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7 tips to make your tummy looked flat

The attractive waist-hip ratio is an important sign of feminine beauty. And that will make you become so irresistible no matter in a gorgeous dress or a casual suit.

If you do not satisify with your tummy bulges , here are some simple dressup tips to help crossdressers.

Trick #1: Try a tummy-minimizing peplum

Peplums are very “in” right now and they’re a fabulous style for crossdressers and MTF transgender women.

A peplum is a short overskirt attached at the waistline of a top, dress, or jacket that’s perfect for covering a full belly. And thanks to the fit-and-flare styling, a peplum will also give you that sexy hourglass shape.

Trick #2: Wear a shaping camisole

Corsets and girdles will certainly pull you in, but they’re not very comfortable for daily wear.

Instead, wear a shaping camisole under your clothes. It’s a wonderful alternative for trimming inches from your waist and belly – while still allowing you to breath.

Trick #3: Avoid bottoms that sit too far above or below your waistline

If you have a big belly, the waistband of your skirt or pants should sit just below your belly button.

If the waistband is too high, it’ll look like your stomach is popping out below. If the waistband is too low, you’ll get the “muffin top” look.

Trick #4: Downplay belly rolls with a ruched top

Ruching (i.e. fabric that’s gathered along the seam line) is perfect for concealing an ample belly.

Unlike “flat” fabrics that reveal every bulge, ruching hides what’s underneath – including those dreaded belly rolls.

Trick #5: Wear a light colored jacket over a dark top

Wearing a light colored jacket over a dark top is a great way to downplay an ample tummy. The jacket conceals excess poundage while the dark color underneath makes your belly recede into the background.

For the best results, look for a jacket with some shape. Princess seams are especially feminine and flattering.

Trick #6: Just say “no” to tight clothes

If your belly is your trouble spot, you definitely want to avoid wearing tight clothes.

Clothes that are too tight (including bras and panties) will dig in and create unsightly bulges – calling even more attention to the area.

Trick #7: Avoid oversized clothes

Just as you should avoid clothes that are too tight, neither do you want to wear clothes that are too loose. Trying to hide a big belly under an oversized top just makes you look bigger.

Instead, your most flattering option is clothes that skim – rather than drown – your midsection.

Make full use of tips to create a perfect figure.

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