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How to Plan a Weekend (Short Trip) As a Femme?

Everyone needs periodic vacations. It’s a fact that taking off from work periodically enhances our well-being, and help us live longer, healthier lives. It’s good for the body and mind. Vacations give us the chance to get away and enjoy new experiences all by ourselves. Holidays can be anything we want them to be. But, the most important thing is we should still get to explore and live our lives as who we are, essentially as a crossdresser. It’s always fun to explore our feminine side. Our next trip just got an extra dose of excitement.


1-How to Plan a Weekend (Short Trip) As a Femme


It goes without saying that when we plan ahead, we can map out a schedule and save some time. Planning helps us ensure a smooth journey. When getting away for your en femme activity, it’s important to research ahead of time and know what the specific laws are regarding crossdressing in that particular city or country.


It’s also essential to imagine our femme ensemble and plan all of the outfits we’re bringing with us. Also, be sure to purchase a travel makeup kit before embarking on a journey, as it’ll make for a great time-saver during an even busier agenda. Of course, we should not forget about our breast forms and other essential femme accessories needed in the process! Lastly, it’s best to not forget about stuffing in the appropriate type of shoes. Whether it be a stiletto, boots, or simple flats, it’s vital to keep it securely.



1. Search up the place, Know the laws


2-How to Plan a Weekend (Short Trip) As a Femme


If planning to travel to a new place, it is good to research a bit about the area and its laws before going. If we don’t know the rules, we might get in trouble. For example, in many countries, it’s illegal to be in public without a shirt or little clothing perhaps, even though you might be planning to keep your crossdressing private. Other countries may not be as strict, but they won’t let you take pictures in certain establishments. These details are important to know before you leave town.


3-How to Plan a Weekend (Short Trip) As a Femme


Another example would be laws that might be in place regarding crossdressing and other related topics referring to LGBT rights. When looking up information about our destination, make sure to look up crossdressing related information specifically so as not to break any taboos and risk getting arrested accidentally! Don’t get arrested and don’t turn into a news headline. Also, understand the local laws and customs so that you dont make a bad impression on those who live there or worse yet – get deported! For instance, crossdressing in more conservative countries like Dubai, could land you in jail! Crossing borders is a privilege that comes with a lot of responsibility. Make sure to learn their laws and abide by them.


2. Imagine your femme ensemble, plan your outfits


4-How to Plan a Weekend (Short Trip) As a Femme


If we want to be fashionable on our vacation, it’s best to think about our fashion sense before leaving. Think about what en femme style you tend to lean toward. Are you more of a dramatic type or are you more comfortable crossdressing casually? By figuring out your general en femme fashion sense, it’ll be a lot easier to figure out what clothes you should bring for your weekend getaway. If you’re planning to go all out, try getting more elegant dresses and accessories. Visualize yourself living your best life livibg iut your dreams.


5-How to Plan a Weekend (Short Trip) As a Femme


The stress of having to think about what to wear can be overwhelming and can make you late for your flight if you’re trying to figure it out at the last minute. When you’re planning your outfits, there are some considerations you should take under advisement. The weather is a big one because you don’t want to wear a lot of layers in a warm area and vise versa. You should also make sure your outfits will fit well in your luggage easily.


6-How to Plan a Weekend (Short Trip) As a Femme


Imagine your femme fatal: think about what kind of clothes you would want yourself to wear and pack a few different outfits matching that image. It is always enjoyable to play around with different fashion style according to our moods. So, this this is important to consider.


3. Get a travel makeup kit


7-How to Plan a Weekend (Short Trip) As a Femme


A travel makeup kit is essential for any crossdressing, for convenience. We’ll need to make sure we pack the right kind of makeup for our trip. Investing in a travel makeup kit will ensure everything we need is in one place. The makeup kit should have travel-friendly products and don’t need to be kept in the refrigerator. The products you choose should be easy to apply and should be waterproof. Never forget to pack your favorite perfume while you are packing your travel makeup kit.


8-How to Plan a Weekend (Short Trip) As a Femme


Pack some remover wipes or a roll of solid face wipes -and if you don’t feel like picking out a whole new collection of brushes before your trip, grab some travel makeup brushes! They’re small enough to take up less space & they can last you the whole trip. So make sure that you have a foundation, eye and lip products, concealer, and sunscreen.


9-How to Plan a Weekend (Short Trip) As a Femme


Be sure to pack up a moisturizer as well. We’ll need some small travel sized containers where we can put our products in them. This prevents them from spilling in a carry-on bag that gets tossed around and beaten up. The easiest solution to the issue is by purchasing specialized travel makeup products that come neatly packaged in small, convenient carrying cases. The more organized we are with our travel makeup kit the better our crossdressing experience will be.


4. Use silicone or cotton-filled breast forms


10-How to Plan a Weekend (Short Trip) As a Femme


When packing for our vacation, it’s important to include the essentials. In addition to clothes and toiletries, pack your breast forms suitable for traveling. On this short crossdressing vacation, we’re about to embark on we still need to be in our best femme self, so it’s vital not to forget our breast forms. Crossdressers breast forms can help accentuate our femme look or shape that we want to achieve. Breast forms are part of our holy grail and enhance our ability to dress comfortably. Without this all-important piece, there’s a little chance for us to showcase our femininity, especially in the chest


11-How to Plan a Weekend (Short Trip) As a Femme


We can use both silicone and cotton-filled breast forms for our chest. Silicone is our best choice because it’s the more convenient option. This form can look natural under clothes since they’re made with 100% medical-grade silicone. However, cotton-filled breast forms are much lighter and convenient on air traveling on a plane, because they are less likely to trigger alarms.


12-How to Plan a Weekend (Short Trip) As a Femme


They are more durable as well! Going on a surfing trip? Make sure to bring along a swimsuit and an extra set of breast forms just in case. And the good thing about these breast forms is that they’re reusable! Comfort is a priority when packing our luggage.


5. Pack appropriate shoes


13-How to Plan a Weekend (Short Trip) As a Femme


It’s ideal to bring a pair of shoes that is appropriate for the crossdressing activity you’ll be doing. For example, if you’re planning on going to a beach or a pool, it’d be best to bring tropical sandals or water shoes. If you’re tempted to step outside for a hiking adventure, it’d be best to bring boots. There are also a few considerations you have to make. The first is whether or not the color of your shoes is appropriate and will go well with what other items you’re bringing along. Then, you also have to think about comfort and whether or not. Heels might get uncomfortable if you wear it long. Wedges can help distribute your weight more evenly without causing as many blisters. So, consider it as well.


14-How to Plan a Weekend (Short Trip) As a Femme


It’s not just the height of your heels or the color that can make an outfit pop. You can easily change up your style by adding a set of black or brown ankle heeled-boots to your getup. They are a great way to add definition and shape to any look without feeling uncomfortable for travel. This pair gives you the option of dressing things down or all the way up, depending on where you’re going and what your plans are for the rest of the day.


15-How to Plan a Weekend (Short Trip) As a Femme


Additionally, you can travel light with ease because they take up less room in your suitcase! These booties will give you a more sophisticated, fashionable look without being too intimidating for all of your sightseeing opportunities. Their shorter height is easier to walk in because they are not too high, so you don’t have to worry about taking your time when strolling from place to place.



The items we prepare before embarking on a short weekend trip are going to make all the difference during our weekend getaway. We have to pack exactly what we need so we can have fun and feel good about ourselves, and most importantly, enjoy our crossdressing to the fullest!


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