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Summer Season Bucket List Goals for Crossdressers

Summer is a very special season. It’s a time to relax and do what we (crossdressers) love to do! this time is full of happiness and good weather. It’s when we can do all kinds of fun things like going to the beach, attend barbecues and picnics, go shopping and adjust our wardrobe. This is what we call bucket list goals for crossdressers. However, we can also discover, or rather re-discover ourselves during these festive months. It’s a fantastic season to cross off goals from our crossdressing bucket list. 


1-Summer Season Bucket List Goals for Crossdressers


For us crossdressers, there are tons of activities to choose from! For example, we might find ourselves relaxing during the day and decide to read a book or two. Additionally, we can browse and read books written by fellow crossdressers. By doing this, we can learn more about them, how they handled struggles they faced, and be inspired by their experiences. Summer is also a fantastic time to volunteer and support our local crossdressing and LGBT communities. Giving back during the summer months and onwards is one fulfilling thing we can do. We just don’t pass the time, but we also become productive. 


We could include so many activities on our list that we might not have thought about before, like watching drag shows at night! It’s a fun way to end our day full of laughter and appreciation for the creativity and talent of drag queens. As a crossdresser, we know there’s no limit to what we can do and accomplish during summertime. It’s essential we become fruitful and develop our love for crossdressing in every way we can.  



1. Why is a bucket list important?


2-Summer Season Bucket List Goals for Crossdressers


The summer months are a fantastic time for crossdresser festivals, carnivals, and other exciting happenings! Why not kick back and tick off some goals on your bucket list during this time? We crossdressers love to create, get to know ourselves, and do things that defy what’s average. We are unapologetically ourselves. In fact, it’s an important part of being a crossdresser!


3-Summer Season Bucket List Goals for Crossdressers


One way we celebrate these aspects of ourselves is by doing and accomplishing a “bucket list. This helps us to acknowledge what it is that makes us special individuals as well as guides us towards fulfilling the goals we desire most! A bucket list is a list of events, plans, or achievements one endeavors to complete before “kicking the bucket,” or essentially, before one’s lifetime is over. It can contain activities not yet experienced. It may also be a list of things that have already been done but may not have been done recently.


We should have a bucket list of goals to work through because it helps keep us going. It facilitates a sense of direction and accomplishment and overall keeps us feeling motivated to complete projects and endeavors. The best way to accomplish what we need to do completed daily is to give ourselves deadlines. Deadlines are excellent for motivation and impulse. If our goal is to finish up our bucket list during the summer, we should write out everything we hope to get done by the end of summer. 


2. Read books written by crossdressers


4-Summer Season Bucket List Goals for Crossdressers


As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, so does our list of options. Reading books may be the last thing that crosses our minds, but reading memoirs and stories of our fellow crossdressers is an excellent way to start. Every crossdresser has different stories to tell. Some may have just recently started crossdressing and are exploring their femininity for the first time. Or maybe some have been crossdressing for years and are looking for inspiration from someone who has had similar experiences as them. Either way, it’s important to learn from the experiences of other crossdressers. No two crossdressers are exactly the same, and so no two crossdressers will have the same exact experiences. However, there are many different experiences that crossdressers can relate to.


5-Summer Season Bucket List Goals for Crossdressers


Reading about these experiences will help us learn more about the crossdressing community and how we can best be a part of it. Books written by fellow crossdressers are important because they are direct from the source. These books are written by experienced crossdressers, so it’s easy for us to understand and relate to the stories. The authors who wrote these books have been through the same struggles and have come out strong on the other side. Not only that, but we can empathize with them, as it helps to know that we aren’t alone in this journey. Some phenomenal books by crossdressers are My Journey: Sally to Shay by Shay Robertson, and Stuck in the Middle with You: A Memoir of Parenting in Three Genders by Jennifer Finney Boylan.


6-Summer Season Bucket List Goals for Crossdressers


3. Support and volunteer in the crossdressing community


7-Summer Season Bucket List Goals for Crossdressers


Support groups are one of the most critical aspects of our journey as crossdressers. They are more than just a gathering of people with something in common. They provide a safe space where we can share our experiences and give each other encouragement and advice. These groups can vary in size, but they are all created to assist crossdressers in every step along their crossdressing journey. Volunteering your time to support a cause you’re passionate about, is something you will never regret in your lifetime.


It will extraordinarily improve your life, familiarize you with the crossdresser community, and connect you to people who can help shape your future. Supporting and giving love back to your community is an opportunity for you to put into practice the values that define you as a crossdresser, to understand better how we affect the broader society around us, thus ultimately providing an opportunity for self-discovery in the process!


8-Summer Season Bucket List Goals for Crossdressers


There are many ways support and volunteering in the crossdressing community affect crossdressers. Maybe you can arrange a fundraiser or hand out posters to get the word out about some upcoming events that community members may be interested in attending. Volunteering can ignite to make connections with others and feel like they are a part of something big. Lastly, we will feel a sense of accomplishment and confidence in our ability to help others.


9-Summer Season Bucket List Goals for Crossdressers


4. Watch a Drag show


10-Summer Season Bucket List Goals for Crossdressers


When you think of Drag Race, some of the first things you probably think about are glamor, entertainment, and drama. And we love it for all that! But this award-winning franchise, which has been expanding every year since 2009, also offers more than just entertainment from its many contestants. The show has provided a platform through which contestants have been able to tell their stories about a wide variety of serious issues related to both popular culture and life in general. Watching drag shows is one of the many things that crossdressers can do this summer without getting bored! Doing so will give us a greater insight into what really goes on and how they relate to crossdressers.


11-Summer Season Bucket List Goals for Crossdressers


By watching drag shows, we can show our appreciation for local drag performers, who often dance musical numbers, lip-sync, or perform comedy skits that showcase their creativity. Drag shows are just as fun and entertaining as they are a step towards transgender awareness. Although drag performers are more associated with gay men and gay culture and history, drag is a form of performance that everyone can and should appreciate. Drag has played a part in empowering many people in the LGBT+ community, especially transgender people, by serving as a type of self-expression.


12-Summer Season Bucket List Goals for Crossdressers


5. Go on a road trip or to the beach


13-Summer Season Bucket List Goals for Crossdressers


When summer rolls around, swimming in the ocean and cooling off in the water is arguably one of the most commonly done during this season. We’ve heard of the term “negative ions” before, but we’re not too familiar with what they actually mean for our health. Well, negative ions essentially strongly influence our mood and mental wellbeing, specifically how we feel both physically and mentally as crossdressers. Therefore, one way to enhance our emotional wellbeing is by taking frequent trips to the beach, especially during summertime, because the presence of negative ions can help give a boost to our serotonin levels and make us happier.


14-Summer Season Bucket List Goals for Crossdressers


Another fun summer activity is to hit the road! Road trips can be a blast. Whether we want to camp out in the mountains or just soak up the sun by the lake, we can still enjoy the great outdoors and feel rejuvenated. What’s even better is that most of this can be accomplished without taking so much from our pockets! We don’t have to devote a lot of our finances to get the most out of our time off. We just have to have the right point of view, or as they say, the right frame of mind!


15-Summer Season Bucket List Goals for Crossdressers


Having a productive but fun summer is something we deserve! Being able to work on ourselves and have fun is like hitting two birds with one stone. We won’t just feel happy; we’ll feel complete and accomplished as well.


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