6 Things Crossdressers Must Know Before Buying Shoes


How hard is it to slay as a crossdresser? Well, not much difficult if you know the basics. And The most basic slaying wisdom says that “keep your heels and head high”. So here I am to help you in buying the perfect shoes for you to rock at that next party.




Finding the perfect shoes for a crossdresser man is a pain.


Mostly because the feet are usually bigger and wider.


You need to find out the difference between the size of gents and ladies’ shoes.


While buying, make sure that the sole is not too thick or the middle part too narrow for your feet.


You should avoid shoes with shallow mouths and tongues that are too long.


The medium-high thick heel is more suitable for wide feet.




Unfortunately, there are not many companies that manufacture shoes for cross-dressing men.


The only option left is shopping in the women’s section.


The shape of men’s and women’s feet is a bit different from each other.


That is why it gets harder to find shoes that not only look good but are also comfortable.


Listed below are six key points one should know before buying shoes as a crossdresser (male to female).





1. Understand your foot size


It takes courage and bravery to go public with your gender orientation, despite the pressure of society.


Being a crossdresser is even braver.


If you are doing it, then you are already a bold and fighting spirit and no one can stop you from being awesome.


But crossdressing needs a lot of homework.


Your family has taught you what to wear and what not to wear ever since your childhood.


But on this new journey, you would have to do your research yourself.


You should know as much about the details of your clothing items as possible.


Without proper understanding, you will only waste money on things that will not fit you or make you feel comfortable.



Measuring your foot size is not very complicated.


I will tell you the whole process in four easy steps.


 ●Step 1: measure the length and width of your feet


Six Things Crossdressers Must Know Before Buying Shoes


• Measure the length of your feet


Use a measuring tape to measure the outline of your foot.


Start from your longest toe and go to the end of your heel.


• Measure the width of your feet


To measure the width of your foot you should wrap the measuring tape around your foot.


Make sure it is wrapped around the widest part of your foot.


You will get an accurate result if you are putting all of your weight on the foot while doing this.


It will help you not only get the exact width of your feet but also the room you require if your feet are fat.


You would be able to get shoes with the thickness of shoe soles that are accurate for your feet.


● Step 2: Use the measurements while buying shoes


It is one thing to measure your feet and it is another to understand which shoe size corresponds to your measurements.


Here is a chart to let you understand this process.


Six Things Crossdressers Must Know Before Buying Shoes


You also have to use a table to compare the width of your feet and the right shoe size.


Here is the detailed table:


Six Things Crossdressers Must Know Before Buying Shoes


While buying shoes as a crossdresser man, you should know that the size of shoes is different for ladies and gents.


Here are the details for your benefit.


The size of the footwear is different for men and women.


The reason for this is that a grown-up woman’s feet can be as small as a male kid in his preteens.


Men’s smallest size comes in number 5. A gents 7 number shoe will not be the same as a ladies 7 number.


It will be 8.5 numbers for women. There are two types of foot sizes.


The first is the length of the shoes and the second is the width.


Ladies’ shoes are not as wide as shoes for gents.


They are narrow in the heel and a bit wider in the toe area.


While gents’ shoes have wider space in the heel because their heels are bigger than women’s.


This is why you must measure the size of your feet before going shoe shopping and understand the size difference as well as possible.


Convert your shoe size to the ladies’ size, keep the width factor in mind, and then buy.


Reference the chart below for convenient conversion of ladies’ sizes to gents’ shoe sizes.


Six Things Crossdressers Must Know Before Buying Shoes


2. How to buy shoes for flat and wide feet?


I have seen men with tiny feet and women with large and wide feet.


This means that in the ladies’ section of the shoe store, there do exist shoes that will fit you perfectly.


If your feet are wide or fat then you need to pay special attention to the shape of the shoes.


Do not buy shoes without trying them first.


Not only wear them but also walk them around the store to make sure that they are comfortable.


