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Best Makeup Ideas for the Pride Parade

Hello, lovelies! How are you doing? Today I’ve selected a ton of makeup ideas to inspire your Pride Parade look! If you have no clue yet what you are wearing to any march next month, don’t worry! These lovely looks will sure help you start thinking about your outfit! Join us in the street next month wearing the rainbow colors with these amazing looks!


Best makeup ideas for the Pride Parade


In case you are one of those that like to go all in, I’ve got something for you too! Because the International Pride Month is all about visibility, there’s something you can do to draw all the looks: bodypaint! You will adore all these looks! You will also find some tips for when you are painting your body to make sure it’s safe and will stay on!



1. Rainbow Makeup Ideas


The rainbow color palette is the most characteristic landscape of any Pride Parade. Wearing these colors is the perfect way to contribute to painting the streets with them and join our awesome community! Fight for your rights wearing the rainbow flag on you with these ideas!


Best makeup ideas for the Pride Parade


Rainbow Eyelashes: If you love the rainbow colors and are planning on wearing them, this is a great idea! Painting your eyelashes with the seven rainbow colors. Just look for all the shades of mascara and be patient while painting your eyelashes! If you can’t find all the seven colors, you can achieve the same effect with just three or four, so don’t worry!


Best makeup ideas for the Pride Parade


Upper Face Rainbow Makeup: A perfect idea to pair with the previous one. This look may not be easy to pull if you are an absolute beginner at doing your own makeup. But if you have a friend who has some experience, it shouldn’t be that hard. It’s also great to step up your skills if you’ve been practicing for a while now. If you want to pair this with the last idea, make sure you use the yellow shade over the eye area so your lashes stand out!


Best makeup ideas for the Pride Parade


Rainbow Eyebrows: This idea is very easy to do even if you are inexperienced. Just get eyebrow pencils in the seven shades you need and visually divide your eyebrows into three parts each. Proceed to order the colors in front of you and make sure you apply some gradient for a better effect. Remember to match the color of the inner ends of your eyebrows! I wouldn’t use this idea alongside the previous two to avoid dampening its effects.


Best makeup ideas for the Pride Parade


Rainbow Cut Crease Eyeshadow: Whether you are a fan of comic books or simply love stunning looks, the cut crease is a must-have ace under your sleeve. It’s not that hard to pull off but it requires extra materials, time, and a lot of patience. This makeup look differentiates from the previous one in that this one will have a metallic and comic-esque shine. I love how it stands out!


Best makeup ideas for the Pride Parade


Rainbow Lips: In the same manner as the previous idea, you can achieve the same effect with different lipstick shades. There are a couple of ways you can style this look. You can either start with a central color and degrade towards the corner of your lips with the rest of the colors to achieve a double rainbow or go with


2. Using Rhinestones with Your Makeup


Best makeup ideas for the Pride Parade


It’s glitter time! If you want to make your look all shiny, using rhinestones is a great way to do so! You can either go simple and neat and add a few to complete your look or go nuts about it. You can also circle your eyes with them, make sure to give them some space between them. Also, you can add a unique touch using them asymmetrically. This means you use a different pattern for each side of your face. Rhinestones come in many different colors and shapes. You can hunt for unique styles over the web or acquire more basic ones easily near you. But basic ain’t bland! They will enhance your look anyways and also you can find them in all of the rainbow colors!


Best makeup ideas for the Pride Parade


Rainbow Rhinestone Cat Eye: This is a great, very simple look to achieve if you want to wear the rainbow colors over your eyes! You will need around two to three rhinestones of each of the rainbow colors to do this. If you only get large rhinestones, you can cut them with scissors in any shape you want. Apply them over your eyelashes after foundation but before mascara. When applying them, use tweezers to be more precise. Use concealer to hide the edges of the rhinestones after they are glued.


Best makeup ideas for the Pride Parade 


Shiny Rainbow Lips: I think this idea is gorgeous and it’s the best way to compliment a rainbow lip look. For this, you will need some rainbow-colored rhinestones to put over your lips. You can locate them over your plain painted lips or take them to the next level and match the rhinestones over your rainbow-colored art! Take some extra rhinestones with you if you want to keep the look pristine for long periods!


3. Body Painting Ideas


Best makeup ideas for the Pride Parade


Wholly painted bodies are a classic of every Pride Parade. If you consider yourself the soul of the party and have considered going for this look, then what are you waiting for! I love the details a good body paint artist can achieve! Because not everyone is lucky to have the pulse or a friend with one for these kinds of things, the ideas here are pretty basic. I would love to recommend a rainbow-colored tiger body paint, but I would be asking way too much. Instead of going mad about it, you can paint a rainbow over your body. It is easy to do and even easier with the help of someone else. If you want to paint your whole body and plan to go to the parade with friends, you can each pick a color of the rainbow and paint your body with it. It can be very fun and you will be easily recognizable in the crowd!


4. Tutorial for the Rainbow Gradient Eyeshadow Look


Best makeup ideas for the Pride Parade


If you want to give this look a try beforehand and don’t have an expert that can help you with it, this is for you. This look is one of my favorites on this list and is relatively easy to pull off on your own. With the help of this handy tutorial, you can practice it to look amazing on the parade! A great way to style this look is using warm colors on one eye and cold ones on the other. Warm colors are red, yellow, and orange. The cool ones are teal, green, purple, and blue. But you can play around with the pattern and come up with your idea. Just be sure to share in the comments! Let’s start with the things you will need.


  • Eyeshadow primer or concealer.


  • Eyeshadow in every shade of the rainbow colors.


  • Shiny or matte eyeshadow, whichever you prefer.


  • Round shader blush.


  • False eyelashes (optional).


  • Clear rhinestones (Optional).


  • Mascara


Best makeup ideas for the Pride Parade


Step 1: Prepare your eyelids using concealer or eyeshadow primer. Use a dime-sized amount of concealer for both eyes and apply it softly with your fingers.


Step 2: Using the brush, apply a base coat of the shiny or matte eyeshadow to give it a more impressive look.


Step 3: Starting with one eye, divide the area into three sections and apply the eyeshadows in the order of the rainbow. Make sure you blend the hues near your crease and wherever two colors meet. Also, it’s helpful to order the colors in front of you before starting to avoid making a mistake.


Best Makeup Ideas for the Pride Parade


Step 4: Repeat the previous step with the remaining eye and colors. Be sure you don’t mess up the order or you will have to start all over again!


Step 5: Add the false eyelashes and blend them in with the mascara brush.


Step 6: If you are set on wearing the shiniest look ever, the shiny eyeshadow and rhinestones will make this style adorably bright. Use clear rhinestones to avoid reducing the impact of your eyeshadow. You can apply the shine wherever you like, but I think it looks very cute when spaced regularly between them and circling the eye.


Best Makeup Ideas for the Pride Parade


Because the rainbow has seven colors and it’s an odd number, we can’t use the same amount of colors on each eye. If this hurts you right in your OCDs, I’ve thought of an easy fix. You can start the pattern from the inside out with the same color, repeating it near the nose.


For a detailed explanation where you can see how to do it, check out this tutorial that’s perfect for beginners!



These are some of the loveliest makeup ideas for parading in style next month. I hope this has been of some help and that you loved them as much as I did. If not, at least I wish they have served as inspiration for you to think about what you will be wearing to the parade! Let me know in the comments below whether you think you’ll use one of these looks on the Pride March or if you have another thing planned. Take care of yourselves! See you soon.


Written by Tina Munova.

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