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4 styles of underwear is worth investing for crossdressers

Everyone is bargaining when he is shopping, but all of us reach an absolute consensus that is a woman's underwear worth more money. The attitude for your lives is same as the way of the underwear for women. High-quality underwear will make you feel relaxed and  delighted all day. What's more,it will attach to your skin and highlight your features. That will make you looked more attractive.

1. Perfectly-fitted hip and butt pads


Nothing says “woman” like a shapely lower body. Unfortunately, most padded panties out there don’t suit crossdressers and transgender women. They look unnatural with pads that are the wrong size or shape. Silicone hip pads are a good choice

2. High quality pantyhose


Is there a difference between drugstore pantyhose and higher end brands like Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, and Wolford?

Yes! Quality hosiery looks and feels more luxurious – and most importantly, lasts longer. Unlike cheap pantyhose that runs within a day, quality hosiery should last you for many wearings.Silicone hip pads are a good choice

3. Silk pajamas


There’s nothing like the feel of real silk. I believe every girl (including you!) should have genuine silk pajamas in her collection.

Whether it’s a slinky nightgown or a classic pajama pant set, slip on one of these babies and feel the cares of the day melt away.

4. A luxurious robe


A silk or satin robe is a classic boudoir piece that will make you feel ultra feminine.

While you don’t have to break the bank, it’s worth treating yourself to the best you can afford. Your robe should last for years, so look for a high quality piece with luxurious fabric and trimmings.

Remember, carefully choose high-quality underwear which fits you, that can help you to increase glamorous female's charm.

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