Best Crossdressing Services in Europe


Hello, darlings! I am here again to bring you a selection of some of the best crossdressing services in Europe!


If you felt left out in the post where I talked about the best places in the UK to get a makeover, don’t worry! Today, you may find one near you.


Best Crossdressing Services in Europe


As we’ve discussed many times, being a crossdresser and enjoying one’s femininity without some backlash in our lives is difficult.


This is where these types of services come in handy.


Whether you don’t have the privacy, knowledge, or tools to let your inner woman take over, they offer the full experience without cons!




It’s time to unleash your feminine energy and let it burst!


With the help of the professionals working at any of these places, you will do that and much more!


Let your inner girl enjoy a makeover at these amazing studios.



1. Crossdressing Milano


Best Crossdressing Services in Europe


In the capital city of fashion in Italy, Milano, the owner and professional make-up artist Viktoria Ryzhkova has her doors open for business.


After years of experience in the fashion and bridal industry and receiving a lot of inquiries from crossdressers, she decided to offer full makeover transformations.


She specializes in male-to-female transformations and has the kind of services you would expect from a place like this.


Make-up lessons and applications, manicures, and full makeovers that can last from one up to six hours!


You can check on their page for the amazing results they achieve!


You can also add a photoshoot session to the package as a souvenir.


She handles customers privately and warmly, so you can feel comfortable during your transformation.


Vyktoria’s mission is to transform a male into an elegant and fine lady, and she sure excels at that!


2. Schwesternzeit


Best Crossdressing Services in Europe


North of Germany, in the city of Hamburg, Karin receives crossdressers from all over Europe every day in her studio.


The owner is a fashion designer and dressmaker who has been offering a safe place to express femininity since 2013.


Among Schwesterzeit’s services, you can find wig styling and care, make-up lessons and applications, escorted outings, and, of course, full makeovers with different outfits to try.


There’s also a professional photographer if you wish to take a reminder back home.


You can enjoy their services from one hour to ten hours!


You can take a vacation day among girlfriends and let your inner woman take a day off.


The professionals there are credited counselors in the trans area, so that you can feel at home there.


Please take a look at their site to make an appointment and see their full pricing list.


3. Paprika For Trav


Best Crossdressing Services in Europe


In 2005, Marta and Alberto founded this haven for crossdressers in Argenta, a city in the southeast of the province of Ferrara, Italy.


Over these twelve years, they not only made the dream of being a woman true for many clients but also learned a lot from them.


In the private comfort of their establishment, affectionately called “la Casa delle Bambole,” you can enjoy a makeover in a fully equipped house.


This place is also used for the photo shoot in case you opt for one.


Besides, they offer en-femme escorted shopping trips if you are looking for advice to expand your wardrobe.


You can also partake in girly meetings where you can enjoy a cup of tea, setting free your inner woman with other girlfriends!


4. Cloeh Studio


Best Crossdressing Services in Europe


In downtown Madrid, Cloeh opened up the studio after twenty-five years of experience in the make-up and fashion industry.


After many requests for a makeover from her crossdressing friends, she realized there was a bigger audience for these kinds of services than she thought.


She enjoys it as much as her customers when they see the transformation complete from courses to level up your crossdressing to full makeovers at their private installations.


You can enjoy becoming the woman of your dreams here with sessions from two to five hours.


There are some special services like escorted outings, make-up-only services, and bridal transformations.


You can live the experience of becoming a beautiful bride for a day!


If you live near or are passing by, I recommend you visit Cloeh.


5. Trinity Fair


Best Crossdressing Services in Europe


Or Frau-Sein if you speak German, is a crossdressing studio in Sontheim, Bavaria, Germany.


You can get here very easily if you are near Munich.


There is also a small airport just a ten-minute drive.


Elli Hunter is a trans woman herself and knows how to handle customers who are looking for privacy.


She serves all the clients who come looking for a welcoming environment to express their femininity.


With a huge wardrobe to choose your outfits from, Elli will make sure you can become the girl you feel inside.


There are a plethora of services that can accommodate most. Including the usual outings, photoshoots, and makeovers, there is also a package aimed at latex enthusiasts.


She has the best tools in the market to make this a dreamy experience.


6. Estudio Divas


Best Crossdressing Services in Europe


This crossdressing studio is located in the city of Seville, in Spain.


This business is fueled by the dream of four professional friends who envisioned a place where girls like us can express themselves.


Here, you can enjoy a full feminine makeover, starting with the wondrous feeling of lingerie.


Every professional working here is an expert in their area and will ensure you make the best of the experience.


It does not only offer the usual services you would expect, like outings and transformations.


This is a fully functional beauty salon that attends to every need for crossdressers.


You can find the option to get a facial skincare treatment or learn how to apply your make-up on your own.


They handle privacy and personal information with the utmost care.


7. Dafni Girls


Best Crossdressing Services in Europe


I have already talked about this studio in a previous post, but I simply can avoid dedicating a few words to it.


They are open both in Madrid and Valence and offer all types of services for the crossdressing community.


Since 2015, Dafni Cocó has been fulfilling the wishes of many crossdressers.


Full feminization transformations that last up to six hours, and of course, you can go out while they escort you to a lovely outing.


Check their site and ask them so you can build the perfect package for you!




Each day, the crossdressing community gets bigger, and with it, the services are aimed at us.


We can see there is still much to do, as some countries have many options while others have none.


If you like this series of articles and still haven’t found a crossdressing studio near you, let me know in the comments so I can help you in the future.


On the contrary, if you know a place that should be on this list, please write it down so we can all enjoy their services. Hope to see you all soon!



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Written by Tina Munova.

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