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Bikini and Swimsuit Tips for Looking Sexy in Swimwear

As summer swings in, most of us MTF crossdressers will be headed to the beach, pool, or maybe even the backyard to enjoy some sun. And that means we’ll need to don a bikini or swimsuit!


1-Bikini and Swimsuit Tips for Looking Sexy in Swimwear


But looking good in swimwear can be a challenge for anyone – let alone those of us still working on our feminine appearance. So how can we look our best when there’s so little left to the imagination?


In this blog, I’ll share my top tips for looking sexy and feminine in a bikini or swimsuit. Trust me, with these tips, and you’ll be turning heads – and not just because you’re a gorgeous MTF crossdresser!



1. Enhance Your Hips and Bust


2-Bikini and Swimsuit Tips for Looking Sexy in Swimwear


This is one of those amazing bikini and swimwear tips to make you look sexy as an MTF crossdresser. Enhancing your hips and bust as a drag queen adds to the illusion of a more feminine silhouette.


Padding your hips is easy and gives you the look of wider, more shapely hips. This will also help to give the appearance of a smaller waist. You can use either store-bought hip pads or make your own by stuffing pantyhose with cotton balls or pieces of foam.


To enhance your bust, you’ll need a good-quality push-up bra or a nice fit breast form. If you don’t have one, you can try using padding or even tissues stuffed into the cups of a regular bra. Whatever you use, be sure to smooth out any lumps or bumps so that your chest looks as natural as possible.


With these two simple tips, you’ll be sure to turn heads when you step out in your sexy new bikini or swimsuit!


2. Downplay Your Shoulders


3-Bikini and Swimsuit Tips for Looking Sexy in Swimwear


As closet queens, we want to look sexy in our swimwear. But our shoulders can easily give us away. Here’s how to downplay them.


As an MTF crossdresser, I often fell victim to this mistake, especially at the beginning. But that was until I learned how to downplay my shoulders.


Broad shoulders are one of the main giveaways that you’re a man in disguise. But there are ways to downplay them to look sexy in your swimwear.


4-Bikini and Swimsuit Tips for Looking Sexy in Swimwear


First, choose a swimsuit that has ruffles or other details on the chest. This creates the illusion of a smaller chest and broader hips.


Second, make sure your swimsuit straps are wide enough to cover your shoulders. You don’t want them stretching out and giving away your secret.


Lastly, keep your posture in mind. Slouching will only make your shoulders look broader, so try to stand up straight and tall.


With these tips, you’ll be able to downplay your shoulders and look sexy in your swimwear. So go ahead and hit the beach with confidence!


3. Slim Your Middle


5-Bikini and Swimsuit Tips for Looking Sexy in Swimwear


Slimming your middle will give you that hourglass shape you yearn for as a crossdressing sister. You will look sexy in your bikini and swimwear with a slimmer middle section.


But how do you slim your middle as a crossdresser? First, you need to understand that you cannot spot-reduce fat. This means you cannot just do crunches and expect your belly to magically disappear.


You must focus on reducing your overall body fat to slim your middle. This can be done through a combination of diet and exercise.


When it comes to diet, eat plenty of lean protein, healthy fats, and complex carbs. These nutrients will help to boost your metabolism and promote fat loss.


In addition, you should make sure to avoid processed foods, sugary drinks, and alcohol. These items can contribute to weight gain and make it more difficult to lose belly fat.


As far as exercise goes, you should focus on cardiovascular activities and strength training. Cardio will help to burn calories and promote weight loss, while strength training will help to tone your muscles and give you a more defined look.


So, if you want to slim your middle and look sexy in your swimwear, focus on reducing your overall body fat with a healthy diet and exercise routine. You can also try wearing shapewear to help give you a more hourglass-shaped appearance. Whatever you do, just make sure you are confident in your skin!


4. Smooth Your Silhouette


6-Bikini and Swimsuit Tips for Looking Sexy in Swimwear


You also need to Smooth Your Silhouette to look sexy in your bikini and swimwear as an MTF crossdresser. Naturally, we’re talking about your shape and curves. You want to achieve an hourglass figure with a waist cinched in and full hips. The best way to do this is with a high-quality gaff, which will tuck in your genitals (it’s like a thong for men) and give you a smooth line from your waist to your hips. This will make your hips look fuller and accentuate your waist.


Another way to create curves is with padding, specifically hip and butt pads. These can be worn under your bikini bottoms or swimwear and will help to fill out the shape of your hips and rear. This can effectively create sexy curves, especially if you’re not naturally blessed in that area.


So, if you want to look sexy in your swimwear as an MTF crossdresser, smooth your silhouette with high-quality gaff and/or padding. This will help you achieve your desired hourglass figure and have everyone at the pool or beach admiring your curves!


5. Pose Pretty


7-Bikini and Swimsuit Tips for Looking Sexy in Swimwear


This is where most crossdressing sisters go wrong. As MTF crossdressers, we tend to focus on hiding our masculine features while dressing up. We want to look like women, and we often forget that looking sexy is also important in that pursuit.


To look sexy in your swimwear, you don’t have to have a perfect body. In fact, most crossdressers don’t have perfect bodies. But we do have the tools to create the illusion of a perfect body. And with the right pose, you can look sexy in your swimwear.


Here are some tips on how to pose pretty in your swimwear


8-Bikini and Swimsuit Tips for Looking Sexy in Swimwear


1) Show off your curves. Crossdressers usually have great curves because we tend to have smaller waists and wider hips. So make the most of it by posing in a way that accentuates your curves.


2) Play with your angles. Most crossdressers have very pretty faces. So don’t be afraid to show them off by playing with your angles. Try different poses and see which one makes you look the most attractive.


3) Use props to your advantage. If you’re wearing a bikini, use a beach ball or a surfboard to cover up your masculine chest. And if you’re wearing a one-piece swimsuit, use a sarong or a towel to cover up your crotch area.


4) Be confident. Nothing is sexier than confidence. So no matter what pose you’re in, ensure you have confidence in every inch of your body.


5) Smile. A genuine smile is always the best way to finish a sexy pose. So make sure you flash those pearly whites and give your best smile.


By following these tips, you’ll be sure to look sexy in your swimwear, no matter what your body type is. So go out there and start posing pretty!



The tips above should help you feel confident and sexy in your bikini or swimsuit as an MTF crossdresser. Remember to find a style that fits your body type, shows off your best assets, and makes you feel comfortable. With the right attitude and a little bit of confidence, you’ll look amazing in any swimwear. Thanks for reading!

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