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How to choose underwear

As every single person is unique, every single crossdresser has its own needs. Some might feel fine with only a few girly clothes and a wig, while some others won't feel completed without cute feminine underwear. Not only panties, but a matching bra as well, and some people might have trouble figuring out exactly what to wear under the clothes. There are several types of underwear, so let's see which one is the ideal for your needs as a crossdresser.

If what you want is to enhance your overall shape, padded panties and a bra with underwire (or even a push up bra) are perfect for the job. The padded panties are really useful to enhance your butt, as well as to hide your "manhood" if you choose a gaff. The underwired or push up bra will help you to get some volume on your breasts, and they can even help you to create the illusion of a cleavage if you combine them with proper makeup. I just need to add that of you want a more realistic and convincing look, you should consider getting a breastplate and a girdle from Roanyer, because they have a realistic texture, and the high quality of the silicone will do the job in a more seamless and realistic way than using just fabric. Just keep in mind that if you choose to wear those items, the use of an underwired bra and padded panties won't be necessary anymore, and will be even discouraged, because it can damage the silicone, so keep an eye on our next category of recommended underwear.

In the case that you already have a more feminine figure, or if you are using Roanyer's silicone breastplates, girdles or bodysuits, you should go for default feminine underwear. Your options here are basically limitless, so I'll give you some advice, but in the end the decision is totally up to you. The main thing you should keep in mind is exactly what kind of benefits you expect from the underwear, and make your decision based on the answer to that question. If your expectation upon wearing panties and a bra, Is mostly to achieve a sexy look, you should try a lacy or thong pantie, in black or in a vibrant red color, as well as a matching bra. Just remember that they are generally quite revealing, and that some people can end up feeling uncomfortable wearing them. That's probably not a problem if you only dress up privately, but it's something to take note if you have a partner or if you dress up with friends.

If you still want to wear women's underwear, but want to be comfortable as well, it's recommended that you choose a soft fabric like cotton for example, for both your bras and panties, and the recommended color would be gray, or a tone of tan that is close to your skin tone. That kind of underwear is way more discreet and also quite comfortable, so you can even use them while you are not fully dressed up (you might go to work or to school using panties, and no one is probably going to notice it). They are designed to be used daily, so you won't have any major problems maintaining or washing those items.

To finish this guide, I want to point out another very important thing that you should consider while choosing fitting underwear and that would be its size. If you choose a smaller size than yours, it's surely going to be a tight fit, and that can end up hurting you or damaging your silicone shape wear if you are using it. But if the case is that you've chosen a bigger size, it can fall off while you're wearing it, and that can be quite embarrassing. The best way to determine the correct size for your underwear is to take measurements of your body (preferably with your shape wear on) and then compare it with a size chart. For your panties, take the measurement of your hips, and it's important to include any padding if you use them, so there will be no differences when you finally wear it. For your bra, take the measurement of your chest while using the breastplates if you opt for them. Otherwise, just measure your chest and add about 5 to 7 centimeters to include any potential "filling" for your underwired bras, so they don't feel empty and can hold their shape when you are fully dressed.

Written by Elise Wren

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