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Top 9 secrets for taking a good selfie (mtf crossdressing/ transgender tips)

As crossdressing men, photos are a great way to share our femme self with the world. But maybe you think you have to look like a model to take stunning photos? In fact, taking beautiful photos is all about skill. If you are wondering how to take a good selfie, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 9 tips for looking great in your femme photos.

#1 consider your makeup

The first thing to consider when learning how to take better selfies is your makeup look. As a rule of thumb, use a foundation that has a matte finish, as dewy foundation can sometimes cause your complexion to look overly shiny or washed out on camera. Ensure your wig or hair looks neat and tidy, which will make for a more flawless selfie. If you want something a bit more eye-catching, a standout lip color won’t let you down. When it’s time to face the lens, lining your eyes with eyeliner if you want them to pop. Lining the upper lid will make eyes appear larger and the lash line thicker. 

#2 good lighting

Next up on our tips on how to take a selfie? Lighting! Just like having the proper lighting for applying your makeup is important, the lighting you use to snap your picture can make all the difference in how it turns out. Bright, natural lighting will be your best friend. Remember to avoid directly facing the sun and casting shadows on your face. You never want the lighting to be too harsh. If the weather always seems to be cloudy, you don’t have a good window, or you take pictures at nighttime, consider investing in a ring light. 

#3 consider the background

The best selfies have more than just a face. There's something interesting to look at in the background, too. Whether you take your selfie inside or outdoors, check around you first to see what's going on in the background. If you need a quick and easy backdrop, you can pose in a small wooded area or near a blossoming bush of flowers. If want to stay indoors and take a selfie in your room. Tidy things up first. You could also display something interesting in the background as long as it is not distracting. A blank wall also will do and just make sure clutter isn’t a factor. 

#4 find your best side

It’s not a myth that everybody has a “good side”. Our faces aren’t perfectly symmetrical, so they look different from each side. Experiment with different facial angles until you find your best look. Try turning your face slightly right or left, and tilting your chin up and down. In general, tucking down your chin and tilting your head slightly is pretty flattering. 

#5 experiment with poses

Unfortunately, there’s no signature pose that works great for everyone. So, take test shots and practice different angles. Shoulders back, chin down, one handon your hip, arched back work well for starters. Try a lot of different poses and see which oneswork best for you. If you want pose inspiration, take a scroll through your social media feeds and screenshot anything you like. You can even research poses on Pinterest. Then, try the pose out for yourself and decide if you like it. 

#6 watch your arms

Arms are a trouble spot for many crossdressers and transgender women. Posing with your arms pressed against your body makes them look even bigger. Keep your arms slightly away from your body for a slimming effect. You can also cover your shoulders with a pretty scarf. This helps downplay your arms while still allowing you to show some skin.


#7 experiment with filters

Don't be afraid of using a filter to spice up your selfie. There are filters that can help color-correct your selfie, helping it to appear warmer or cooler in tone, brighter, or even more saturated. Playing with colors in this way can even help make up for bad lighting.  Not all photo editing is a bad thing. Though filters can be fun, be careful not to overdo it. 

#8 edit the photo

If you have photo editing software, you can also touch up any blemishes or flaws on the selfie before uploading it to a social media account. You can cut out parts of the background, resize the photo so it frames your face differently, change the way the light looks, and so on. Many of these edits can be made on your phone without using an app.

#9 smile like you mean it

The camera captures everything. If you feel bad about yourself, it’ll be reflected in your photos. That means you need to psyche yourself up so you feel as stunning as possible during your photo shoot. Flash a real smile and no image will look bad. Don't contort your face into a grin that's too big or forced. Natural smiles are always better. On the other hand, if you're going for slightly more serious selfie, try smiling with your eyes. Practice in front of the mirror until you get it right. You'll get the hang of it.

Finally, don’t forget that even the most beautiful women in the world occasionally take bad photos. Immediately delete the bad ones, keep the good ones. Being beautiful takes lots of practice, the more pics you take the better you get at finding that perfect photo. 

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