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How to apply perfect eyeliner when you crossdress

We usually think that bright clear and large eyes look more feminine. Eye makeup can help us achieve. You may know everything about mascara and eyeshadow, but eyeliner is your first love. After applying eyeshadow, you can shape and define your eyes by using eyeliner. If you are just beginning crossdresser to wear makeup, it is quite tricky to acquire and your patience will be tested, though this is an important skill to learn. Here are some tips to help get it.

#1 Most Common Types of Eyeliners

From a classic smoky eye to the luscious gold eyeliner trend, finding the perfect eyeliner isn't just about making your eyes feminine, it s also about expressing your personal style. There are many varieties of types of eyeliner, depending on what you’re looking for.

Pencil eyeliners serve as an introduction to eyeliner for many. Typically found in two varieties, sharpenable and retractable, pencils are an easy way to define your eyes, even if you don’t possess the steadiest of hands. 

Gel eyeliner is both perfect for creating precise or smeared lines. The small pots of pigmented gel glide onto skin with help from angled eyeliner brushes; from there, keep it sharp or smudge it out, it’s all up to you. 

Liquid eyeliner may be considered the trickiest type of eyeliner to master, but it has an avid following for a reason. Available as either a liquid with a brush or in the form of a pen, liquid eyeliners create meticulous lines that stay in place all day long. 

#2 The Best Eyeliner for Your Eye Color

When it comes to eyeliner, most of us tend to default to black, but you can use different shades to play up the color of your eyes. Choose a color the complements your eye color, as well as your eye shadow. Here are the best eyeliner shades for every eye color.

Brown eyes: Instead of rocking black, try a deep shade with more visual interest, like charcoal or navy. Navy reads softer on brown eyes than black liner does since it picks up natural gold flecks in the eyes. 

Blue eyes: Try contrasting colors that are opposite from blue on the color wheel like gold, copper, and peach, to help make the blue in the eyes brighter and bluer. The warm undertones pick up the gold flecks in your eyes, giving you an instant brightening effect.

Green eyes: Green and red sit opposite each other on the color wheel. So a liner with reddish undertones (like plum) will provide a nice contrast and boost brightness. If you’re interested in wearing a fun eyeliner color, you’re in luck. Green eyes pair perfectly with violet eyeliner. As for something less bold, try a bronze eyeliner.

Hazel eyes: To determine the best eyeliner shades for hazel eyes, all you need is a mirror. Hazel eyes often shift shades depending on their surrounding environment. A deep brown liner will frame your peepers while bringing the golden flecks around your irises forward so that they almost sparkle. 

#3 How to Apply Eyeliner

Make sure you position yourself in front of a good mirror with plenty of light when you prepare to apply the eyeliner. You are recommended to have a cotton swab and tissues by your side to swiftly rectify any mishap. Make sure that the pencil eyeliner has been sharpened if you are going to use it to secure maximum precision.

Slightly lean your head back and have the eye that you're working on closed, half way. You are allowed to enable the other eye to be fully opened to allow you to see what you're doing.

Develop a line across your upper eyelid, and make it close to your lashes to the maximum extent. The line is suggested to start at the innermost corner of your eye and slightly extend beyond the outer edge. Remember to allow the liquid liner when you are using it so as to dry a little before opening the eye fully, or you may terminate with a nasty mess.

Making the line slightly thicker towards the outer edge of the eye adds lift. Also, if you've used a pencil or brush, you can soften the line by smudging it with a cotton swab or your finger.

Apply the same technique to line the lower lid, but avoid overdoing it. Liquid liner should only really be applied to the upper lid, so switch to a pencil when necessary. Do remember, it is always right to apply the eyeliner only to the upper lid.

Even for a genetic woman, it is also a difficult skill to master to apply perfect eyeliner.The important thing is to keep practicing and don't give up.

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