Men with wide or flat feet should take extra care while buying ladies’ shoes.


The ball width and the waist width of the shoe must be wide enough so that the wide and flat feet will not be cramped.


Six Things Crossdressers Must Know Before Buying Shoes


Do wear these shoe types for flat and wide feet


For someone with wide feet, a medium-high thick heel is better than a flat and fine heel.


Six Things Crossdressers Must Know Before Buying Shoes


I recommend that you buy shoes with a V-mouth, shoes with straps and covering function, and shoes that have vertical design effects like tassels or pleats.


These designs make your feet appear thinner and more elegant.


Six Things Crossdressers Must Know Before Buying Shoes


From a personal standpoint based on experience, I recommend you start your heels journey with ankle boots.


Six Things Crossdressers Must Know Before Buying Shoes


They not only give you a chic look but also add spice to your wardrobe.


These boots prepare your feet for walking in heels without tripping over.


They also cover your feet and despite walking in a heel, your toes are safe.


Ankle boots with block heels are a perfect start for the first-time wearer of heels.


Don’t wear these shoe types for fat and wide feet


Ladies’ shoes mostly have very sharp and pointy toe-area which makes it hard to find shoes for wide feet.


Six Things Crossdressers Must Know Before Buying Shoes


Tight shoes start biting your feet and make it hard for you to walk in them.


If you have wide feet, then try to avoid shoes with shallow mouths and tongues that are too long.


Six Things Crossdressers Must Know Before Buying Shoes


Six Things Crossdressers Must Know Before Buying Shoes


3. How to buy shoes for big feet?


Do you have large feet? Afraid that nothing will fit you in the ladies’ section?


The words “nothing will fit” should be banned in my opinion.


The world we live in nowadays is super advanced in technology and development and we have seen so many impossible things happening that getting the right pair of shoes should not give you anxiety.


Do not be the peacock that cries over his feet while ignoring all the glory his feathers have.


Be the queen that you are and just dig a bit deeper to find out the shoes that will make you the confident fashionista that you want to be.


Keep these tips in mind and go shopping for shoes that you would love.




Before buying a pair of shoes you like, you should ask the salesperson if the shoes are your right size or not.


Don’t be forced or tricked into just buying any pair of shoes.


Ask questions, see options, and try them all before making a decision.


The right questions will give you an idea of the product and it will be very helpful in your future shopping sprees.


Do wear these shoe types for big feet


In my opinion, the best shoes for you should have straps with a covering function and a small round-toe shoe area because they will hide any masculine features of your feet.


Six Things Crossdressers Must Know Before Buying Shoes


Don’t wear these shoe types for big feet


It is better if you avoid big round-toe shoes or square-toe shoes.


They make your feet look bulky, heavy, and thick. They are also bad for the toes.


Looking chic is very important while crossdressing so always avoid fashion options that give you a bad overall look.


Six Things Crossdressers Must Know Before Buying Shoes


You should also try to avoid thick shoe soles.


They are good for women because their feet are thin and need more cushioning.


If you buy shoes with thick soles, then your feet might feel cramped because your feet are wide.


Six Things Crossdressers Must Know Before Buying Shoes


4. How to buy shoes for the high back?


Buying shoes for a person with a high back is very important for your posture.


Suitable shoes for the high back will improve your backbone health.


We have evolved to wear shoes for thousands of years, so now we cannot walk comfortably in flat shoes (well, not all of us).


Gents’ shoes almost always come with a small raised heel so when you plan on crossdressing, you should keep your muscle memory in mind.




Your feet are used to wearing shoes meant for the high back.


To buy shoes for high back, keep these things in mind.


Do wear these shoe types for high-back


Make sure to choose shoes with a shallow mouth that have strong wrappings.


They will help you keep the right posture and walk without trouble.


Six Things Crossdressers Must Know Before Buying Shoes


Don’t wear these shoe types for high-back


While buying shoes for a high back, avoid shoes with hard materials.


