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6 Tips to Going to the Bathroom While en Femme

Going to the bathroom is a significant concern for cross-dressers when out of their houses. Depending on how well they pass, they may suffer discrimination or even face lawsuits. But the problem doesn’t end there. Sometimes, our cross-dressing outfits make it difficult for us to use the bathroom altogether. But the good news is that we can overcome this kind of obstacle.


Six Tips to Going to the Bathroom While en Femme


You must first double-check your local laws and analyze your passability as a woman. Sometimes, it’s also worth checking establishment policies. All of that is to ensure in which bathroom you’re more likely to be safe. Besides that, you must choose proper clothes to use the bathroom itself with ease. I’ll discuss that and much more in this article, so keep reading if you’re interested!



1. Check your county or state laws


Six Tips to Going to the Bathroom While en Femme


Let’s start with the most complicated, to take it out of our way. Legislations regarding bathroom uses, and trans people may or may not be cross-dressing inclusive. Each country has a specific policy for that, some including gender-neutral bathrooms. In other countries, such as in the United States, it depends on which state you are. But I can say we are making some progress, and the law is making each day more inclusive for us.


Six Tips to Going to the Bathroom While en Femme


But I’m not here to talk about hope. I want to give you an effective tip. It would help if you did some research about the bathroom laws of where you live so that you can make a wiser decision. If youre going to a restaurant or a mall, ask the employees about it or their manager. This way they can give you more information about it.


2. Regard your passability


Six Tips to Going to the Bathroom While en Femme


How well you pass as a cisgender woman also interferes in deciding upon which bathroom to use. And the reason itself is pretty apparent. If you pass well, no one will notice you are a cross-dresser and will leave you alone. However, if you don’t pass at all, it might be a problem unless you are trans. Once again, the law varies, but people’s perceptions may trick them. If they still see you as a man, they might call you out for using the female restrooms. But how do you know if you pass?


Six Tips to Going to the Bathroom While en Femme


Taking pictures of yourself or looking in the mirror often provides us with a biased opinion, for worse. You may look good and passable, but still, see yourself as a man. What you need is a neutral, unbiased opinion, and you can get that from a friend. Another option is to post some pics on Reddit asking for constructive criticism. It gives you an idea of how people shall react to your exterior image.


3. Go before you dress up


Six Tips to Going to the Bathroom While en Femme


Using the bathroom before starting to dress up is great advice, with obvious advantages. The goal is to make you less inclined to use it after leaving your home. It also improves the feel of shapewear and makes it more bearable. In other words, this technique improves your overall level of comfort while en femme outside and prevents you from facing a dilemma. But this is more effective for extreme situations.


Six Tips to Going to the Bathroom While en Femme


Use it when you know you’ll be having to make a stop by the WC. Otherwise, you’ll waste the time you could be used to retouch your makeup. At home, we know precisely which bathroom each person can use. But out their things are quite wild. We never know when a bathroom is the last one we’ll see for the next few days. So make sure to go when you have a chance. Otherwise, your cross-dressing experience can become somewhat frustrating. But it was supposed to be pleasing.


4. Avoid talking


Six Tips to Going to the Bathroom While en Femme


Avoid chatting with others in the bathroom. Through speech, we almost always give some hints of our masculine nature. And you sure don’t want some other women overhearing your conversations. Besides that, even professionals and experienced cross-dressers have trouble maintaining their feminine voices. The struggle is understandable, and keeping yourself quiet during the early steps of HRT can be beneficial to your mental health.


Six Tips to Going to the Bathroom While en Femme


But it would help if you kept practicing as often as possible until you have more confidence in your own voice. My point is that inexperienced cross-dressers should stay shut during their use of a bathroom. At least in their first few sessions outside as cross-dressers. This way, they can avoid awkward situations in the bathroom of their choice until they can talk in a seamless feminine voice.


