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Four tips for a perfect "no-makeup" makeup

That will be quite difficult to dress up as a female everyday for crossdresser. but that will be more easy to just apply some makeup to make you look more feminist . Here are some simple natural makeup tips to help you express yourself every day and increase your self-confidence.

1. Apply powder

While a primer will help keep shine under control, you can enhance the effect with a bit of translucent setting powder. As an added bonus, applying powder also allows you to enjoy the motion of using a makeup brush on your face.

Take a small amount of translucent setting powder on a powder brush and apply it to any areas you feel need extra shine control. This step is great for taking extra care of any oily areas that become shiny throughout the day – particularly the nose, eyelids and T-Zone.

2. Treat yourself to skincare

Skincare is an important step in taking care of yourself – and the best part is that you can take as much time as you need to pamper yourself, without any visible pigments on the skin!

Moisturizing is an essential step for daily skincare. If you have oily skin, you might desire a mattified surface with blurred skin texture, pores, fine lines and beard shadow. For this, nothing beats a primer!

Primers are completely transparent, but have a smoothing, blurring effect on the skin. They can prime skin for full coverage makeup (including beard shadow coverage) – or be worn alone for a smooth, airbrushed feel!

3. Try a subtle wash of color

If you’re in the mood for subtle color, or just beginning to test the waters of leaving the house in makeup that’s not too obvious, we recommend experimenting with soft, sheer pigments with cream consistencies.

These are subtle enough that they won’t be too bold on the skin, but still softly enhance your cheeks or lips.

4. Pamper your nails

There are many ways to enhance and pamper your nails, which don’t involve any colorful polishes or nail extensions:

Switch to a nail file. A simple way to start loving your nails without drawing attention to them is to switch from trimming/clipping fingernails and use a nail file instead. This will give you better control over your nail shape, and whether you wear your nails short or long, will give you freedom to get creative with square/oval nail shapes that give a smarter, refined finish to the nail.

Achieve a smooth shape. Experiment and find a shape that works best for you, moving the file in one direction over the nail. (Moving back and forth may lead to a jagged end to the nail, which we want to be as smooth as possible!)

Apply clear polish. Take a moment to paint a clear nail polish on your nails. Some clear polishes contain properties which enhance your nail strength and add a subtle, healthy shine to the nail! You can also achieve this by using a nail buffer instead of a clear polish, but there is something peaceful about taking a moment to paint your nails – even if you’re using a paint which doesn’t contain any visible color.

As the no-makeup makeup can be matched with any style of clothing,so please take use of the above tips.

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