Hard material shoes will make your heels hurt.


All the while when we are standing, our feet bear our whole-body weight.


The heels of your feet get most of the burden.


Six Things Crossdressers Must Know Before Buying Shoes


The hard material will make it even harder to stand for longer because it will be killing your feet.


The wrong material of the shoes can cause backache or even a permanent injury to you.


5. Tips for wearing shoes that don’t rub your feet


I have seen so many celebrities with bruised feet and smiling faces.


They say it is the price you have to pay to be a fashionista.


In my opinion, there should be no such price to pay.


If in this age and time, we cannot find a soft or comfortable pair of shoes then humanity has failed somehow.


Celebrities are bound to wear such shoes because they are paid to do that.


You are free to choose shoes that do not bite your feet on every step.




If you happen to buy shoes that rub your feet and bruise your skin, then here are some tips for you.


Use shoe braces.


Make sure that the shoes are perfectly fitted and there is no chance of your skin being rubbed by your footwear.


If the shoes are rubbing your feet painfully then use a Band-Aid.


It will keep your skin safe from friction.




Another very popular method for biting shoes is wine immersion.


Put white wine into new shoes or a paper ball soaked with white wine and put it on the shoes.


It will loosen it a bit and the shoes will not rub your feet anymore.


Six Things Crossdressers Must Know Before Buying Shoes


In case the shoes have hard materials that are pinching your feet, you should try using cream, soap, or candle wax to soften the friction.


Rub these materials on the exact part of the shoes that is rubbing against your skin.


It will make the surface greasy and you will be able to walk without getting hurt by your shoes.


To avoid all this, just make sure to buy shoes with material as soft as possible.


6. Tips for walking in high heels


Walking in high heels is not very easy but it is the game changer when it comes to fashion and style.


If you buy a pair of heels then make sure that you walk in them as perfectly as you can.


Someone walking like a newborn goat in heels will only cause depression because people will laugh at them and their self-esteem will be dead.


Heels need to be worn with confidence and style.


Here are some tips to wear high heels and walk in them as a crossdresser man.


Six Things Crossdressers Must Know Before Buying Shoes


1. Make sure that your thighs are lifted when you are wearing high heels.


Your knees should not be bent at all.




2. Focus on your posture while wearing heels.


Don’t look down all the time or you would appear over-conscious and nervous.


We see models walk in a straight line to perform that stylish catwalk.


They practice that walk for months before walking on the ramp.


You are not paid to walk in a specific way so prefer your comfort instead of burdening yourself with walking a straight line.




3. Let the feet move ahead naturally.


If you think too much about your walking style, then it will hurt your confidence.


Just be natural and do not make your legs clash while trying to do a catwalk.


Don’t force yourself to walk in a specific style because it might cause a fall and injury.




4. The basic technique to get used to wearing heels is wearing them only for 20 to 30 minutes daily at first.


Try this technique for one week and observe whether your feet are sore or hurt.


If you feel uneasy or wobbly-legged at first, rest assured, it is natural.


With time and practice, your body will get used to wearing heels.


When you get used to it then after the first week try to walk barefoot but on tiptoe.


It will help your feet’ muscle memory to get comfortable in heels.


Walking in heels might feel very uncomfortable at first but with practice, your feet get used to them.


People who wear heels daily, often find it hard to walk in flat shoes.


That is how the human body works, you can train your body to wear anything and feel easy in that.


You can also watch the following video to learn how to walk in high heels.




Do your homework before going shoe shopping.


Familiarize yourself with the difference between men’s and women’s shoe sizes.


Get to know your own feet better so that you know what you are looking for.


Do not prefer style over comfort because with good research you can find both.


It is better if you start with shoes that have a covering function and better strappings.


Learn the techniques to wear high heels and how to walk in them.




Bookmark this article because you are going to come to this again.


I hope that these tips will help you buy shoes that complement you and give you all the confidence you need.

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