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Complete Outfit Guide for Pride Parade

Hello, lovelies! How are you doing today? Looking forward to celebrating love and freedom next month? Wondering what to wear to the parade? Worry not! I’ve come up with a lot of ingenious ideas for you to choose from! And with plenty of time so you can properly prepare your outfit in advance! You’ve got no excuses now!


Complete Outfit Guide for Pride Parade


Because next month is a very special month and we all want to take the streets looking fabulous! Whether you intend to make a fashion statement or to pay tribute to those brave souls of the Stonewall Riots, I’m sure you’ll find some useful ideas here! Without further delay, let’s see what you’ll be wearing for Pride March!



Choosing the Right Footwear for Your Plans


First of all, you must think of the plans that you have for the Pride March. If you are going to walk many miles, then high heels are quite a risky choice. The best thing you can do is to prepare to walk a lot if you are a march goer. But then again, you may be parading in your car. If that is the case, you can leave an extra pair of shoes on your ride.


My friendly advice is that you probably should go on foot if that’s possible. It’s the best way to get a sense of the inspiring atmosphere. It’s almost like you can breathe it. So choose carefully your footwear. If you are carrying a bag, you can take some slippers for you in case you get tired. Don’t go back to your home with your feet blistered!


Complete Outfit Guide for Pride Parade


The safest route to take here is with a good pair of sneakers. Luckily for us, there are tons of lovely models to choose from. Many brands have launched special Pride collections to celebrate next month. So you can find great shoes intended for walking without having to compromise style! I’ve written a previous post on the blog, I recommend you go check that out. Also, there are plenty of platform shoes that are comfortable to walk if you want to dazzle everyone!


Complete Outfit Guide for Pride Parade


One last styling tip: socks! Socks are a great way to complete your look and add your personal style! Unicorns, flowers, rainbows, or cute little animals! The socks market is huge and as customers, we should take advantage of it. Also, consider stockings or fishnets if you are a kinky gal! Wear short socks if you are wearing heels and lingerie for extra comfort throughout the day!


Some Footwear Recommendations


Complete Outfit Guide for Pride Parade


Vans’ Rainbow Checkerboard Slip-On Sneakers (Link): As I told you one of the best ideas is to wear comfortable sneakers to the parade, I should recommend some. If you are into Vans shoes you’ll love this reissue of the classic checkerboard style. A special edition launched to celebrate Pride Month next June! Also, they are great to carry with you if you need to take a rest from your heels!


Rainbow Mid Calf Boots: As you might have noticed by now, I’m in love with boots. I look for any excuse just to wear a pair and the Pride March is the perfect occasion! I found these mid-calf rainbow boots that look incredible and seem very comfortable to walk in. They are perfect if you don’t want to choose between your glittery look at the parade and being comfortable! They’ll look great with fishnets or stockings!


Trans Pride High Heeled Boots: I know I recommended comfortable footwear for the parade… But what about the after-party? I found these lovely high-heeled boots that look stunning to take on the dancefloor!


Pro Tips


Complete Outfit Guide for Pride Parade


Take an extra pair of two socks with you! They can easily get wet and ruin your day. They are very easy to carry with you in your bag or purse. If you bought footwear to go to the parade, be sure to wear it beforehand. New shoes take time to break-in. Avoid blisters at the march and use them in your home!


How to Choose Your Bottom Clothing?


Now that we have our footwear as a cornerstone, it’s time to continue choosing the rest of your outfit. The next decision for me to take is whether you are going to wear bottoms or not. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that you should go naked! I’m actually saying whether you have the necessity for bottom coverage or you are going to wear a dress.


Complete Outfit Guide for Pride Parade


If you are going for the latter, I recommend that you read this post. If the weather allows it, I would love to wear a flaring dress to the wind! In this case, you can go with the rainbow theme and whatever style you feel most comfortable with. There are always those who choose these dates to look as splendid and flamboyant as they can. Maybe you are one of those that love shiny and prefer going all out with a vinyl or latex dress!


If you decide on wearing pants to the events of the Pride Parade, then you should take fabric and comfort into account too! Vinyl and latex fabric are known for being hot and sweaty. Mind this if you are going to be walking or dancing a lot during the day.


Complete Outfit Guide for Pride Parade


There are tons of other equally sexy and lovely fabrics that allow your skin to breathe easier. Cotton, linen, and jeans are some examples. And you can get creative and customize your outfit yourself! Loose cuts will also help you remain comfortable throughout the day. Skirts are also an option we must explore. Personally, I always loved the rainbow-colored tutu and how it can complement every look! When choosing a skirt for the parade make sure you feel comfortable with the length of it. It can be a drag if you find out you expose more than intended during the middle of the day!


Bottom Clothing Recommendations


Complete Outfit Guide for Pride Parade


Rainbow Patterned Ballet Tutu: As I said before, I love this! In particular, how this style flares out! I think it will go perfectly with a bodysuit! Tons of stores sell products like, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one!


