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Cool Bedtime Crossdressing

Often, crossdressers feel the need to look cute during bedtime but are not sure where to begin in choosing suitable bedtime wear. It is okay not to know. However, this article will give you all the information you need on bedtime crossdressing.


Cool Bedtime Crossdressing


Bedtime crossdressing should be cozy, sexy, and fun. Bedtime is so important that we get to ourselves to unwind. We should feel our best while at it. Some of the things I suggest you could wear at bedtime are: jumpsuits, nightdresses, camisoles, maxi dresses, babydolls, night robes, full-sleeved nightwear, shorts, and t-shirt pairs, and so much more. These are my top picks you will enjoy as they are all comfortable fits.


I will give tips on having the perfect bedtime wear and hopefully try some new ideas that suit your style.



1. Choose something that suits your style


Cool Bedtime Crossdressing


One thing about crossdressers is of style and comfort. While bedtime wear is casual, it shouldn’t be boring. If you are into prints and patterns, choose nightwear that has prints. These are not difficult to find as many traditional women are also into prints. Do not be shy to go for that emoji jumpsuit. If that’s what you’re interested in, you ought to get it.


2. Look out for something practical


Cool Bedtime Crossdressing


When it comes to bedtime wear for crossdressers, several options are practical, especially gowns and dresses. However, some feminine wear, such as jumpsuits, may not be convenient as they hurt your genitals. While choosing such kind of bedtime wear, select one with a penis pouch that will be comfortable and keep everything nice and protected down there. You can easily find bedtime wear fit for crossdressers’ needs online.


3. Find a suitable fabric for your bedwear


The fabric is what is used to make the bedwear. You will probably have the clothes on for around 8 hours of your sleep, so it is essential to have suitable fabric on your skin. I will outline and briefly explain some of the most common materials used for bed wear. You can decide what works best for you.


I) Silk


Cool Bedtime Crossdressing


This fabric is super soft, and I recommend it if you have allergies or sensitive skin. It is high quality, so it gives you a bang for your buck. It also comes in handy during the warmer seasons as it is absorbent when you get a little sweaty. Did I mention this is my personal favorite?


II) Cotton


Cool Bedtime Crossdressing


This fabric is light and breathable. I would not recommend this if you usually sweat at night since it traps moisture. It, however, is very durable and easy maintenance.


III) Linen


Cool Bedtime Crossdressing


This fabric is also soft and breathable, just like the silk one. It, however, wrinkles out a lot, so if you are not the type to stand a bit rumpled look, this might not work for you.


IV) Flannel


Cool Bedtime Crossdressing


These are suitable for winter as they are hot. If you’re in warmer regions, you might opt for another option.


V) Polyester


Cool Bedtime Crossdressing


This fabric is quite affordable, though not very breathable.


VI) Wool


Cool Bedtime Crossdressing


Wool does a great job in the regulation of temperature. It might be a little itchy on some skin types, so consider that.


4. Accessorize your bedtime wear


Cool Bedtime Crossdressing


As a crossdresser, it might not naturally occur to you to add some little razzle dazzles to your fit. Little sleep accessories such as a bonnet and sleep masks are cute and help you get good sleep. You can have a bonnet and a sleep mask that match your nightgown or dress. Bonnets are top tiers in adding that extra touch of femininity to your bedtime wear.


You can also add some breast pads to your bedtime outfit to make the chest part look more realistic and avoid that awkward sag. Butt pads are also a great way to make you look perky in that sexy jumpsuit. You can find these breast and butt pads in Roanyer store.


5. Try out different types of bedwear


Cool Bedtime Crossdressing


You have not been wearing feminine bedtime wear all your life or probably not even once, so you do not have an idea of what is perfect for you. If you feel a nightdress does not do it for you, ditch it and try a romper. By doing this, you learn a lot about your style. You also get to build your collection of different bedwear, which is perfect.


6. Size actually matters


You see that tight romper that makes your bum look nice, but it just hurts your inner thighs. It would help if you did away with it. You want to avoid tight clothes during bedtime, so make sure you know your size before getting anything. This is what makes the outfit to be comfortable. Don’t make it baggy, though. That is not cute. Find the right size. If you do not know your size, here is how to do it:


Cool Bedtime Crossdressing


STEP 1. Measure your chest.
Using a tape measure, measure the fullest part of your chest. Do not hold the tape measure too tight; leave a little allowance so that the clothes are not too tight.


STEP 2. Measure your waist.
Look for the smallest part of your waist and measure. Do not forget to hold the tape measure loosely.


STEP 3. Measure your hips.
Find the fullest part of the hips and measure. Keep your legs together while doing this.


STEP 4. Measure your height.

This helps you know if you will have to shop from the tall section.


Check a women’s size chart to determine your size when you have all your measurements.


7. Have color co-ordinating bedtime wear


Cool Bedtime Crossdressing


Colors are vital in looking feminine. Try a matching pantie and bra set if you are wearing a nightgown and want to add something sexy. Make sure the bikini is not in contrast with your nightgown. For pairing, let’s say a pair of shorts and a t-shirt; you want to make sure they match the fit to look cute. Also, choose more feminine colors such as pink or peach. Pink goes a long way in making sure the bedtime wear looks sexy and feminine.


8. DIY your own bedtime wear


Whether you are not comfortable purchasing feminine bedtime wear in stores or you want to have fun making some clothes, DIY is the way to go. You can pick simple items in your household and transform them into really cool bedtime wear. Here is a fantastic DIY for you; you can try using a pillowcase to make a nightdress.


Cool Bedtime Crossdressing


Step 1. Take a pillowcase and fold it in half.


Step 2. At the top edge, fold and cut it down 2 inches in an arch shape. Then measure 5 inches from the corner and cut holes in the armholes.


Step 3. Open up the pillowcase and mark the top layer using a pin.


Step 4. Create pleats in no specific pattern. Hold them in place using pins. Wrap a ribbon around the raw edges. This makes the neckline.


Step 5. Cut a ribbon with the same length as the neckline and pin it along the neckline.


Step 6. Stitch it in place and remove all the pins.


Step 7. Stitch ribbons around the armholes.


Step 8. Iron all the ribbons and the pillowcase.


With these easy steps, you get to DIY a charming nightdress. Cool, right?


9. Painting your nails


Nothing speaks feminine than painted nails. After putting on a lovely sleeping gown, you could paint your nails to match the clothes. This is an excellent activity to do once in a while in your bedtime crossdressing routine. Do not just shadily do it, as it can look quite shady, not feminine. You need to take excellent care of your nails to maintain that feminine look. Here is a simple way to paint your nails.


Cool Bedtime Crossdressing


Step 1. Make sure to remove any nail polish on your nails if you have any. Trim your nails and cut the cuticles. This will be so easy if you shower since the nails are not dry.


Step 2. Apply a thin coat of nail polish. Please do not overdo it since you don’t want to spend an eternity waiting for it to dry.


Step 3. Apply the second coat of paint. This will add color to the first coat without looking like you are just shabby. Only apply the second coat if the first coat is dry.


Step 4. Apply a top coat that should be a clear color to give that shiny finished look and help it last a little longer. You can skip this if you do not want it to stay that long.


This will be a perfect way to spice up that bedtime wear.


Relaxed bedtime wear is perfect for bringing out that feminine energy in your evenings. I hope you have learned important tips for your bedtime crossdressing. After finding ideal bedtime wear, do not forget to do your hair and moisturize your lips. This will make your feminine look even more real. Lastly, have fun with it. Enjoy every bit of it because you deserve it.

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