5 Best Ladyboy Go-Go Bars in Bangkok


Going to Bangkok and not experiencing ladyboy go-go bars there!’ Big L, right?

So I thought, let’s visit a few on my next trip. I like ladyboys.

The next thing I did was put on my nerdy femboy bra and skirt and read a bunch of ladyboy blog websites. Let me tell you,

I found some really interesting stuff to share with you girlies.


Best Ladyboy Go-Go Bars in Bangkok 


Before we begin, I just wanna tell you that ladyboy go-go bars aren’t for everyone!

I mean, it’s the place for adult entertainment and a haven of naughty nightlife, you know, booze, boobs, and ladyboy bitches.

So if you are like those lowkey sophisticated, soft stay home crossdressing sissies who just want to wear panties and lounge,

go-go bars might be a no-no for you.


In this blog, I will give you all the info about ladyboy go-go bars.

Not only that, babe, I’ll also mention a list of the best ladyboy go-go bars in Bangkok that I will be visiting.


By following my expert tips, you’ll get an idea about how to keep yourself together in ladyboy go-go bars in Bangkok.



What are Ladyboy Go-Go Bars?


Best Ladyboy Go-Go Bars in Bangkok 


So, you wanna know about ladyboy go-go bars, huh? Follow me, babes!


Ladyboy go-go bars are just like a strip club, but unlike strip clubs, our ladyboy go-go bars are way more naughtier and have a very erotic environment.

There are ladyboys everywhere, in every corner.


The staff members are ladyboys, dancers are ladyboys, and hookers are also ladyboys – that’s why I’m dying to visit one!

I just can’t wait to be slayed by those extremely sexy ladyboys.


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Cities like Bangkok are worldwide famous for their ladyboy nightlife and go-go bars.

I mean more than sightseeing tourists visit Bangkok to spend some time with ladyboys, and mind you, most of them are straight men.


We can find all types of ladyboy go-go bars, both big, elite, classy, and small-scale shady bars.

That’s so different from other countries, like in the West, we got these small strip clubs and bars with no ladyboys, and they are so boring.

I don’t like them. They are just full of drunk men, ugh! Ladyboys in Western countries forget it, babe, unless it’s Las Vegas.


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Ladyboys in go-go bars are very friendly and loving and surprisingly very passable.

They are truly a source of inspiration for crossdressing sissies.

Ladyboys in go-go bars are very confident personalities, and they carry themselves, I would say, better than ladies.

They wear lingerie or bikinis when they perform, and some are even nude or topless – oh my gosh, I can’t wait!

The atmosphere in ladyboy go-go bars is wild and crazy.


All these hot, sexy, wealthy men come to these bars looking for hookups with girls like us – you know what I mean.

Sugar daddies, babe!


But, one thing to keep in mind, babe, it’s crucial to pick a good quality ladyboy go-go bar for a top-notch and elite experience;

otherwise, we might end up in a sketchy situation, and I don’t wanna get my ass spanked by some perves in the streets of Bangkok.


Best Go-Go Ladyboy Bars in Bangkok




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Obsession Ladyboy go-go bar in Bangkok is famous for its amazingly beautiful ladyboy staff members and top-notch services.

And guess what, babe? Obsession has the highest number of ladyboy dancers in the whole town,

and most of them are just extremely elegant, sexy, and passable. These ladyboys look rich and classy with their big boobs.

They are young and give incredibly feminine vibes – some of them are even post-op.

They dress super femininely and are like, the most well-trained feminine ladyboy staff ever.

I’m just dying to spend a night with them.


And you know what’s cool? In the Obsession Go-Go Bar, these ladyboys try to make eye contact with customers and are very inviting.

How fab is that? We don’t even have to make the first move – just a little eye contact, and we can score a sexy lap dance from a ladyboy.

According to user reviews, Obsession has the friendliest staff and the best-behaved ladyboys.

Like, they’re not pushy, if you know what I mean.

Obsession is definitely on my itinerary, and I can’t wait to shake a leg with some of those stunning ladyboys.




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Casanova is like those quintessential Bangkok-style ladyboy go-go bars, just like the ones we see in Hollywood movies.

Like a bunch of sexy ladyboys standing outside the bar, trying to lure customers in.

And oh my gosh, babe, if a sexy ladyboy called me inside a bar? I’d be in there in a heartbeat!

The locals say it’s impossible to walk past this bar without some super hot ladyboy coming up to you and, like, ‘introducing’ herself.

I swear, I’d faint if a hot ladyboy bimbo whispered her name in my ear.

I’m not even exaggerating, babe! I always get overwhelmed by the beauty of these chicks with dicks.

But hey, it’s not like they’re pushy or anything. These girls are incredibly sweet and loving.

There’s just one small stage with a dancer or two inside the bar and a few cozy couches where we can chill with our girlies.

Casanova has this super friendly, relaxed, almost family-like vibe.




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I’m already turned on just knowing the name of this Go-Go bar, but hey, this place totally lives up to its name.

Temptation is said to be one of the best ladyboy bars in all of Bangkok, with fine ladyboys and an incredibly good ambiance.