Pride Flag Patterned Legging: Leggings are great for doing physical activity, so you can rest sure you will be comfortable with these. I loved the flag pattern to go with the boots! This seller has all the flag patterns available so you can arch with march!


Rainbow Dress: And for those who love to “dress up,” I found this lovely pick! It looks very comfortable and you will still be wearing the rainbow flag! It also has an open cut to help keep cool during the march!


Pro Tips


Complete Outfit Guide for Pride Parade


Wear comfy and fresh underwear to the parade! It can get hot down there and it will ruin your day! Also, be sure to take an extra pair along with the socks!


Consider wearing pants with pockets if you don’t want to carry a bag around. Another handy alternative is wearing a rainbow fanny pack!


Top Clothing Choices for the Parade


Complete Outfit Guide for Pride Parade


As for top clothing items, millions could fit the ideals of the march. Just like with socks, shirts come in so many styles that it just comes to a personal decision. The great thing about shirts is that you can find them in any fabric you love. Remember to pick something soft and breathable like cotton to avoid sweating a lot! Printed T-shirts or sleeveless shirts are great and comfortable for all-day wear.


You can go for one with a funny message or go for a rainbow patterned one. The options are endless. Speaking of printed clothing, another alternative that will go perfectly with the previous ballet tutu is a bodysuit. Bodysuits are sexy and are too great to wear at a Pride Parade! If you feel comfortable with showing off this much, make sure you pick the right size!


Complete Outfit Guide for Pride Parade


If you want to take it to another step and get very creative with your outfit you can also wear a one-piece! Whether you prefer a cute, sexy, or powerful style, you can find it easily online! One-piece suits are very unique and are perfect to stand out among the crowd! Be sure to pick something flashy or with lots of colors if you picked this path. In addition, this kind of clothing makes creating your outfit easier! Also, you can complete the look with some accessories like wings or hats!


Top Clothing Recommendations


Complete Outfit Guide for Pride Parade


Sissy That Walk Muscle Shirt: OMG! This shirt is fantastic! I thought I should share it with you guys! I’m sure you’ll love it too! This shirt pays homage to RuPaul’s famous quote, so I thought it fitting for the upcoming parade!


Unicorn Onesies: Just like with previous categories, because I mentioned onesies, I’d better bring you some ideas! If you are too lazy to create a whole outfit or simply love unicorns, you will adore this! A great way to easily solve the dilemma of what you are wearing to the march!


Rainbow Fishnet Shirt: Perfect shirt to march on the parade! If June is a hot month where you live, this fishnet shirt will keep you cool all day! Not to mention that it has a rainbow pattern so you can complement any look with it!


Pro Tips


Complete Outfit Guide for Pride Parade


Be sure to choose cool, breathable fabrics! You might have a long day ahead of you and you don’t want to get sweaty before it ends!


Completing Your Look With Accessories


It’s a fun time, girls! We’ve come to the most complex but enjoyable part of building any outfit: accessories. You can go a lot of ways in this part. Wings are a great and beautiful way to add your touch to your look and symbolize your butterfly stage! But why stop there? Maybe you are more like an angel… or a demon. Wings are very eye-catching for everyone, making them perfect if you wanna feel like you were on a runway!


Complete Outfit Guide for Pride Parade


Top your outfit with the most wonderful hat ever! Hats are not only the ultimate accessory, but also protect your eyes from the sun. You can buy one if you find one you love or get creative and make your own. Making your own hat is a unique way to personalize your look! Also, it’s lots of fun and speaks of the spirit of the Pride Parade.


To make the best out of your day at the parade and never get uncomfortable, I strongly recommend carrying a backpack with you. Tons of designs fit the spirit of the parade, it’s just a matter of which you like the most. Consider going for a medium or small-sized backpack, as you won’t be needing too much space to make it through the day. It will come in handy when you need to carry your water bottle, an extra pair of socks, or your cell phone.


Complete Outfit Guide for Pride Parade


The last thing you will need to be totally prepared for the march is a pride flag. You can easily look on any website and choose those that represent you more and “voilà”! You are ready to join us and take the streets to continue to fight for our rights!


Glittery Rainbow Backpack: Of course, I bring you my backpack of choice for the parade. This glittery rainbow backpack has the perfect size for you to carry the things you need to make it through the day! Don’t forget the battery charger!


Rainbow Neck Strap and Cell Phone Case: This strap is perfect to keep your phone with you at all times ready to take photos! Also, the rainbow straps fit right on the theme.


Rainbow Pride Flag: The cherry on top, is the pride flag. On this website, you can choose among many flags to take to the Pride March.


This has been all for today, gals! I hope that you could use this post as inspiration when you have to decide on your outfit for the march! Please, let me know in the comments below if this has been of some help! Also, don’t forget to tell me if you are planning to go to a parade near you! Take very good care, all of you, sweeties! See you soon!


Written by Tina Munova.

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