Mastering Feminine Mannerisms: A Guide for Crossdressers


Feminine mannerism is the set of behaviors, appearances, and actions commonly associated with women. As crossdressers, adopting feminine mannerisms makes us feel more feminine. This is not only because the mannerisms give us a clear idea of how to express our femininity but also because adopting these traits helps us feel more accepted by society.


Crossdressers_ Feminine Mannerism


There are many different feminine mannerisms that crossdressers can adopt. Some of the simple ones include walking in a certain way, speaking in a certain tone, and using specific facial expressions. Crossdressers may also choose to wear makeup, jewelry, and clothing commonly associated with women. While adopting feminine mannerisms can be a great way to feel more feminine, it’s essential to do so naturally.


I will discuss the different feminine mannerisms that crossdressers can adopt and how to do so in a way that feels natural. We will also provide tips for ensuring that your femininity shines through, regardless of the mannerisms you choose to use. However, it is essential to note that feminine characteristics are more of a guideline than rules. The more time you spend dressing as your female self, the better you will understand how to use them naturally.



1. Crossdresser Outfit


Crossdressers_ Feminine Mannerism


When crossdressing, it is vital to wear a more girly and flattering outfit. A good rule of thumb is to wear clothing that is one size too small. This will help to give you a more feminine silhouette. You should also choose colors and styles typically associated with women’s clothing. For example, skirts, dresses, and high heels are excellent for a crossdresser outfit.


Crossdressers_ Feminine Mannerism


The best thing is to rent or borrow a beautiful dress from a local bridal store when first starting. Make sure the dress looks good on you by wearing it for at least 10 minutes before deciding to buy it or not. When trying on dresses, focus on the fit and how the dress makes you feel. A good dress should make you feel confident and beautiful.


2. Body Shape and Postures


One of the essential aspects of feminine mannerisms is good posture. This means standing up straight with your shoulders back and your head high. You may also want to try walking more femininely, such as swaying your hips from side to side.


A woman’s body shape is also typically different from a man’s. Women have curvier bodies, with smaller waists and fuller hips. You can accentuate your curves by wearing clothing that fits well and shows your figure. It is also helpful to use a waist trainer. These can make your waist appear smaller and broaden your curves.


You should also choose clothing that complements your natural body shape. If you are too tall, you may want to wear one-piece outfits that do not draw attention to your height. For muscular crossdressers, avoiding clothing that accentuates muscles is a good idea.


This includes wearing clothing that is dark in color, especially black. Black is typically a slimming color, and it will help minimise your muscles’ appearance.


Crossdressers_ Feminine Mannerism


With posture, it’s important to remember that most women do not try to hide their breasts with their arms. It is common for them to hold their arms away from the sides of the body, especially when sitting with good posture. This allows others to see your chest and makes your waist look smaller. While this may initially feel strange, it will help you appear more feminine.


Crossdressers_ Feminine Mannerism


Another important posture tip is to tuck your chin in slightly. This will help make your neck look slender. The same goes for your legs. When standing, you want to ensure your feet are together and one leg is slightly in front of the other.


Crossdressers_ Feminine Mannerism


Breast forms and corsets can also help to make us appear more feminine. These products can give us a more curvy figure and help our outfits look as good as possible. When buying a corset, get the right size for your body. A too-tight corset will not only be uncomfortable but can also cause health problems. You can combine a corset with breast forms for a more feminine look.



3. Wear makeup


Crossdressers_ Feminine Mannerism


Crossdressers should wear makeup in a way that is natural to them. Your makeup will appear more feminine if you feel comfortable with its appearance. We recommend investing in good foundation and lipstick shades that suit your skin tone and shape. This will help you to look your best while still appearing natural.


When applying your makeup, start by moisturizing your skin. Then you can use a large brush to apply foundation and cover any blemishes or marks on your faceAdd concealer under your eyes and around the nose bridge to help hide any discolouration. Finish off by lightly dusting powder onto your face to set the makeup.


Crossdressers_ Feminine Mannerism


Use a light brown or peach-colored eyeshadow on the entire lid for your eyes. Apply a darker color in the crease of your eye and blend well. Use a black or dark brown liner on the top lid only for eyeliner. Finish with several coats of mascara on both the top and bottom lashes.


For your lips, start by moisturizing them with lip balm. Then use a lip brush to apply lipstick in a natural shade that suits your skin tone. Blot your lips with a tissue to remove excess color and reapply if needed. Finally, apply a layer of gloss or Vaseline to give them a shiny finish.


4. Talk Feminine


One of the key aspects of feminine mannerisms is speaking in a soft, gentle voice. This doesn’t mean you have to speak in a high-pitched tone, but rather useless aggressive words and inflexion when speaking. You may also want to add vocal flourishes such as “um” and “like” into your sentences to make you sound well-spoken.


