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How to make a masculine face more feminine?

Your facial features say a lot about your gender. The male profile is long and vertical while the female profile is rounder and softer. So we instinctively make judgments about a person's gender when we look at their face. How to make a masculine face more feminine when you crossdressing? Makeup is important to help us achieve a feminine appearance. Here are some crossdresser makeup tips.

#1 Disguise Your Masculine Forehead

The male profile has a stronger, more protruding brow bone with a subtle forehead dip. The female forehead is rounded and smooth. Fortunately, bangs can fix for disguising a masculine forehead. The bangs should be choppy, preferably long and side-swept or cut diagonally, as this will make the face appear longer and the features softer. Avoid blunt and arched bangs, because straight lines enhance the optical angularity and sharpness of the face.

#2 Lift Your Eyebrows 

Everyone knows that males have thicker eyebrows than females. If you have thick bushy eyebrows, this will detract severely from looking feminine. The right brow shape instantly feminizes your face. Accentuate your higher brow bone, taking pride in the greater distance between the bottom of the brow and your eyelid. Groom properly, brushing your brows upward and using a small scissor to cut any long hair. Then, clean your brows up by focusing on unwanted hair below your brow line. Once your brow is neat and defined, finish with concealer or highlighter underneath to brighten the area and exaggerate your eyelid.

#3 Enhance Your Lashes

The eyes are the first thing others notice about a person’s face. Because of the brow ridge, male eyes look more deep set than female eyes. Male eyelids appear more closed, providing the eyes a narrower appearance. We all desire longer eyelashes, as they are key to your femininity. We usually love to finish a great makeup look with butterfly lashes, so keep at it for the ultimate feminine look. Thick, dark, and voluminous lashes emphasize your beautiful eyes effortlessly. You don’t even need any other makeup on your eyes besides a good mascara. Get the falsies look without fake eyelashes by using 2-3 layers of mascara on both your top and bottom lashes. 

#4 Make Your Nose Look Smaller

Males have wider, longer noses, whereas female noses are more narrow and shorter. Ever wished that your nose is smaller and sharper? Contouring is the way to go. Contour adds the appearance of shadows to your nose, while highlighting can make your nose look more prominent if you find it too flat as well. We also can thin our nose by using concealer. Using a concealer that is two shades lighter than your skin tone to the sides of the nose, and then adding two lines along the bridge of the nose shaping the bridge, making it appear as thin as you like. 

#5 Apply Blush For Your Cheeks

Males tend to have flatter cheekbones, while females have prominent cheekbones. And females have more facial fat, giving the cheeks a fuller, rounder appearance. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and this gives you a feminine glow and creates the illusion of fuller cheeks. Since the beginning of time, women would wear blush to showcase their femininity. Today, it’s still a staple in our makeup routine. Try finding a gorgeous peach or pink blush that goes with the undertone of your skin. You want the color to look as natural as possible, but still standing out to give your cheeks some color.

#6 Angle Your Jawline

Jawline is important to the overall proportions of our face. The male profile is long and vertical while the female profile is shorter and more angular. There are plenty of makeup tutorials online that show you how to contour your jawline so that it appears rounder. When applying makeup, sweep a little bronzer or brownish-toned blush across your jawline and chin. This creates a shadow effect which makes strong features appear to recede. 

#7 Plump Your Lips

Males have flatter top lips (silhouette) that are less pronounced. The distance between the base of the nose and the top lip tends to be longer in men. Fuller lips are the last secret in achieving a feminine look. Fake fuller lips by overdrawing the shape of your lips with a lip pencil just slightly. Fill in with a matching lipstick shade, leaving it matte or glossy. The goal is to make your lips look both bold and natural, still making a statement to end your makeup look.

Practice makes perfect. Makeup is art and technique. Some people are naturally artistic, while others (regardless of the gender they were born into) must practice, practice, practice! 

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