Why Do We Feel Powerful When Crossdressing?


Clothes and dressing up are scientifically proven to boost a person’s confidence. When you’re not comfortable wearing something, you may not be able to feel good about yourself. But, donning clothes that you like and that make you feel good will raise your self-esteem. We crossdressers are no different. Whether it be a maxi skirt, a comfortable top, or a fancy dress, getting dressed in feminine clothing makes us feel more confident and ready to rule the world.


1 - Why Do We Feel Powerful When Crossdressing


Looking back on our childhood, we might remember that moment that sparked the inspiration within us to try crossdressing. We all felt that euphoric feeling of slipping into our first dress, the sudden rush of adrenaline, and the conviction in our hearts. Ruminating about those magical moments that led to our decision to start buying women’s clothes for ourselves is a beautiful feeling. We felt powerful in the sense that we are confident in our individuality. We all thought that maybe we could do anything when dressed up as a woman! Crossdressing gives us the outlet to express ourselves fully. It enables us to embrace our femininity. Getting different clothing and trying them on makes us happy. But of course, it isn‘t always sunshine and rainbows throughout our journey. Behind our powerful, confident look, we have to deal with society and the people’s judgments towards us. 


Society can be cruel towards individuals who aren’t in their standard. But there are ways for sisters to crossdress and still feel powerful. First, it’s essential to use the right attitude. We should never call ourselves less than we are. Our feelings are valid because we’re humans as well. Also, it’s equally vital to have a positive mindset. When we’re confident in our crossdressing, we can stand with the right mindset and attitude. Therefore, we must own it! Our true power lies in doing what we want, and being who we want to be. We can take charge of our life and feel powerful through crossdressing! 



1. Know your crossdressing motivations


Why do I crossdress? Is it for sexual pleasure? A hobby? For fun? To feel pretty? To express my inner-girl?


Knowing our reasons can help us decide how to move forward. It’s a stereotype that crossdressing is an activity done solely for sexual gratification. While that may be the underlying reason for some crossdressers, it could also be a relief from stress and anxiety for most of us. Others enjoy the feeling of wearing female clothing, while some see it as a point of contact and a channel to live out their wildest dream of feminity.


However, it all boils down to our inner desire to be more feminine. The more common reasons are these:


2 - Why Do We Feel Powerful When Crossdressing


 1. A need to express our femininity and enjoy the feeling of passing as a woman;


3 - Why Do We Feel Powerful When Crossdressing


 2. The desire to escape from the pressures of life and be able to be who we want to be;


 3. A need to feel special, unique, free, while keeping in touch with the opposite gender;


4 - Why Do We Feel Powerful When Crossdressing


 4. Having a new persona feels powerful and boosts our confidence;


If it’s to feel pretty, know that there’s nothing prettier no matter what! What matters is we get to define who we are as an individual. Of course, every MtF crossdresser has her reasons for crossdressing, and the experience varies for everybody. But one thing constant is, it’s a fun, exciting experience for just about anyone who is curious!


2. Why do we feel powerful when crossdressing?


5 - Why Do We Feel Powerful When Crossdressing


When we wear outfits that support our lady-form identity, it enforces beliefs in ourselves. Crossdressing helps us become our best selves, and this is why you should go out and experience it if you haven’t already! It is more than just the appearance, though. It is one way to feel more secure in ourselves and connect with our environment. When we do, we’re expressing our recognition of societal norms, our awareness of how we fit into those norms, and our desire to change the perception. This is all done to create a psychological balance in our minds and keep us from experiencing anxieties and fear. By crossdressing, we’re symbolically saying, “I’m confident in my skin.”


6 - Why Do We Feel Powerful When Crossdressing


How is it that the clothes we wear make us feel this way? Well, in our circle as crossdressers, we associate specific colors with certain traits. For example, we link red with confidence, yellow with happiness, and purple with royalty. These colors have a powerful effect on our mental state, thus making it hard not to associate them with their traits.


