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How to build a makeup kit for beginner crossdresser

Some of us crossdressing simply by wearing women's lingerie (often silk) or realistic fake boobs under the clothing. However, most of us want to appear as female as possible in our outer garments and want to wear elegant makeup and pleasant perfumes.


Makeup is the very important step in beginning crossdresser for creating feminine look and where the real fun starts. If you’re just starting to get into makeup, things can be a bit overwhelming. Where does one start? Aside from stocking the latest and greatest products, you’ll also need to become familiar with tools and techniques. Putting together a makeup starter kit is a foolproof way to ensure you have all the products to create the makeup looks and trends. The basic tools that you will require are:



First things first, before you reach for any of your makeup products, you should always make sure that your skin is cleansed and moisturized. Cleanse your face before applying makeup, so you can wash away any excess oils and dirt.


Exfoliating with a face scrub is a great way to prep your skin for makeup. Face scrubs help to exfoliate and smooth, removing the top layer of skin and washing deep down into pores to give a soft radiant complexion, with visibly fewer blackheads and blemishes.


Once you’re done washing your face and exfoliating, move onto moisturizer to create a smooth base for makeup application. Pick a moisturizer that’s formulated for your skin type.


If you are going for the ultimate femme look, shaving your face is essential. Wet your skin thoroughly with lukewarm water and then apply an even layer of shaving cream or gel to the area you want to shave. Don’t press too hard when you shave. The more you use a blade, the duller it will become. Change blades routinely because a fresh blade will require less pressure and lead to a gentler shave.


Makeup primer will help improve the lifespan of your makeup look, keeping it from fading throughout the day, and also create an even base for you to apply the rest of your makeup.


If you’re building a beginner makeup kit, look for a foundation that has a buildable formula. This way, you can use it for everyday wear, as well as days where you want to create a full-coverage look. When in doubt, stick with a natural finish.


Have dark circles under eyes or redness you want to hide? Now’s the time to use a color correcting concealer to cover these up. Peach, bisque, or orange can disguise dark circles, green can neutralize the look of redness, purple can hide discoloration, and yellow can mask discoloration. Simply blend a small amount of color-correcting concealer onto targeted areas using your finger.


Once you’re done color correcting, finish the cover up process by applying a flesh-toned concealer. There will be times where you want extra coverage or simply want to disguise blemishes rather than apply a full face of foundation. That’s where concealer comes in. Look for one that has a full-coverage formula that’ll hide pesky pimples and under-eye bags with ease.


Whether you’re just starting to wear makeup or can count yourself as a self-certified pro, you’ll want to add a bit of natural-looking color to your complexion. Use a rosy blush to give your cheeks a faux flush in a matter of seconds.


Glowing skin is all the rage right now, and a highlighter stick is just what every woman needs to stay on trend. It allows for easy, convenient, and mess-free application, while providing instant radiance.


You don’t actually need a thousand makeup brushes or makeup blending sponges. Seriously, some of the most best makeup artists just use the warmth of their clean hands and fingers to blend and melt makeup into the skin. But if you are makeup beginner and need all the extra help and tools you can get, makeup brushes can be your very best friends.


While liquid highlighter can be popped on with your fingers, not all makeup products can be applied this way. That’s where a makeup sponge comes in. This handy tool is the secret to expertly blended foundation and concealer, resulting in an airbrushed finish.


In this day and age it is not weird for a guy to pluck his eyebrows. Tweeze after a hot shower or after applying a warm compress to the brow area to soften and relax the skin and hair follicle. Start by removing any unibrow and stray hairs along the bottom of your eyebrow's arch. Then very gradually and carefully give them some shape.


If you’re just building your makeup collection, you likely don’t want to buy a million eyeshadow shades at once. But, how can you create all those pretty looks you’ve been eyeing without them? Rather than turning to a multitude of single eyeshadow pots, stock your makeup kit with a neutral eyeshadow palette that will aid you in creating a variety of classic looks.


We bet you’d love to create a flawless winged eyeliner look but are a little intimidated about doing so. There’s no need to be afraid; all you need is the right liquid eyeliner. Rather than picking up the first one you see, look for an option that comes with a stencil so that you can create a sharp, flawless wing without a struggle.


What would a makeup kit be without a tried-and-true mascara? Search for a formula that’s both volumizing and lengthening. Whether you’re running errands or headed out for date night, a few coats can make all the difference.


You didn’t think we’d leave out lip colors, did you? There are two options you’ll want to include in your makeup starter kit, one of which is lipstick. For this makeup kit pick, choose a traditional bullet lipstick that has a hydrating formula.


Not feeling lipstick? Lip gloss in another necessity! This is ideal for when you want a sheer, glossy wash of color on your pout.


Last but not least, complete your beginner makeup kit with a setting spray! A few spritzes will ensure your look stays fresh day and night, with no smudging or fading as the hours pass. 

Makeup is really like any other skill. If you practice regularly then the better you will get, the more proficient you get at doing your makeup, the more feminine and convincing you will start to look as a woman. Makeup is generally expensive and you will get what you pay for. You can always start with cheaper brands when you are just experimenting and move on to the higher quality ones as you learn.

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