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Helping crossdressers to solve 7 bra problems

Most of bras are mainly designed for female,but not crossdressers or transgenders.So there will be a lot of problems for bra cases, a right bra will help female to express the beauty,different style can make better self.
How to solve 7 bra problems? Hope the shares below could help you

Problem #1: Can’t find a bra my size

If you don’t wear breast forms, it can be tricky to find a bra with a large band and small cups. (Which is what most crossdressers and transgender women need.)

Here are some bra options for those with smaller breasts and broader body proportions:

Hips & Curves Bralettes – Size L-6X (One cup size fits all)

Flatter Me Bra – Band sizes 40-46, Cup sizes AA-B

Leading Lady Scallop Lace Bra – Band sizes 36-48, Cup sizes A-DD

Prima Donna Couture Bra – Band sizes 38-48, Cup sizes B-H

Problem #2: Wrinkled or gapping bra cups

Bra cups that don’t lay smooth are a common problem. Fortunately, there are two easy fixes:

Go down a cup size. The main reason for wrinkles is that your breasts don’t fill out the bra cups. Try going down a cup size. For example, from a 38B to a 38A.

Choose a demi bra instead of a full coverage bra. Full coverage bras often have extra space at the top of the cup. A demi bra that’s cut lower eliminates this problem.

Problem #3: Back bulge

Back bulge is another common problem. The causes are back fat and/or an ill-fitting bra.

How can you avoid the dreaded back bulge?

Wear a larger band size. A band that’s too tight will cause bulging, so go up a size. For example, from a size 42 to a size 44 band.

Look for a bra with give. Bras that are made with smooth, stretchy fabrics don’t dig in as much as stiffer bras.

Try a longline bra. Longline bras have a wider band that helps eliminate back bulge.

Problem #4: Bra straps fall down

Nothing is more annoying than straps that don’t stay put. Here’s how to solve this problem:

Tighten the bra straps. Bra straps stretch out over time, so they should be tightened every other month or so.

Look for silicone bra straps. Some bras have a silicone lining on the straps that helps keep them in place. You can also purchase silicone bra strap cushions that can be worn with any bra.

Try a different bra style. Balconette and plunge bras tend to have wider straps that are prone to falling. Instead, look for a bra with a racerback or crisscross straps.

Problem #5: Wide-set breasts

Crossdressers and transgender women tend to have wide-set breasts because of their wider rib cages. This makes it harder to 1.) Find a bra that fits properly and 2.) Create the look of cleavage.

Here are four solutions for wide-set breasts:

Look for pushup pads. A bra with padding on the sides helps push the breasts together.

Wear a wireless bra. Underwires can be uncomfortable if they’re not properly centered beneath the breasts. In this case, a wireless bra will fit you better.

Choose a bra with a wide center panel. The wider the center panel (the triangle-shaped area between the bra cups), the better the bra will fit.

Find a front closure bra. Front closure tend to have wider-set cups due to the center clasp.

Problem #6: Breast forms don’t stay in place

If you wear breast forms, the right bra is critical. Here are five tips to keep in mind:

Option #1: Pocketed bra. Your best bet is a wear a pocketed bra with built-in pockets to hold the breast forms.

Option #2: Full coverage bra. Your other option is to wear a full coverage bra. The cups should fully cover the breast forms for a seamless look.

Make sure the bra band is snug enough. This provides support for the breast forms. To test, put a finger under the band between your breasts. If you can fit two or more fingers, the band is too loose. Tighten it or go down a band size.

Avoid low cut bras. Low cut bras don’t have enough coverage to support the breast forms.

Avoid bras that are too small. Bras that are too small can damage your breast forms.

Problem #7: Bra shows through clothing

Just like visible panty lines, a bra that shows through your clothes isn’t chic. (Unless, of course, you purposely want to show it off.)

Here’s how to keep your bra under cover:

Look for bras with smooth cups and minimal details. Lacy fabrics and trimmings are pretty, but they often show through lightweight fabrics.

Wear a black or nude bra. The black bra should be worn under dark clothing, while the nude bra works best with light colors. Look for a bra that matches your skin tone. Avoid white bras since these tend to show through clothing.

Bra is necessary in female closet, and very important in crossdressing, choose the correct bra, make yourself much more sexier!

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