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Time to use crossdresser masks, bodysuits and breast forms

Well, the advance in silicone modelling techniques is leading us to a variety of cross-dressing items each day more realistic. Silicone is capable of reflecting light the same way our skin does, so when properly coloured and textured, it's almost indistinguishable from our skin and blends perfectly with it. With that in mind, the fact that crossdressers and trans people have been using silicone suits to help them with passing or dysphoria isn't a surprise. From boobs to genitalia and even face masks, everyone can find a silicone item that perfectly fits one’s needs, and there is so much variety nowadays that some folks can end up being confused and have trouble trying to figure out what silicone item is ideal for each situation, and that's the main goal of this article: to help people find the best silicone solution to their situations.

To start with the basics, let's just try to define your needs. They can vary according to your gender and the characteristics of the body type you want to achieve. The most common use of silicone suits for MTF (Male to Female) crossdressers is to enhance and emulate typical female curves, while FTM (Female to male) crossdressers tend to try and hide their own curves to look “flatter”. However, the best way to do that depends on your actual body type and which part of it you might want to change, as well as a few more situations.

1- Silicone breasts and muscle vests

Silicone breasts are probably the most common silicone item among MTF crossdressers, they can emulate boobs in a very realistic way, and they are ideal for those who want an easy and convincing alternative to the real thing and a must-have for mtf crossplayers (male crossdressers that cosplay as female characters). There are some variations of this kind of product that generally works as some sort of vest. The shorter version is basically just a wearable pair of boobs, sometimes with a neckpiece to help it to blend better, and is recommended for situations in which the wearer only wants to create volume or cleavage. This version is also the most recommended for hot countries and warm weather and can be worn for longer periods of time. The long version, however, is a bit more complex and goes down to your belly, being capable of concealing shapewear such as corsets. This one is perfect for more revealing outfits, and even though it's not as comfortable as the previous one, the realism it provides is totally worth it. For FTM crossdressers, the very opposite of the breast forms are the muscle vests, which are commonly long and can act as some sort of binder. Their application is mostly the same, such as their advantages, but for those who aim to achieve a masculine figure.

2- Complete suits in general

They can provide an almost complete transformation quickly and with very little effort. Usually covering around 75% of your body, they can hide all of your shapewear and conceal body hair on both your arms and legs, so you don't need actually to shave, which already makes them ideal for you to save time and do an extremely realistic transformation. They are so complete that they can include a fake vagina replica, breast forms and even butt-enhancing paddings, letting you take things to a more sexual level. with those aspects in mind, we can say that if you want to make radical changes in your appearance, deal with severe dysphoria or even if you intend to have sex while crossdressing, a silicone bodysuit is the best choice. However, if you only want to change your genitals or enhance your butt, crossdressing silicone garments that cover only these areas are available for both genders (usually called cross-dressing girdles).

3- Masks

As they cover your whole face when you wear them, masks are recommended to achieve a more feminine appearance without removing your beard or when you want totally new facial features. They work well for cosplay and for going out as a crossdresser without being recognized. They generally have eye holes for you to see things while you wear them properly, so they can be detected as a mask when looked up close. To reduce the chances of this situation, you should try blending it with the skin around your eyes with makeup or use sunglasses. At a distance, though, these masks are extremely convincing and perfect to make you look like a girl without needing a ton of makeup or shaving your face.


Well, these are the main cases and situations where you might want to use each kind of silicone garment, and as you can see, each one is better suited for a certain situation, so having at least a few options available is great, because it allows you to be more versatile and crossdress in a wider range of occasions.

Written by Elise Wren

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