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How Can a Crossdresser Deal With an Inverted Triangle Silhouette?

Well, if there’s one thing crossdressers know, it is that there are a lot of differences between male and female bodies. One of them, if not the most noticeable one, is the shape of one’s silhouette. As we know, women tend to have a smooth “hourglass-like” figure. That is, with mass sort of evenly distributed between their top and bottom half, while their waist is thinner than the rest.


How Can a Crossdresser Deal With an Inverted Triangle Silhouette?


Men, on the other hand, have a wider variety of shapes, but they tend to have wider shoulders and narrow hips. Thus, they contrast a lot with the average feminine shape and look way less sexy in feminine standards. This way, crossdressers have to come up with techniques to reduce said differences. These techniques make use of outfits to balance their figures, and pads to add volume to certain areas of the body.


If you want to learn such tricks and techniques, improving your crossdressing skills, keep in touch with this article. Here, my aim is to teach you and elaborate on each technique in depth. With that said, let’s go ahead and proceed with the development.



1. What is the inverted triangle shape


Well, what does a “triangle” or “inverted triangle” shape even mean anyway? Let me explain then. A triangle shape means a silhouette that resembles a triangle pointing up. Generally, with wide hips and narrow shoulders, and can generally be observed in women. An inverted triangle shape, on the other hand, is the very opposite of that. That would be someone with broad shoulders and narrow hips, with a silhouette resembling a triangle Needless to say, it’s more common to occur in men.


How Can a Crossdresser Deal With an Inverted Triangle Silhouette?


2. Narrowing your shoulders


As the title says, here the objective is to make your shoulders look smaller and narrower in general. Our focus will be on clothing techniques since they are quite effective in doing that.


● Contracting the shoulder’s width horizontally


This method is supposed to make your shoulders look narrower by covering their laterals, concealing their actual size. Another alternative is to compensate for the size of your shoulders with something underneath it. It works better with warmer or darker colors since they create an illusion of depth, but the color scheme is up to you and your preferences tho.


What you can actually do here, is to try a wide strap dress, preferably a black one for more contrast (but it depends on your skin tone). The top part of the dress will likely act as an effective “counterbalance”, drawing attention away from the ends of your shoulders.


How Can a Crossdresser Deal With an Inverted Triangle Silhouette?


Outfits with round collars and short sleeves are also pretty great, since they do a lot of concealing. It highlights the entirety of your upper figure, not only your shoulders (as what would happen if they were exposed). Once again, darker colors are recommended, since they give you a well-defined, slimmer silhouette.


How Can a Crossdresser Deal With an Inverted Triangle Silhouette?


What you must avoid, however, is virtually anything that goes over your shoulders. Big shoulder decorations will make them look broad and big, ruining the effect we aim to create. Also, long sleeves might create an “elongating” effect, which should also be avoided, since it also makes your upper body look longer.


● Longitudinal cut on the shoulder width (vertically)


It’s also possible to narrow down your shoulders with vertical tricks, called “longitudinal cuts”. The aim is to expose part of your chest in a way that your shoulders stay in the background. It will drive focus away from them, and push them “back”, so they appear to be narrower than what they actually are.


Go for a scoop or v-neck dress, since they let a considerable amount of your chest be exposed without being vulgar. You can use that even more to your advantage since it’s the perfect opportunity to try out breast forms and create sexy cleavage. The cleavage will enhance your femininity and help to distract others from your shoulders.


How Can a Crossdresser Get an Hourglass Figure


Just try to avoid square necks or off-the-shoulder if you choose this method. That’s because they create a “rough” effect, making your shoulders look broad. Also, long necks and stuff that covers your chest will have a negative impact as well, so stay away from them.


How Can a Crossdresser Deal With an Inverted Triangle Silhouette?


