10 Crossdressing Tips to Help You Hide Beer Belly


Many crossdressers worry about their posture, a strong jaw or some other feature that could ruin their feminine image. One of my worries is my belly. Like a lot of us, I have a bit of a beer belly or a paunch.


10 Crossdressing Tips to Help You Hide Beer Belly


As I got older, my usual light exercise didn’t keep me as slim as I liked. I enjoy a beer, some fast food or other junk foods from time to time and I don’t have the time or energy to keep the same slim profile as when I was a teenager.


Don’t worry, there are several ways that you can achieve a feminine flat belly without having to do months of exercise.


Try these ten tips to help hide your belly when dressing. By choosing the right styles, fabrics, outerwear and shapewear, you can flatten your stomach and your paunch won’t give you away when you dress up as a woman.



1. Enlarge your chest


Firstly, you should try to change the proportions of your torso to be womanlier. If you’ve got a bit of a belly, one way to distract from it would be to give the image of a larger upper body to make your waist more proportionate.


There are several ways of doing this. The simplest way would be for you to try to trick the eye with the style of clothes you choose.


Tops with ruffles across the chest will give the illusion of a wider and fuller upper body.


10 Crossdressing Tips to Help You Hide Beer Belly


You could choose to wear tops with a collar and lapels; if you pick a collar with wide lapels your chest will appear fuller.


10 Crossdressing Tips to Help You Hide Beer Belly


You should consider the overall broadness of your shoulders when thinking about clothing choices; a poorly considered choice could make you look too heavy. Remember, we want to hide your belly, but pay attention to how wide your shoulders are when compared to your hips. There is some great advice about this in some articles about choosing the right breast forms or breastplates.


2. Choose the right material


I find that this is one of the hardest choices to make. I love my form-fitting clothes when in girl mode and how they can show off a feminine shape. However, tight fitting tops can show off a paunch rather than hide it. Another thing to avoid is lighter fabrics like linen or thin silk. These fabrics are prone to wrinkling and there is a danger of them being too transparent in the wrong light.


10 Crossdressing Tips to Help You Hide Beer Belly


Looser fitting blouses, when combined with a pair of tighter jeans or a pencil skirt are a great way to stay stylish while covering up the bits we’d rather not display. Tops with a draping style work well. I’ve noticed that a layered draping top that hangs slightly below my waistline can camouflage a bit of a belly. This technique is often used by Hollywood actresses when filming in the first months of pregnancy. The same styling technique can work for you!


10 Crossdressing Tips to Help You Hide Beer Belly


3. Wear high-waisted clothing


10 Crossdressing Tips to Help You Hide Beer Belly


Skirts or pants with higher waists can be useful to hide a paunch. You need to make sure that the bottom of the waistband remains above the top of your hipbone. If you’ve decided to use some hip pads or are lucky enough to have wide hips the higher waist of a pencil skirt, when combined with a belt and looser top will give the illusion of a tighter midsection. Remember, you want to keep all the parts of your figure proportionate, so those of you with very broad shoulders might need to consider other options.


4. Long “H-shaped” dresses


10 Crossdressing Tips to Help You Hide Beer Belly


These dresses are very comfortable and a great choice for a casual outing. Giving the style a proper name can be difficult; a good friend of mine calls them ‘potato sacks’, some will say H-shaped dress. The basic idea is that the dress will hang straight down from your shoulders. There isn’t any figure-hugging cut to the dress; no tighter waistline.


The great thing about these dresses is that they are meant to belong and flowing. Because of the length and the looseness of the fabric, they are able to hide a number of unflattering features, like a paunch. I’ve found these dresses in lots of different fabrics and patterns. They are great if you just want to throw something on; in the amount of time it takes to pull one over your shoulders you can look stylish. It’ll look great paired with some sandals and a simple handbag.


5. Contrasting colors


10 Crossdressing Tips to Help You Hide Beer Belly


Here’s another opportunity to use fashionable colors to your advantage. You should try to have a strong contrast between your top and your skirt or pants. Wearing a lighter top will draw people’s attention upwards, towards your upper body and away from you’d rather hide.


Most women know that darker colors are slimming. You should choose a darker skirt or pants to hide your belly; black, dark blue, purple or even burgundy are your friends here. Combine one of these colors with a lighter top; black skirts with a white top are a classic combination that can’t go wrong.


6. Use vertically aligned patterns


Clothes with horizontal patterns are a really poor choice to hide a round belly. If the clothes are tight enough to wrap around your belly, the horizontal lines will rise and fall with the roundness of your belly.


10 Crossdressing Tips to Help You Hide Beer Belly


By using clothing with vertical stripes, it will emphasize your height, not width. Vertical stripes will flow vertically, tricking the eye to follow the length of your body. This will make your paunch less noticeable.


