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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

1. What is your return policy?

Roanyer will provide assistance within 7 days of being contacted about return. We aim to resolve quality problems within 30 business days.

2. How can I know the product size and size information?

If you’re concerned whether the product will fit you or not, please contact Roanyer customer service. If you provide your height, weight and measurements, we can confirm which product and size will fit you best.

3. Will the product be oil-free?

Silicone will excrete some amount of oil normally. This is a sign of the high-quality medical grade silicone is used in our products. The oil is harmless and can be cleaned by following these instructions:

Apply baby powder to your body and the interior of the product before wearing. After wearing the product can be cleaned with water and shower gel, dry with a towel and apply baby powder to keep it dry.

4. If the products splits after use, how can I repair it?

First, take off the product, don’t wear it if it is torn. There is a danger that it may tear more.

Second, cut out a piece of a stocking and stick it with glue to the torn area.

Third, the right type of glue is important. We recommend Psycho Paint (; it is a professional grade glue.

Fourth, Glue the stocking to the inside and the outside of the torn area.

Fifth, to ensure that the item will not tear again, you may use some strings to secure the glued area.

5. What are the differences between the silicone gel filler and elastic cotton filler for silicone breasts?

There is no obvious difference between the outward appearance between the silicone gel filler or elastic cotton. The silicone gel filler will be more realistic to the touch. The elastic cotton is lighter and more convenient to put on and take off. You may choose the most suitable for you.

6. Can I use a P.O. Box as my shipping address?

No, we are sorry, a PO Box is not sufficient. Our delivery partners require a real address to deliver to. If you do not wish your package to be delivered to your home or office, please contact our delivery company with your tracking number to make alternative arrangements.

7. How do I select different options for the product?

There are different options on each product page. They are on the right side of the website; different options can be selected using the drop down menus and buttons. If you are unsure how to order your desired option, please contact Roanyer at the time of ordering and we will ensure your requests are processed.

8. How do you ship your products?

We use a number of different delivery partners; we will choose the shipping provider based on your location. If you have any preferred shipping company, please contact Roanyer at the time of ordering.

9. If the product I’d like is not available, can customized products be made?

Sorry, customized products are not available. All Roanyer products are made with set molds which cannot be resized. 

10. Why can’t I use my coupon?

Please make sure you are logged into your Roanyer account and enter any coupon codes when checking out, so the final payment will include your discount. Take note of any terms and conditions of your coupon; discounts are not applicable to shipping costs. If you encounter any problems using your Roanyer coupons, please contact our customer service team and we will work to resolve your problems.

11. How much is customs duty? Is customs duty included in the total cost?

As the customs tax is according to the local regulation, which we cannot control it, so that we cannot calculate the customs cost for you. Importation regulation differ from country to country, please follow local guidance to regarding customs.

12. How to clean the product? 

The products are easy to clean. After wearing it, wash with water and shower gel. Use a towel to dry the product after washing and apply baby powder.

13. How to store the product?

We will package your order in a beautiful box that is suitable for storing your item. Please keep the product in a dry place, away from direct sunlight.

14. What will the package look like if I ask for discreet shipping?

Do not worry, we will not show any information on the outside of the box. The packaging will be a plan box.

15. How long does shipping take if I am located in the US/EU/JP/RU?

Shipping time will vary depending on location. Products shipped to the US/EU from our overseas warehouses, shipping usually takes 5 to 7 days. Shipping within Japan usually takes 2 to 3 days. Russia will take 10 to 25 days. 

16. When will the product arrive if it is shipped directly from China?

Normally shipping from our warehouse in China will take 8 to 12 business days to arrive in the US; 10-15 business days for other countries.

17. Can I apply makeup to the product?

Yes, but please use make up that can be washed off easily.

18. How can I choose the best clothes to wear with my Roanyer products? Will color from my clothes bleed onto the product?

Yes, please be aware that some clothing will bleed and affect the coloring of your product.

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