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Best Online Drag Queen Resources and Websites

Hello, lovelies! How are you today? Up to date with the latest RuPaul episodes? With the latest season coming out, the fuss about the drag queen world is pretty big. So, for all those in your houses binging on this amazing show that are wishing to delve into drag, this article is for you!


Best Online Drag Queen Resources and Websites 


I’ve compiled a handful of websites and resources where you can find info on how to step into the drag queen world. If you want to know and are ready to become a drag queen, I’m sure you will find here almost everything you will need for it. The rest is already in your heart! Let’s get into it, queens!



Drag Subreddit


Best Online Drag Queen Resources and Websites


Every frequent reader knows I’m a big fan of the whole Reddit platform. The /r/Drag subreddit is a great example of it. If you’re familiar with RuPaul’s show, then maybe the name Maddy Morphosis rings a bell. This amazing queen who won season 14’s award for best booking designer, has been active and found support and inspiration on this website! In fact, she also holds the honor of having the most upvoted post of all time on the subreddit! Here you will find a lovely community willing to help and advise you in your journey to becoming a drag queen! Also, you can draw inspiration from photos and stories that users upload very frequently. Pros, amateurs, and beginners alike share their experiences and tips. What are you waiting for to join this amazing community?




Best Online Drag Queen Resources and Websites


This is one of the most essential websites for everyone in the drag queen world. Featuring interviews with queens, the latest drag fashion, live events coverage, and much more, this is a site that should be on every drag queen’s reading list! WERRRK was founded in 2014 to be the daily stop to check out the latest news about the drag world and artists. Of course, there is a section exclusively dedicated to the latest trending fashions among drag queens! You can either check their website or follow them on every major social network. WERRRK is a very active site with lots of useful information and news for beginners and pros alike. Be sure to check it out!


Maxi Drag Queen


Best Online Drag Queen Resources and Websites


Another name you might recognize from RuPaul’s show. Maxi Shield has been a drag artist for over twenty-three years and is one of the most prominent representatives from Australia. With the pun intended in her drag name, this amazing queen shows that anyone can do drag if they put their hearts into it. Known as the good girl of drag, Queen Shield features her shows and coverage of major events on her website. You can also contact her if you wish to have her perform at your party or event. I think that her blog is very inspiring and representative of the drag world. Don’t miss it!


Drag Queens on HuffPost


Best Online Drag Queen Resources and Websites


HuffPost is both an international and localized network where posts are posted and uploaded in the form of news or as a blog. Under the drag queen tag, you will find an unending list of articles and interviews related to the drag world. On this website, you can also learn about the history and many fun facts of this amazing art. Needless to say, under this tag, you will find all the latest news that you need to know. Besides being all that I mentioned before, the HuffPost is a great resource for many other topics you may be interested in. Just search on the page for whatever you are looking for and I’m sure you will find something interesting!


Drag Queens Galore


Best Online Drag Queen Resources and Websites


The Drag Queens Galore is a fan-run and maintained site that features international coverage of the drag world. Everything in here is about the love for drag and raising visibility and awareness of the art. With content coming from over one-hundred-fifty countries, you can rest easy that they feature a multiplicity of voices. Testimonies, political situations, reviews, all of this, and more you can find on this blog. Also, tips and advice that you can incorporate into your routine to become a better drag queen!




Best Online Drag Queen Resources and Websites


Speaking of the multiplicity of voices, DragVanti is an Indian website about the drag world in the country. There you can learn about the historic crossdressing culture of the country and the latest news on today’s scene. A plethora of interviews, reviews, tips, and hacks, everything not only to visualize but to encourage newcomers to immerse into this wonderful art. But not everything is so serious here, there are tons of memes, jokes, and photos ensuring a blissful moment of relaxation. It’s all in English so it will be accessible for most if you are reading this! Be sure you don’t pass on it!


Best Online Drag Queen Resources and Websites 


These are my favorite selection of blogs to learn all about the drag queen world. Whether you are a beginner, pro, or just interested in this art, you can keep up to date with all these sites. All of these pages share a common objective, to raise awareness and visibility, and to encourage growth and love for and within the community. Do you know of any other site that should be on this list? Let me know in the comments below. I hope that you have found this information useful! See you all soon!

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