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How to highlight your feminine features

Well, the main goal of a crossdresser that wants to pass as someone of the opposite biological sex, is to objectively achieve the appearance and the looks of someone of said gender. Well, biologically, there are some physical differences between male and female that can easily become a real challenge for crossdressers, who might want to overcome them to pass better. If you are a male to female crossdresser like me, read this article so you can get some useful tips and tricks to highlight your feminine side and conceal your masculinity!

1- The curves

Probably the most difficult part of physical appearance to change, as female bodies tend to be way curvier and less robust than male ones. The best you can do here is to find the best shapewear you can, and preferably one that fits you well. Waist cinchers and corsets will reduce your waist, while stuffed bras, silicone breastplates and hip pads will do wonders to add volume where you need it. This will give you the females' signature hourglass shape, as well as new very feminine curves. 

There are, however, a few more tricks to take note. First, avoid exaggerations if you are going for a more realistic look. Take measurements of your actual body, and try to keep everything proportional, because very big breasts or a very thin waist can rapidly give you a way. Second, if you want to conceal your shapewear to use a more revealing outfit, use it underneath a silicone bodysuit that matches your skin tone. The skin-like texture will blend in with your actual body and seamlessly hide your shapewear, at the same time as it improves your curves even further.

2- Facial features and hair

Men and women can usually be told apart by some characteristics and facial features. If you want to successfully pass as a lady, makeup is essential, but you have to figure out exactly how to apply it. The main features you'll need to pay attention on are your eyebrows and your jawline. Use some foundation to even the overall tone of your face, then grab your concealer and apply it around your jaw, aiming to make it rounder and thinner, just like a female jawline. For your eyebrows, some foundation can be used to make them thinner and curvier, and they can be highlighted with an eyebrow pencil. Use a mirror to keep a track of your progress, maybe using a picture for reference, and practice to make it more convincing as you gain more experience. Another trick to enhance and feminize the overall shape of your face is to choose the correct hairstyles. Crossdressers make regular use of wigs and hair extensions, but you have to figure out which hairstyle suits you better. It depends on your body type, but the general idea is to use one that's long enough to end past your chin, even if it's over your shoulders. A longer hair helps to make your face look thinner, and the most dense your wig is, the better it works to feminize your face. The finishing touch comes with your lipstick, to enhance your mouth and your eye makeup to make your eyes more feminine as well.

3- Body language

Walking, moving and behaving like a lady are some skills that require practicing, but they are very helpful if you want to pass. Watch, study and learn how women move and walk, paying attention to their gestures and try to replicate it in front of a mirror until it looks natural. The main thing you are going to notice is that women usually take shorter steps, moving softly, while most of their weight is put on their hips, creating some sort of swing effect. Their hands move as well, but they are more steady and firm, rarely being loose as men's. Your posture is also important, so remember to keep it right. To enhance your curves and properly move like a woman, your posture should involve putting your belly and shoulders back, your chest forward and your head straight.

4- Clothes

To highlight your curves and femininity, you should choose the right outfit. Avoid clothes that are too thigh, for they can hurt you or even reveal your shapewear, but very loose clothes are also bad for your appearance, as they are very likely to conceal too much of your silhouette, rendering you shapeless. Choose the midterm, something that's not too thigh, but fits you well enough to show your curves properly. Blouses and shirts with elastic around your waist are useful, as well as dresses and round skirts. Pantihoses and thigh-high socks are useful to make your legs prettier, and a belt can make your waist more defined. Also, necklaces and chokers might be able to conceal your Adam's apple, while earrings and bracelets are going to feminize you even further.

Written by Elise Wren

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