Affirmations For Trans Women Trapped In the Closet


This resource aims to boost the confidence of trans women and foster self-acceptance on their journey toward living authentically.


trans women



Being Closeted


As our society starts becoming far more accepting of LGBTQ+ individuals, many people who struggle with their gender identity might not be sure how they can come out.


Many issues from worries of harassment, and just not knowing who you are make it rather difficult for LGBTQ people, especially teenagers, and youth.


It’s especially difficult for transgender individuals, especially transfeminine individuals.



As a trans woman myself, I have had to spend time learning how to love myself, how to see myself as someone who wasn’t alone, someone who could get help, someone who was breaking out of her shell, to be the best her.


These tasks weren’t a cakewalk, but they were fulfilling, and I’m here to provide some keywords, positive affirmations on coming out, and the adventures and highlights that you will experience for time ever after.


You Aren’t Alone


One of the biggest issues people who haven’t come out as transgender, and just transgender people in general face is the fear of isolation.


The world seems to just have so many vocal, unforgiving people which fuels fears of harassment, hatred, and bigotry, making it unsafe to be seen as yourself.


One of the biggest positive affirmations that one could ever give, from one trans person to another is, that you are not alone.


Support groups made by and for transgender people exist all over the country providing places to just talk, and know that you are being listened to.


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[Trans Flag Image from GLAAD]


Finding Help


Social groups and finding other people are heavily important for maintaining a healthy set of social aspects of mental health.


One of the best things that you can do is know where and how you can find resources for coming out.


There is so much that could be used to provide both help in mental health, to medical help, just the need to talk with someone who gets you.


Knowing that one isn’t alone amidst the changing social climate of the world is always reassuring, and being able to trust in your community’s resources strengthens overall bonds between people who interact with you and yourself.


You’re Entering Your Cocoon at your own pace.


The biggest thing that needs to be understood is there is no rush to come out!


Everyone has their own unique process, and their own way of expressing themselves.


A positive affirmation for you to use is “Everyone has their own story; this is how mine goes”.


It is still as valid as anyone else’s.


It doesn’t matter if it takes years to gather the courage to come out, if you focus on coming out in your way, you’re doing great.


The Butterfly Allusion

An interesting allusion towards the process of coming out, something commonly used as a positive affirmation, is the metamorphosis and transformation of caterpillars into butterflies.


A natural process that can take a variety of time and turns what appears to be an ordinary sight of nature into a sight of beauty and the magic of nature.


Transgender people are often compared to butterflies as in a way, they are going through their own metamorphosis when coming out.


The allusion does fit, however, it is not a necessary connection that one needs to make, it’s just more of a fun observation that can be shown by trans individuals.


trans women

[Trans Butterfly from TransGriot]


True Beauty is within


Our society often is based on the flawed viewing that looks and beauty are only skin deep.


To provide another positive affirmation for all trans girls, coming out or already well deep into their true womanhood, your true beauty isn’t just your appearance.


It’s how you present yourself, your heart, and the true you that you’ve let yourself come out into the world.




Your grace, your kindness, how you present your best face and smile.


There’s beauty in having a positive and true attitude, one that can’t be replicated no matter how expensive makeup one wears.


Mastering this kind of beauty is a great goal to have because that is how you be the best woman you can be.


Taking Care of Yourself

Your outside health matters a lot too, stress caused by dysphoria often leads to trans people not being able to have the motivation to take care of one’s self, but practicing self-care while working on coming out is another way to help affirm your beauty and positive feelings within!


Washing your face, taking daily showers, eating healthy, making sure you get exercise and walks, drinking lots of water, all these things make sure that you are showing the world your best face.


Self Love Makes A Happy Self


Self-love seems to be an often overlooked aspect due to how everyone feels the desire to be liked by others.


However, without loving yourself, coming out may be a stressful endeavor because of how you interact and treat others.


Coming out is a journey of finding out who you are.


Knowing who you are allows you to affirm that you do adore and love what makes you the one who you want to be.


It also allows you to show self-love, knowing that you can show your compassion for yourself, and show the world what makes you, the one that you always knew you were.


Trans women

[Positively Present’s Self Love Rainbow]


You Are Loved


The most important positive affirmation one can believe in is that you are loved.


Being kind to yourself, and understanding exactly who and what you are is an adventure to come out from the end of.


You are never alone, with people all over the world, and your local sphere, knowing that if there’s anywhere you can start with, is knowing that others have hope for you, the real you.


There are so many people in this world who are rooting for you, don’t stop until you’ve shown them exactly the person that you’ve spent all your life trying to become.




Sometimes people compare themselves to others, especially when coming out, they fear passing and knowing if they feel and look like they are woman enough.


One affirmation that you should always tell yourself, whenever it’s looking in the mirror, or just in your head, is that you are enough.


Beyond whatever labels that you give yourself, you are you, and that is enough for you.


You are trans enough, you are a woman enough, you are you, and that is exactly who you need to be.


Nothing more, nothing less.


Be The Real You


The biggest thing you can promise yourself as you continue your coming out is to be the real you.


Affirm to yourself that this is the you that you want to be.


Coming out is the journey to discover who you are, and beyond anything, it should be that where in which you focus your time, effort, and love.


Don’t try to present yourself as something you are not.


Coming out is your way to find yourself.


You will be the one you’ve wanted to be, don’t deviate from your goals, just stick to your target, and you will excel at being the girl you always were.


Trans women

[Unleash The Real You by Allume]


The Call to Embracing The Fem You


You’ve come out, ready to begin that next step of your transitioning journey. Whatever you do with that news, is what is going to push you beyond where you have been before.


It’s never been just about being yourself, being the one you value the most, it’s about embracing who you are and holding all those positive affirmations that accept you, as who you’ve always been, and that is you.


Now that your journey as the girl that you’ve always been officially started, nothing left that can hold you back.



Soar with excitement, live your life the way you want to live your life! Meet friends, find friendships, and interact with the community.


You are enough, you are a girl, you are beautiful inside and out, you aren’t alone, and there are people who can help and care for you.


Everything and everyone around you will get to see who you are, finally out of that cocoon that you’ve been in for most of your life.


Now it’s time to spread your wings, and fly, darling. Be the best girl you can ever be~!


coming out

[Embrace The Real You by Healthline]

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