Crossdressers_ Feminine Mannerism


Another technique you can use is to slow down your speech. This will make you sound more calming and relaxed. You may also want to pause after important points to give them emphasis. It’s also important to remember that most women talk with their hands and lean towards the person they’re speaking to. It’s natural as well for women to touch the face, hair, or arms during a conversation, so make sure to do this.


Crossdressers_ Feminine Mannerism


Lastly, try recording yourself speaking and then playing it back to practice talking femininely. This will help you to identify any areas where you need to improve. You can also ask friends and family members you are comfortable with to give feedback on your mannerisms and femininity.


5. Hygiene


Crossdressers_ Feminine Mannerism


One of the biggest misconceptions about crossdressing is that it’s just about wearing women’s clothes. The truth is that crossdressing involves learning to act like a woman, which includes properly caring for your hygiene. This means that you will always want to keep yourself completely clean. Use fragrant-free soap on areas behind the ears, neck, underarms, and between your legs. It’s also important to keep your hair styled properly, so use a good conditioner when you wash it.


Make sure to shave daily for the more masculine areas of our bodies, such as our faces and chest. Shaving cream and a good razor will help to give you a close, smooth shave. When shaving, always go toward the hair growth and avoid going over the same spot more than once. This will help to prevent razor bumps and irritation. You can shave your legs with or against the hair growth, whichever you prefer.


Crossdressers_ Feminine Mannerism


For beards and upper lips, you can use a facial hair remover. There are also specific creams for this area that will help to dissolve the hair and make it easier to remove. Ensure not to apply too much pressure when shaving since this can cause nicks and cuts. You may also want to wait a few days between shaving sessions to reduce irritation. Shaving your beard and upper lip enables you to create the illusion of a smooth face by removing visible signs of facial hair. Having noticeable facial hair is associated with masculinity, so getting rid of them is an important step in achieving a more feminine appearance.


Crossdressers_ Feminine Mannerism


Lastly, make sure to moisturize your skin regularly. This will help keep it hydrated and looking healthy. Various moisturisers are available, so find one that works best for you. A good tip is to moisturize your skin after you shower while it is still damp. In this way, the moisturizer can be absorbed better.


6. Feminine Voice


Crossdressers_ Feminine Mannerism


While talking feminine is important, having a feminine-sounding voice is also essential. You don’t have to go out and buy a vocal training course, but there are some things you can do to help improve the sound of your voice. Try to speak from your diaphragm, as this will help to give your voice more depth and power. You can do this by taking a deep breath and then speaking on the exhale. Another thing you can do is practice vowel sounds. This will help elongate your vocal cords and make your voice sound like a woman’s.


Crossdressers_ Feminine Mannerism


7. Gestures


Crossdressers_ Feminine Mannerism


It’s important to use smaller and less aggressive gestures to come across as more feminine when interacting with people. This means keeping our hands by our sides instead of in our pockets and using delicate hand movements when appropriate. Don’t wave your arms around or make dramatic hand gestures when speaking; this will make you appear masculine.


Crossdressers_ Feminine Mannerism


Another thing to remember is the types of hand gestures we use to emphasize what we’re saying. When a woman emphasizes something she’s said, she usually places her hand flat on the area where her chest would be and then moves it outwards towards the person she’s speaking with. We use more aggressive gestures for men, such as pointing fingers or pounding fists. Try as much as possible to avoid this masculine gesture.


8. Shoes


Crossdressers_ Feminine Mannerism


We can’t talk about feminine mannerisms without mentioning shoes. They are another part of the feminine style that you should pay attention to when feminizing your body language. Women’s feet are generally smaller than men’s, so women usually wear shoes a size or two smaller than their regular shoe size. This means you should avoid wearing men’s shoes, as they will make your feet look larger and more masculine.


Crossdressers_ Feminine Mannerism


Opt for feminine styles such as pumps, sandals, or ballet flats when choosing shoes. Avoid wearing shoes with extra embellishments such as buckles, straps, or large heels. These types of shoes will make you look like a man in drag.


Crossdressers_ Feminine Mannerism


You can do a few things to improve your feminine body language. Start by working on your posture, using smaller gestures, and speaking more delicately. You can also practice feminine mannerisms such as walking with your head up, using makeup correctly, and managing your hygiene. By following these tips, you will appear more feminine and pass better. Most importantly, you will feel more comfortable with yourself and confident in your appearance.

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  1. Every item you wrote about is the first real information I’ve found that I believe will help me look and feel like a woman when I cross-dress. As I am deaf being able to read information like this, will help me show the woman I should be.

    Thank You,
    Veronica Jones

    1. I am glad you find this article helpful, thank you too Veronica, for your nice comment.

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