10 Crossdressing Tips to Help You Hide Beer Belly


There are a few things to be mindful of when considering a vertical pattern. Don’t pick clothes with very thick stripes; very wide vertical stripes can make you look bigger, so make sure that there are more than 3 or 4 stripes on your dress. The stripes don’t need to be completely straight. Feeling adventurous? Try a zebra or tiger print!


7. Jackets work too!


Using a jacket, blazer or cardigan is a wonderful idea to hide a belly. It’s also a great chance to add some style to your usual outfits. A women’s jacket or a can create a flatter vertical line when seen from the side. When combined with the right blouse or dress, it can be very effective to create a more formal feminine appearance.


10 Crossdressing Tips to Help You Hide Beer Belly


A cardigan sweater is also a lovely feminine touch. They can also be used in multiple styles. I like to tie the bottom of my cardigan around my waist, just above the waistline of my skirt. It can add some airy volume to your upper body while hiding your unsightly belly. On a warmer day, I can also do the same with the sleeves. Just tie them around your waist and it’s just like wearing a figure-hugging belt.


10 Crossdressing Tips to Help You Hide Beer Belly


8. Use dresses or tops with a flared peplum


This is something lots of women lucky enough to be very slim use to show off their figure. A peplum is a bit of flared fabric that sits just above your hipbones. They have become quite trendy in the last few years. Finding dresses or tops with a peplum will be quite easy.


10 Crossdressing Tips to Help You Hide Beer Belly


When you wear something with a peplum, it gives the illusion of wider hips and a smaller midsection. This should give you good results; just make sure you get the size right. Getting a peplum that is too tight will feel very uncomfortable; like you have a rubber band around your stomach and back. You want to find a peplum top where the narrow waist isn’t tight around your belly, but snug.


Here are 3 of my recommended online clothing shops for male-to-female transformation. 


Fashion Nova


10 Crossdressing Tips to Help You Hide Beer Belly


Fashion Nova, one of the leading fashion retailers, offers sexy and affordable clothing in both regular and plus sizes. However, they only do exchanges, but no returns, and that’s my only dissatisfaction.




10 Crossdressing Tips to Help You Hide Beer Belly


Torrid is a highly recommended source for in-demand as well as affordable plus-size fashion and bigger-width women’s shoes. Our readers usually leave high marks for their helpful, trans-friendly service.




10 Crossdressing Tips to Help You Hide Beer Belly


Amazon is one of the most well-known department stores out there. They have almost anything on their website, including a variety of shoes, dresses and even shapewear if you need it. They have average prices and rather fast delivery rates, making them ideal for common everyday needs. They also have different sizes of outfits, for most body types. If you share an Amazon account, make sure to clean your purchase history afterward.


9. Elastic Shapewear


How do you think some women attain their wonderful figures? Lots of women are wearing something slimming under their clothes. There is no reason you can’t put some of these to work for you!


Lots of brands of panties, tights or sportswear will sell control top options. These will usually have a waistband that will rest just below your belly button. The strong elastic will keep your belly contained; you can try combining two for the best results.


10 Crossdressing Tips to Help You Hide Beer Belly


Something to be mindful of here is the height of the shapewear. You don’t want it to just push up some of your excess weight; this could result in an unsightly ring bulging out just above the waistband. It’s important to remember that these are meant to restrain just a smaller belly, so if you are trying to hide a beer gut, you’ll need something stronger, like a full corset.


After trying it myself, I highly recommend this store’s shapewear.


10 Crossdressing Tips to Help You Hide Beer Belly


10. Corsets


In my experience, a corset will have the best results when hiding a paunch. A good corset can hide your belly and reduce your waist by 5 to 6 inches; get it right and it will give you the hourglass figure you’ve dreamed of.


The right size, height and strength are all paramount. Choosing a corset that is too short and you risk pushing your paunch up or down an unnatural ring at the top or bottom of the corset. You want to restrict and reduce your belly, not redirect it.


10 Crossdressing Tips to Help You Hide Beer Belly


Be prepared for some discomfort when wearing it. The same strength that is holding back your belly will make it harder for you to move around. Turning at the waist will be difficult and it makes bending over almost impossible, but this is the point. It can take some getting used to, but the results are worth it. This article can show you how to avoid the pain associated with wearing corsets and tights.


This store has a great corset, you can choose according to your waist size.


I know that sometimes the sight of a beer belly can get us down, but it isn’t our fault. As we age, our body’s metabolism slows, and belly fat is often hard to burn off with exercise. If you’re able to choose the right styles, there is no reason that a paunch should stop you from dressing in femme. A lot of women use these techniques to show off their figure; so why shouldn’t you!

Experiment with one or more of these ideas to help you attain your desired feminine figure.


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  1. I am new to cross dressing. The articles are helpful. I think shapewear would be good for me.

  2. I am new to cross dressing. The articles are helpful. I think shapewear would be good for me. Open for suggestions.

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