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8 awesome clothing tips every crossdresser should know

It’s a known fact that dressing up as a female is complicated because of the numerous things you need to learn. Most of us buy and wear clothes based purely on the hunch, only to invariably complain that the feeling of dressing was unsatisfactory afterwards. To solve the problem of dressing, we have listed 8 pieces of advice which one should keep in mind to help you look good easily. Let’s see what these crossdressing tips are.

#1 Three levels

There are three levels for dressing: The first is harmony, the second is the aesthetic feeling and the third is personality.

#2 Three criteria

You need to be smart and rational enough to choose clothes according to the following three criteria, and if any of these requirements are not met, don't even bother taking out your wallet. They are: what you like, what suits you and what you need.

#3 Take your measurements in advance

Something being fashionable is a perception; it is more important to know how to buy something than just the wearing of it. If you want to buy a dress that you will like as time goes by, you can't rely on your first impression. Always plan purchases in advance according to your body size. Never buy something that doesn't fit, even if it's really beautiful.

#4 Never follow the fashion trends blindly

New trendy elements and styles will emerge every season, but don't follow the fashion blindly. It is true fashion when someone wears their own personality. You can add some fashion elements when considering buying classic or retro style clothing, to make it more interesting.

#5 Spend more time on mixing and matching clothes

As fashion has developed to this day, its maturity has always been reflected in the perfect matching of items, rather than the brilliance of a single piece. Spending more time and energy on the matching of women's clothes will not only allow you to wear 20 different styles from 10 items of clothing, but also allows you to better exercise your aesthetic tastes.

#6 Learn how to match colors

Color is a second major aspect of clothes and color matching is the way to link various items. There are no bad colors in the world, only unsuitable colors. If you learn how to match colors, there will be no color that you can't control. To find the color that suits your skin color and complexion, you should pay attention to what the clothes look like on yourself, and not on the hanger.

#7 Leave some room for accessories

Accessories are very important. Clothing is only the first step, leave some room for accessories in your dressing, but remember never to wear more than 2 highlighted accessories, as well as jewelry, or you might as well have none.

#8 Don't give up on beauty

Due to the male hormones in the body, the body of us grew differently than the other women. Even if you don't have a perfect body shape, you are entitled to beautiful clothes and fashions. The worst thing to do is to constrain your choices because of your body. "Build on your strengths and avoid your weaknesses" is an important lesson in dressing and something we can all learn.

I hope the above tips can help you save money, improve your image and be an elegant and beautiful crossdresser!

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