3. Crossdressing as a form of self-discovery


7 - Why Do We Feel Powerful When Crossdressing


When people first hear about crossdressing, they most times think in one direction like, it’s a fetish. Whereby, there is more than just meet the eyes. Perhaps we like how it feels, enjoy transitioning into our new persona, feel comfortable going en femme feminine, or simply want to try it out and see what it’s like.


8 - Why Do We Feel Powerful When Crossdressing


While some might argue that it’s just a phase, this lifestyle enables us to understand our identity better. Those who are just starting will get a sense of comfort from crossdressing as a way to learn more about their body. Self-discovery is important because it allows people to figure themselves out honestly, which works fine for crossdressers. We all want to know what makes us who we are, right? It’s a fact that we can’t usually discover ourselves until there is some change. That change could lead to a drastic transformation in which you as a person figures out why you do the things you do. It could be anything as simple as a change in lifestyle or location. Or it could be something that involves a significant setback. The key is to find what helps us discover ourselves. For us, that key is through crossdressing.


9 - Why Do We Feel Powerful When Crossdressing


4. Crossdressing is a form of ownership


10 - Why Do We Feel Powerful When Crossdressing


Taking ownership of ourselves empowers us. This allows us to feel like we belong to a community that feels at home. It’s important to remember that this experience should be fun and feel natural! If we’re not having fun, we’re probably not owning it! We show ownership when we permit ourselves to live according to our unique traits, interests, and desires which briefly summarizes how owning up to our crossdressing is beneficial. These are things we must acknowledge, because these personal aspects make each of us unique, which means we can live life to the fullness of our potential.


11 - Why Do We Feel Powerful When Crossdressing


You live in a world where you should be unapologetically yourself. As crossdressers, we don’t have to make ourselves into something we’re not, even though we’re expected to be so many things. We have to be our truest selves. We are all wonderful, imperfect beings, we do not need the extra pressure of hiding from the world. Everything is a learning process, and the more we embrace our inner girl, the better we will be at crossdressing! There’s no point in being wishy-washy about our opinions. Always believe in yourself and keep going because your crossdressing could make a change. It’s important to think carefully about the art of crossdressing, but even more critical to express it unapologetically.


12 - Why Do We Feel Powerful When Crossdressing


5. Don’t let other people’s perspectives stop you


13 - Why Do We Feel Powerful When Crossdressing v2


Not everyone may understand crossdressing, as a form of art and expression. Don’t let other people’s perspectives stop you from crossdressing! What we do is very therapeutic, and it can bring you peace of mind. Crossdressing is a type of therapy that helps people live a more fulfilling and balanced life. Many people find it hard to find self-worth in their lives, but crossdressing helps build confidence in leading a more fulfilling life. If you’re feeling the need to let out your inner femininity, I highly recommend that you try crossdressing!


14 - Why Do We Feel Powerful When Crossdressing


For those who want to try crossdressing but are unsure about the results or don’t know how to begin, it’s good to know that you’ll be able to find a lot of crossdressers like myself, who will be happy to help you. There are plenty of resources, especially on the internet. Read up on the available tips, and you can start today! If you want to transition into crossdressing, you’ll want to get advice on it and make sure you know the basics. It is always a good idea to read up on the finer points of crossdressing and take some time to feel comfortable before beginning.


15 - Why Do We Feel Powerful When Crossdressing


When we’re wearing clothing that’s not often considered gender-conforming, but brings us an indescribable feeling of pleasure, it’s easy to get a sense of empowerment. In fact, it’s a feeling that is similar to a healthy high, where one feels content and happy. Crossdressing is a way to express a side of ourselves that we may not otherwise be honest about. That way, we’re not forcing ourselves to fit a specific mold that society tells us we should, or fit in to the box they created, just so we can be accepted. Perhaps society holds us to too high of a standard, so why not show them that we can unapologetically be ourselves!


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