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7 Tips for A Smooth & Soft Butt


A perky butt is a major part of a crossdresser’s allure, especially matters a lot for bottom crossdressers and sissies for obvious reasons.


But how to get that smooth butt?


This is a question we all think about.


Sure, doing sissy buttocks exercises can pop up our butt, giving it that inviting shape.


Smooth Soft Butt 


But is that all you want?


Just a big bubble butt?


There’s more to the story.


If you want to slay in a bikini and have everyone’s heads turn to admire your gorgeous, juicy butt, read this blog down to the “bottom.”


I’ll share some bootylicious tips to make your butt look buttery smooth and soft.


Follow these tips, sissies, to get rid of butt acne and make your buttocks nothing short of stunning.


Kim K, you’ve got some competition coming your way!



Tips to Get Smooth Butt


Get Bump-Free


Smooth & soft butt 


If you want that smoothy-smooth butt without those icky bumps, you should use a gentle body scrub twice a week to prevent bumps, clogged pores, and, ugh, acne on your butt cheeks.


And, babe, being a crossdressing sissy, you don’t even think about skipping out on exfoliating your bottom.


Promise me, right now, after reading this, you will always exfoliate with a mild scrub, okay?


Choose one with salicylic acid for that super-smoothness.


Trust me, you’ll feel more fab and confident with a bump-free butt.


And, babes, when you’re applying the scrub, do it in circular motions and cover the whole area.


Shower After You Sweat


Smooth & soft butt 


So you must be like, “Duh! That’s obvious,” right?


But c’mon, we’ve all been there, skipping showers and just lounging in our sweaty tight pants after a killer workout or after a sweaty day in summer.


Total no-no, sissy!


It’s a very bad habit that can invite bacterial growth.


So next time, always take a shower after a sweaty day, use a loofah, and give your butt cheeks a good scrub.


They will blossom like rosebud after this.


Remove Hair


Smooth & soft butt


Full Brazilian wax is the best way to get rid of bum hair.


Only if you’re feelin’ it, of course.


But if you think that Brazillian wax is not your cup of tea or something you are not ready for, you can always remove hair by trimming it during your shower.


I know, I know, shaving seems very tempting, right?


But, babe, trust and believe this is not a smart decision.


Seriously, who wants cuts and nicks down there? Ouch!


Don’t Skip To Moisturize


Smooth & soft butt 


Just like the rest of your skin, you definitely want a soft, cushy-tushy, right?


The best way to get that is to moisturize.


Use an oil-free cream as you don’t want to break out into any embarrassing butt acne, especially since bikini season is around the corner.


You can never go wrong with classic baby lotion. It’s the best.


Apply Butt Makeup


Smooth & soft butt 


Oh, you haven’t heard about butt makeup? Well, babe, your elder sissy is here, so don’t you worry.


Yep, butt makeup is a thing, and for us crossdressers, it’s a very important thing.


A touch of makeup can hide our stretch marks and sagging, giving that confidence boost we all need on a bikini day.


Just apply some bronzer or self-tanning spray or lotion to help make your booty look poppy and rounder.


This will cover your stretch marks, bumps, and bruises so that you can have a sexy Bay watch run in slow motion.


Booty Diet


Booty diet 


If you want to plump up your booty, there are some foods you need in your diet.


These are nuts, soya beans, peanut butter (Yum!), flax seeds, brown rice, cheese, and, obviously, meats and proteins.


Basically, these foods produce estrogen in your body, which is a feminine hormone responsible for the growth of feminine features.


So, if you want a rounder, bubbly butt, add these foods, and don’t skip out on your booty workout routine!


Because feminine men don’t have a natural butt development during puberty, so little bit of extra effort is needed.


Wisely Choose Panties


Smooth & soft butt 


Okay, babes, time for sissy talk? If you are a full-time crossdresser, you need to think beyond the aesthetics of your undies.


You cannot wear sheer or lacy panties every day, no for real.


The fabric of panties plays a very important role in butt health.


Choose materials that absorb sweat and don’t cause any friction on the butt.


Cotton is the best example of such fabric; you can never go wrong with cotton.


I love cotton panties, and they look sexy too.


You can switch to seamless panties to avoid the elastic/seam of cotton panties.


Those thongs and G-strings are cute for a hot minute, but wearing them all the time is not a good idea, babe.


The “string” can really irritate your skin.


Home-Made Solutions for Smooth Buttocks


Coconut Oil


coconut oil 


Butt Problems? Coconut oil is the solution for most of them.


Looking for that smooth, pimple-free booty?


Coconut oil has got you covered.


It helps manage sebum production and fights off bacteria.


So when bikini season rolls around, you’re all set to show off your smooth butt.


Glycerin and Lemon Juice


Glycerin and Lemon Juice 


You likely have glycerin and lemon at home. Just mix them together.


The acidic lemon juice pairs well with the smooth glycerin.


This combo is great because lemon juice can help control melanin production.


Simply apply a mixture of a teaspoon of glycerin and lemon juice to any affected areas on your butt, and voila!


And just like that, you’re on your way to flaunting a smoother booty.




soft & smooth butt 


Alright, no one is going to tell you this, okay, so pay attention, sis.


Your butt needs that special attention, and oatmeal is the way to go.


Its texture helps shed dead skin cells from your booty.


Just mix a tablespoon of roughly ground oatmeal, a little turmeric, and a tablespoon of yogurt.


Use it as a scrub on your bum, massage for about 5 minutes in circles, then rinse off.


Do this weekly, and you’ll have a smooth and flawless ass.




soft & smooth butt 


Oh-em-gee, ice. Trust me, it’s the best homemade solution to get rid of butt acne and pimples.


Just grab some ice and gently rub it on your booty where it’s needed.


I mean, it’s low-key fun.


I’m kinda obsessed with rubbing ice on my ass.


The ice is perfect for cooling things down, and if you’ve got that gross pus-filled situation, it’ll help to reduce the inflammation.


Advantages of Smooth Butt


soft & smooth butt


I mean, where to even begin?


Do I even have to say it?


Having a smooth butt has perks on perks!


But since you’re asking, here’s the brief:


For a crossdresser, a smooth butt is a big confidence booster.


It makes you feel sexy, confident, and very feminine.



Bikini time is, like, ten times better.


You get to show off your sexy butt cheeks.


When it comes to anal, having that smooth butt makes things way more enticing.


For a bottom sissy, you are giving much more than sex.


Everyone loves a gorgeous booty moment. Everyone.


soft & smooth butt 


Your bedroom experiences become more cheerful as you can be fully confident about your body.


Look, as crossdressers, our booties are kind of our highlight body part.


And to really get their attention and make them excited for us, our ass should be flawless and delicious.


Whether it’s panties, booty shorts, or sheer dresses, everything just pops when your butt is flawless.


And last but not least, you will get a lot of booty calls without a doubt. Haha.


Final Words


soft & smooth butt 


Getting that healthy, smooth, and sexy butt is way easier than you might think.


Just stick to the easy tips I shared.


Maintain consistency, follow a good diet, maintain hygiene, do a little workout, and maybe use some makeup if you feel the need for it.


Commit to the routine for just a month, and babe, you’ll see the changes – your butt will get all flawless, plump, and fabulously feminine.


So follow my tips and thank me later, sis. Toodles!

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