5. Outfitting tips


Six Tips to Going to the Bathroom While en Femme


Now that you know how to determine which bathroom is the best for you, I want to give you some tips to make things easy. Cross-dressers are often overloaded with different clothes. That is, in hopes of emulating a feminine appearance. These garments, however, can make it impractical for one to use the bathroom. It might be just too complicated to take everything off and wear it again afterward. Luckily for us, following some tips can make everything much more manageable. Here, I’ll give you some general outfitting tips to help you with that.


● Shapewear


Six Tips to Going to the Bathroom While en Femme


Shapewear is, by far, the biggest responsible for making cross-dressing a complicated activity. Elaborate shapewear takes time to be worn and isn’t easy to remove either. Some people may notice that you’re taking too long in the bathroom and notice that something is off. It may lead you to even more awkward situations, some of which may end in discrimination. But ridding yourself of shapewear is not a good idea either. For passability purposes, many of us rely on shapewear to acquire convincing curves and feminize our silhouette.


What you have to do is find a balance. Aim for a simple corset and maybe a pair of hip pads. Waist cinchers may also help you, as they are lighter and easy to conceal. Your problem may be with control-top tights, excessive stockings, and full-body shape enhancers. You want to avoid anything that covers you from the belly down. These mechanisms, while effective, are overly complex and difficult to take off. Keep in mind that you only need to be free from the hips below to use the bathroom. So limit your shapewear to functions such as reducing your waist, and try not to cover too much your crotch with useless stuff. The goal is to make it easier to clear the area when the time comes.


● Underwear


Six Tips to Going to the Bathroom While en Femme


Underwear also plays a part in it, albeit a small one. The same tips from the shapewear section apply here; you want something comfortable and not too fancy. After all, it’s something you’ll be using or removing in the bathroom. As such, it must be comfortable and make you feel good. In this section, it’s also worth mentioning some tucking panties. Some, for example, have complex mechanisms to prevent your male parts from showing. But they make going to the bathroom a difficult game. So, if possible, avoid complicated stuff and stick to the simple. It may not even be necessary for you to tuck, as avoiding it makes things much faster.


● Silicone bodysuits


Six Tips to Going to the Bathroom While en Femme


Silicone suits are quite popular among young cross-dressers nowadays, and the market for these is growing. They do a complete transformation of your body into something more feminine, but they are the most complicated garment of all to be worn. It takes time, but the overall effect of said suits is lifelike and amazing. What you can do, is order it with an included urination pouch. This way, you can worry less about removing the suit and discreetly use the restroom. This kit turns a complex cross-dressing garment into a very comfortable and practical one. One with almost no limitations. It is also an alternative to actually going to the bathroom if it’s not an emergency. But make sure you check the customer reviews, to know more about the pouch kit in each product. That’s because some of them don’t work so well.


6. Other garments


Six Tips to Going to the Bathroom While en Femme


Some other pieces of your outfit can also be optimized to aid you in using the bathroom. Wearing a dress or skirt, for example, will save you some time and effort. This way, you won’t have to worry about unbuckling a belt or unzipping your pants. It’s also better to shave your legs instead of using a lot of stockings. The general idea is to leave the area unobstructed or wear things that are simple to move aside. But make sure you evaluate your goals and dress accordingly. After all, being able to use the bathroom easily isn’t the only goal of cross-dressing. Considering passability and your well-being as well, you should balance the situation. Soon, you may decide upon the optimal outfit.


Bathrooms for cross-dressers are quite complicated. We never know if someone is going to judge or discriminate against us. And because of that, we must have a notion of our surroundings. Passability is a good way to start, but laws are also important to consider. Each state or country is unique. But a thing you find everywhere is the difficulties we face in removing our outfits. Optimizing our shapewear, underwear, etc., can improve your chances of enduring a long session away from home. But what do you think of that? Leave a comment about it; we’d love to hear stories or opinions!




What is more important for cross-dressers that go out en femme?


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