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Tips for Wearing Silicone Suits During the Day

Silicone garments such as Roanyer’s have become quite popular among cross-dressers worldwide. They allow us to achieve a whole new level of passability, and make us look much more feminine. In general, we use them at home during causal cross-dressing sessions. We can also wear them to go out, but there are a few things that can improve this experience, making it more comfortable.


Tips for Wearing Silicone Suits During the Day


You may want to prioritize comfort, by choosing a suitable size and applying baby powder. You must also combine it with proper shapewear to improve the looks. And to assure you’ll be able to keep using it, take care of your suit. I’ll talk about that and more, so if you want to get the best experience possible, read this article!



1. Make sure to apply baby powder


Tips for Wearing Silicone Suits During the Day


Baby powder is the key to make silicone suits easy to wear and take off. It provides a light coverage to our skin, making it less adherent to the silicone. And as a result, the suit becomes easier to handle as it slides through your skin. This is useful in a variety of scenarios, such as for using the bathroom or suiting up in a hurry. Consider that most suits cover a lot of your body, and require certain management skills to be worn properly.


Tips for Wearing Silicone Suits During the Day


But baby powder makes it half as difficult, as it reduces attrition by a lot. It also keeps your skin breathing underneath, minimizing heat problems. The point is that you don’t want to have your skin blocked during a daily use of these suits. And baby powder not only prevents that, but also makes the suit easier to wear and remove. In other words, it increases the versatility of our products.


2. Choose a size that suits your frame


Tips for Wearing Silicone Suits During the Day


There are two main reasons for you to do a size measurement before buying silicone bodysuits. The first one is quite obvious, comfort. You see, the material is quite stretchable and different suits fit a number of body types. But the more you stretch it, the less comfortable you be while wearing your suit. It’s because of the proportional compression, such as in shapewear. The second reason is passability. You see, getting big breasts is quite tempting, but we must keep things believable. If the proportions seem off, you won’t pass as a woman, and will draw unwanted attention. So make sure you take proper measurements of yourself and compare it to size charts before ordering a suit. This way, you avoid choosing a model that is too small or too big. The ideal is to find a suit with breast forms proportional to your body type, balancing realism and comfort.


3. Use moderate shapewear


Tips for Wearing Silicone Suits During the Day


Crossdressers tend to combine different types of shapewear, so they can optimize their curves. And combining them with silicone suits can be super effective! But then again, we must aim for balance. If you plan to use our suits during the day, you should use suitable shapewear. Preferably, something with moderate compression. Keep in mind that adjusting it will be more complicated once it’s concealed by the suit. Another wise decision would be to avoid shapewear with sharp parts such as hooks or exposed frame. This kind of stuff can rip through the silicone and damage your suit. And to improve passability, give preference to lace-back corsets. Use them instead of waist cinchers with frontal helpers. They are less likely to leave a visible silhouette when covered by the suit.


4. Stay hydrated


Tips for Wearing Silicone Suits During the Day


Even with baby powder, prolonged use of these suits will increase your body temperature, making you sweat. In other words, you’ll be constantly losing body water, and you need to replace it. Because of that, I recommend you keep a water bottle by your side while crossdressing, so you can stay hydrated. But why is it important after all? You see, staying hydrated is essential to our endurance, as losing water makes us tired. Think of it as what happens to us when practicing sports and such. Our body gets hot, we release water to cool it down and get tired in the process. And using a body suit during your day can have the same effect, so drinking water is essential to accomplish our crossdressing goals.


5. Use sunscreen and moisturizing creams


Tips for Wearing Silicone Suits During the Day


Bodysuits offer various degrees of coverage, and not everyone chooses a full-coverage suit. And the sun still affects your non-covered areas. Imagine yourself, as a crossdresser, going out in a sunny day while wearing revealing clothes and a silicone suit. Depending on the weather, a few hours outside is enough to darken your skin. Silicone, however, does’nt get a tan. It makes the suit less likely to blend in with your now darker skin tone, and that’s a reason for you to use sunscreen. This way you can preserve the seamless effect of the suit during the day. After using the suit, make sure you apply moisturizing creams across your skin to keep it smooth. This is even more important if you’ve been using baby powder, as I have suggested earlier.


6. Wash it afterward


Tips for Wearing Silicone Suits During the Day


Clean your suit after every use if possible. As I’ve said before, you’re likely to sweat if you use your suit during the day. Sweat particles will stick to the silicone, which may start to smell bad. In the long term, things may get worse, as our sweat is acid and may damage the silicone. You don’t want any of it to happen! So after a good day of feeling feminine, allow your female skin to have a well deserved rest. Wash it with room temperature water and some shower gel, then remove the excess water with a towel. To help it dry, apply some baby powder. Another tip is to spray some feminine perfume before storing it.


These suits are the dream of many of our sisters. And once we get used to wearing them, we’ll soon be doing so more often. Those who want to spend the day en femme, should follow some recommendations. These are regardiing comfort, passability, and the integrity of your product. This is to ensure you’ll have an enjoyable experience, and that you can repeat it whenever you want, for a long time! Do you have any other preferences when wearing a suit during the day? Make sure you share your thoughts with us in the comments section!




What is more important for your cross-dressing experience?


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