common than you may think. People find new ways of expressing who they are while cross-dressing.


So experimenting with different personality traits is normal. In that case, patience and comprehension are our best allies.


Stay tuned if you’re curious about the reasons and consequences of that. In this article, I’ll be answering your questions.


1- How do you perceive it?


Roanyer Blog Why Do Some Cross-Dressers Have a Sudden Change in Personality While en Femme?


Some people think these swings in personality are subtle and not very perceptible.


It’s only sometimes the case. But even if it is, we may notice some clues.


The tactics may differ depending on whose personality is changing.


But as long as you follow my tips, you’ll be able to see that.


Just keep in mind that it’s normal and happens all the time with different cross-dressers.


You must be patient when trying to perceive these differences in yourself.


Try interacting with people as your male self and then again while en femme.


Try to pay attention to how you treat and feel while talking to them.


If you’re uncomfortable talking to other people dressed as a girl, pay attention to your thoughts.


What new sensations could be influencing your actions?


And how do you respond to it?


Another idea is to monitor your online behavior while en femme.


But this last one is the least effective.


 Roanyer Blog Why Do Some Cross-Dressers Have a Sudden Change in Personality While en Femme?


Regarding other people, the tactics are different, albeit slightly similar.


An excellent way to start is by getting closer to said person.


If you already know they cross-dress, it shouldn’t be difficult.


That person probably trusts you so that you can get along with them.


Try to spend more time with them, doing various activities while en femme and as their male self.


While you do that, pay attention to mood swings and personality changes.


Those might be subtle, but they are still noticeable if you spend enough time with said person.


2- How intense are these changes?


Roanyer Blog Why Do Some Cross-Dressers Have a Sudden Change in Personality


Since each cross-dresser has a unique personality, those changes may occur in varying degrees.


Some of them, as I’ve mentioned, are subtle.


But other people may experience a complete switch of personality while en femme.



But what exactly happens to them? Once again, it varies depending on the individuall.


With that in mind, I’ll point out the most common changes in this section.


Starting with the subtle stuff, cross-dressers tend to be more extroverted while en femme.


Their masculine personas can be shy, but they become more social while en femme.


Insecurities and gender dysphoria may inhibit this change, making it more subtle.


But in confident cross-dressers, it’s a more prominent thing.


They become more talkative and sometimes friendlier.


Roanyer Blog Why Do Some Cross-Dressers Have a Sudden Change in Personality


Others may perceive a boost in self-esteem and confidence.


While still subtle, this change is more visible than the previous one.


If a cross-dresser’s personality is affected this way, they may find thee courage to do things they wouldn’t normally do.


This includes flirting with strangers, posting pictures online, and texting someone they like.


As for intense changes, the most notorious example is a significant increase in libido.


Some cross-dressers get very horny while en femme in a way that may surprise their partners.


But other intense changes are just as noticeable.


Some cross-dressers become happier and more sympathetic towards others.


Generally, there’s also a boost in empathy, especially toward women.


So as you can see, most of the changes are for the better.


3- Why does it happen?


Roanyer Blog Why Do Some Cross-Dressers Have a Sudden Change in Personality


There are many scientifical explanations for these personality changes.


But then again, it depends on the context of each cross-dresser.


We have many different influences during our journey, as well as motivations.


We can generalize to determine the most common causes.


Here’s what I’ve learned so far.


Gender dysphoria seems to be the most recurring starting point for these personality changes.


Some cross-dressers, who may be trans women, don’t feel like themselves while presenting as masculine.


They are uncomfortable with being perceived as men and trying to hide.


Adopting a feminine gender expression allows them to be themselves and act freely.


They become more friendly and find it easier to talk to others like that.


Roanyer Blog Why Do Some Cross-Dressers Have a Sudden Change in Personality


Regarding empathy, cross-dressing allows men to see the world from a new perspective.


It’s an immersive experience for some of them, and they try to understand how women feel.


This understanding helps us to see things from a woman’s point of view.


It opens up the eyes of most cross-dressers and is a transforming experience.


As such, the changes in our personality are to be expected.


As for the increase in libido, I can think of two answers.


Cross-dressing allows us to experiment with a new side of our sexuality.


Being curious is expected, and some cross-dressers are eager to try new possibilities.


The second answer is that, to some people, cross-dressing is a fetish.


They find it arousing and like to do it in bed to boost their performance.


As a result, the libido goes up, which changes their personality.


4- How to deal with it


Roanyer Blog Why Do Some Cross-Dressers Have a Sudden Change in Personality


If your partner is a cross-dresser, you must be patient.


Talk to them and explain how you noticed the differences in their personality while en femme.


Try to find the cause, and help your partner to open up about it.


Discussing the issue and setting boundaries is essential, but you should do your best to understand what they’re going through.


This way, your relationship shall grow stronger with the power of acceptance.


If you’re concerned about your personality, comprehension is the key.


You must understand that this is a part of who you are.


Cross-dressing might be a way of unleashing some of your innermost feelings!


You must live with it and express your femininity more often.


This way, you may come to terms with your inner girl and improve your daily life.




Cross-dressing allows us to express ourselves in many new ways.


This sometimes leads us to discover unique aspects of our personality and display them in varying intensities.


We can perceive these displays as changes in our nature while we cross-dress.


But there’s nothing to worry about.


It’s a normal phenomenon and one that may help you grow as a person.


Have you ever noticed a change in your personality while en femme?


Tell us about it in the comments!


We would love to hear about how you dealt with it.

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    1. It’s amazing how embracing a different persona can bring out new aspects of ourselves! Enjoy expressing your authentic self

  1. While en femme I find my mind becomes female and try to emulate and portray a women in all aspects. Even sexually I feel as though t transform into a woman trying to move as they do. And for 65 I am getting a more femme body just sayin

    1. It sounds like you experience a strong sense of gender identity when presenting as a woman, and that you feel a deep connection to feminine traits and behaviors. It’s great to hear that you are exploring your gender expression and feeling more comfortable in your body, regardless of your age. It’s important to remember that everyone’s gender journey is unique, and there is no right or wrong way to express oneself.

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