3. Highlighting of the lower body


After you manage to “reduce” the visible width of your shoulders, you should complete the look by buffing up your lower body. This is to hide your inverted triangle shape for good, making your figure look closer to an hourglass. Well, there are more than a few ways to do that, but I’ll mention here the easiest and the most practical ones. These are easy-to-understand techniques that should be available and accessible to most crossdressers.


● Outfit that flatter bigger thighs


If you have bigger thighs and thick legs, rounded dresses or skirts are a good way to increase the overall width of your hips. Remember when I told you to avoid outfits that went over your shoulders? Well, we are trying to do the very opposite here, so anything that goes over your hips can be useful.


How Can a Crossdresser Deal With an Inverted Triangle Silhouette?


With that in mind, an A-line dress could also suit your needs, but you can also try Wide-leg pants. I know, they are quite triangular themselves. But since they are pointing up, they’re perfect to counterbalance your upper body. It’s almost the exact opposite.


● Design elements


You can use design elements from your outfits to try and boost the effects of the previous techniques. For example, a ruffled dress adds a lot of volume to your lower body, and pleated skirts can hold their shape and increase your hip’s width. A contrast dress, on the other hand, not only adds a bit of volume there. It also distracts observers and drives their attention away from your shoulders.


How Can a Crossdresser Deal With an Inverted Triangle Silhouette?


3.3 Hip pads


The premise of silicone hip pads is to add volume to your hips in a more natural and smooth way. It allows you to use a variety of other outfits without compromising your silhouette, such as jeans, tight dresses and office skirts. With these hip pads, you won’t need to worry about building volume with specific clothes. The pads will hold your shape and counterbalance your figure by themselves. With that in mind, let me teach you how to wear them.


How Can a Crossdresser Deal With an Inverted Triangle Silhouette?


First, wear a girdle or a control top panty. Stay in front of a mirror so you can properly adjust the pads to your figure. Slip both silicone pads inside of your girdle, and adjust them until you feel it’s enough.


How Can a Crossdresser Deal With an Inverted Triangle Silhouette?


After your pads are in place, put on pantyhose or cotton stockings to smoothen the area. They are also good to enhance the look of your legs and reinforce the pads in place. Just keeps an eye for the color, for a black stocking makes your legs look slender and smooth, but a tan one is better to hide the pads in more revealing looks.


How Can a Crossdresser Deal With an Inverted Triangle Silhouette?


When the hip pad and corset together will have a magical effect, so you can easily get a hot hourglass figure, on how to buy a corset can see this article.


How Can a Crossdresser Deal With an Inverted Triangle Silhouette?


4. Color Balance


Color balance also plays a role in changing the looks of your silhouette. In fact, I’ve already mentioned that when I told you to give preference to warmer or darker tones. That’s because darker colors are better to outline and conceal parts of your body and draw attention away from them. Since that’s what we are trying to do with the shoulders, it was a useful mention. We also want to highlight our bottom, so it would be clever for you to wear skirts and pants of light and vivid colors. This will give this region a visual advantage and increase its potential for counterbalance.


How Can a Crossdresser Deal With an Inverted Triangle Silhouette?


Another useful color trick is to wear both a top and a bottom piece of the same colour. It creates a “continuous” effect, increasing your vertical length. It also reduces the width of your figure. Also, opting for dark colors such as black is a great idea, since it will make you look slender and outline your silhouette.


As we can see, men and women have some key differences on their shapes and silhouettes. However, crossdressers like us are creative and practical. We came up with lots of different techniques to reduce such differences. The methods vary, as do their advantages and drawbacks. What you need to do now is think about how you want to dress and what your ideal style is. Based on that, you can judge which method suits better your situation and your budget. For example, the methods involving clothing tend to be cheaper, but the price varies according to the kind of outfit you plan on buying. Hip pads will need a bit more investment, but they allow you to dress up in a wider variety of outfits. Just keep being yourself and make your decisions based on what makes you comfortable and satisfies your needs. Well, what I mean is that it’s up to you and your priorities now, so good luck and happy crossdressing!


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