What really makes Temptation stand out is its size – it’s really big, relatively spacious, and has a long stage where dozens of ladyboys can dance.

My male bestie told me he visited this bar, and, babe when he was sitting there, all the ladyboys were giving him loads of attention.

Some of them even flashed their boobs at him! And one ladyboy, the one he really liked, took it a step further.

She was like, ‘I’m so horny,’ and then pulled down her panties to show off her cock.

Totally crazy, right? Our side of T-girls don’t usually do that kind of thing.




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Straps are like those shady typical Bangkok ladyboy Go-Go bars, but with some of the finest and most elite ladyboys.

It’s one of the busiest ladyboy Go-Go bars in Bangkok, with more than 10 ladyboys always ready to entertain customers.

In Straps, we can pick super-hot ladyboys, sit down, have a drink, and, you know, ‘play’ with them.

These ladyboys even offer extra services like blow jobs and hook up for an hour.

Of course, if someone’s got the charm, they might even spend the whole night together, but hey, these girls charge for everything, babe.

So, honestly, for the entire night, it’s not like we choose the ladyboy, but the ladyboys choose us.

I’m going all in for the night if she picks me up. I’m just dying to explore my lesbian sissy side with a ladyboy.




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Cockatoo is one of the most popular ladyboy go-go bars in the main city of Bangkok.


What’s so special about Cockatoo, you are asking?


First of all, it’s one of the oldest ladyboy bars in the main city of Bangkok.

Yes, they are among the first ones who started this amazing culture of ladyboy go-go bars in Bangkok.

It is said that when it comes to ladyboys, Cockatoo has the sexiest and most passable ladyboys in Bangkok.

Now, I can’t wait to visit this one. Some of their staff members are also former contestants of ladyboy beauty pageants.


This doesn’t end here. I have heard some wild stories about Cockatoo.

My friend my telling me that after midnight, it’s like a no-holds-barred scene.

Panties flying off, ladyboys going topless on the street, giving blowjobs right in the open bar – it’s a must-visit spot after 3 AM.

Trust me, it’s an experience you don’t wanna miss.


What To-Do Inside Go-Go Bars?


Meet the Ladyboy Go-Go Bar Host


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In every go-go bar, there’s always a host ready to show guide the newbies.

I might need her help. The host is usually the bar manager or an experienced older ladyboy who’s more professional with customers.

This hostess is also the person who is in charge of all the dancers, ladyboys, and waitresses, and we can reach out to her for any help.

Like, if you’re thinking of taking a ladyboy home, just hit up the host about the charges.

She’s got all the details you need.


Get to Know the Ladyboys


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The host is there to guide us to our seats, and after that, she leaves.

It’s our turn to get cozy with the ladyboys. These ladyboy dancers are so sweet – they even come over by themselves and sit with us.

So if this happens to you, don’t be all shocked. Just start chatting with her, ask her name, and charm her up – but hey, steer clear of anything offensive, okay?

In the ladyboy go-go bars, all the dancers have numbers. So, if a dancer catches your attention, just give the hostess her number.

They’ll bring her over to you after she finishes her dance.

And babe, once a girl joins you, remember to buy her a drink if you want her to hang out with you.


Go Home with Ladyboys


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In ladyboy go-go bars, we even have the chance to take ladyboys home, but before you get excited, babe, it does come with a price tag.

So, if you feel a special connection with any ladyboy, you just pay the fee, and she’s all yours for the night.

A short session with a ladyboy will cost anywhere from $40 to $70,

and if you’re looking for a longer night to cuddle her in bed and spend more intimate time,

it could be around $500 and sometimes more than that.


Find out more about the pricing of Ladyboys


Best Time to Visit a Ladyboy Go-Go Bar in Bangkok?


femboys crossdressing 


The best time to hit up ladyboy go-go bars is around 8 or 9 PM because that’s when it’s happy hour in most bars,

and drinks are like 80 or 90 Baht – super cheap, right?

Plus, the ladyboys usually start their shifts around 8 or 9 PM, which is exactly when the happy hours wrap up.

I highly recommend getting to the bar of your choice by 9 PM.

That’s when all the go-go ladyboys step up onto the stage to introduce themselves before the rotation starts.

Try not to be later than 11 PM, or the most gorgeous ladies might already be taken by those sugar daddies.


femboys crossdressing 


It’s very important to bring our own condoms. Yeah, babe, we can’t take risks.

I don’t wanna get pregnant by Ladyboy – haha, just kidding!

But seriously, bring your own condoms for safety because the ones supplied by the ladyboys are usually low quality.


Also, be super careful with your money. Always double-check the bill before paying.

Don’t walk around with too much cash. If you need more, just go to the nearest ATM.

And babe, leave your valuables in the hotel safe. Don’t flash around how much money you’ve got, okay?


Final Words


femboys crossdressing 


So that was all about the ladyboy go-go bars in Bangkok.

Though the ladyboys there are very sweet and lovely, we’ve got to remember that at the end of the day, it’s all business for them.

So, us sissies need to be extra smart around them.

We should take good care of our money and belongings, and after all that,

just enjoy the rest of the night with these extremely sexy ladyboy chicks in some of the best ladyboy go-go bars in Bangkok.

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