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3 tips can make your legs look more slender

If women is the most beautiful masterpiece by God, then the most impressed part are legs, which can show your sensuality ,verve and vitality.As the smooth curves of legs can greatly increase your feminine.

cute crossdresser have slender legs.But you need to consciously take care of it and do regular exercise. Everyone expects to have an extreme body shape and slender legs,so that you can own the sexiest bikini body ,and long legs which is everyone always dreamed of.Here are 3 tips that make you legs look more charming.

1. Add some color

Smooth, tanned legs are SEXY legs. But what if you have pale legs marred with scars, bruises, or visible veins?

Pantyhose are one option. The other option is to add color and cover imperfections with a tan (either a real tan or a spray tan) or leg makeup.

2.Show off your legs in sexy shoes

The right shoes can take your legs from good to great. Anything goes as long as you keep these two tips in mind:

Go high, but not TOO high. High heels make your legs look sexy and feminine, but be careful not to go too high if you have very defined legs. The higher the heel, the more your calf muscles contract. This can make your legs look overly muscular and masculine.

Choose a rounded toe. Square toe shoes make legs look stumpy, while pointy toes add unwanted inches to the feet. Round toe shoes will give you the long-leg/dainty-foot look you’re going for.

3. Choose the right skirt length

When it comes to showing off your legs in a skirt, shorter is NOT always better. Here are 3 tips for choosing the right skirt length:

Try the finger length test: Stand up straight and put your arms to your side. If your fingertips fall past the hem of your skirt, it’s too short.

You should also avoid skirts that are too long. Calf length skirts tend to look dowdy – besides, we want to see those gorgeous gams!

The most flattering skirt lengths are from mid thigh to just above or just below the knee.

Do not cover your whole legs by dress, on the contrary, it can make women display their sexy legs,and turn themselves into a perfect goddess with endlessly  charm.What's more, you will become more confident.A woman in a skirt is charming, glamorous and endlessly hospitable.No matter which occasion you are in ,you will capture the public's attention and become the focus for people.

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