Crossdressing Men in Lingerie: The New Wave of Feminine Men


Gone are the days when nice and beautiful things were only made for women.

In 2024, there’s a new wave of feminine men who are not afraid to wear pink and even embrace lingerie.


Crossdressing Men in Lingerie 


Today I’ll walk you through the world of men in lingerie. 

I’ll dish out to you 4 main reasons men like lingerie, the types of lingerie they like,

and even where you can shop for them.

I’ll also include my go-to starter kit as you begin your lingerie collection and answer some frequently asked questions about the topic.


Let’s dive in and explore the world of crossdressing men in lingerie.



What Is a Brongerie?


Crossdressing Men in Lingerie


A brongerie is a lingerie that is specifically designed for men.

It’s common among crossdressers, sissy boys, and even straight men.


So what’s the hype about?


Why do men actually like brongerie and lingerie? Let’s find out


Why Do Men Like Lingerie or Brongerie?


Crossdressing Men in Lingerie 


You might be wondering, “Is it normal for men to wear women’s lingerie?”

The answer is that wearing lingerie among men is more common than you think.


Here are 4 reasons that men like brongeries and lingerie.


Crossdressing Men in Lingerie 


For Comfort


Have you ever slept on beautiful soft silk sheets and had the best sleep of your life?

Well, wearing lingerie gives you the same feeling, but for your genitals.


Crossdressers and men like lingerie because it’s comfortable,

it feels great on their skin and it’s more breathable than men’s underwear.


Once you’ve tried it, I promise you that you can’t go back to normal boxer briefs


It’s Taboo


If you were a rebellious kid, you can relate to this. Growing up,

whenever my mom told me not to do something, I would want to do it twice as much.


Wearing lingerie is like that for many men. Since society dictates that lingerie is only for women,

putting it on feels so dangerously sexy like you’re breaking a taboo.


Plus, how fun would it be to go to work with a cute lacy thong without anyone knowing about it?


Crossdressing Men in Lingerie 


To Feel Good


We all want to feel wanted and be desired by our partners,

so wearing lingerie is one way for men to fulfill this need.


Experimenting with different lingerie pieces can make you feel confident in your body.


Even if you’re single and not ready to mingle, wearing a sexy piece can make you feel sexy and happy.


To Spice Up Playtime


The last reason why it’s common to find men in lingerie is when they want to spice up things in the bedroom.


Lingerie pieces like camisoles, garters, lacy bras, and thongs can help you role-play with your partner.


Some of my favorite sissy role-play sessions when I’m in lingerie are:


  • Teacher and a female student who’s failing in class
  • A stripper and a dominant client
  • A policeman and a helpless female driver who was overspeeding


During some of these sessions, I even wear my high heels to match the vibe,

while my partner takes on the dominant masculine role.


Types of Men Who Love Wearing Lingerie


Crossdressing Men in Lingerie 


As a crossdresser, I have loved wearing lingerie and brongerie for 4 years now.

Here are other groups of men who share this love with me:


  • Fellow MTF crossdressers
  • Sissy boys
  • Drag Queens
  • Men who are into role-play


What Kind of Lingerie Do Feminine Men Like?


Crossdressing Men in Lingerie


Before I dive into my list, I want to address the elephant in the room.

Liking doesn’t make you gay.

You’re allowed to wear what you want without someone jumping to conclusions about your sexual orientation.


Now that I’ve cleared that up, here are the types of lingerie that feminine men like.




Initially, jockstraps were worn by men in football and soccer to protect their manhood during sports.

But nowadays, many feminine men are wearing jockstraps as a lingerie and fashion statement.


A jockstrap has a waistband and straps that go around your thigh.

This keeps your pouch in place even when you’re jogging or running.


As a lingerie piece, it’s breathable and safe and the cup that holds your manhood makes it look cool and edgy.


Sheer Lingerie


Sheer lingerie is my favorite because it gives people a glimpse of your skin without revealing everything.


It’s perfect for men who enjoy a good tease that makes them feel sexy.


If you don’t have any sheer pieces, you can start with this semi-sheer bodysuit from Roanyer.


Crossdressing Men in Lingerie 


Hip Brief


Even if you don’t fully crossdress as a woman, trying on hip brief lingerie will make you feel confident in your body.


Basically, a hip brief is a type of men’s lingerie that is designed to fit lower on your hips than the normal briefs.

This gives you a cute silhouette.


It also fits well on your thighs and hips and it’s loose-fitting so that you can be comfortable for hours.


Men’s Thongs


Everyone knows that you can’t go wrong with a good pair of thongs.

It gives you a sexual appeal that you just can’t feel when you’re wearing boxers or briefs.


Plus, you can wear it under fitting clothes without having panty lines.


When shopping for men’s thongs, go for fabrics like cotton since it’s breathable and comfortable.

Also, go for bright colors like red and pink to help you tune into your feminine side.


Crossdressing Men in Lingerie 


Novelty Lingerie


If you love dressing up as funny cartoon characters, then novelty lingerie is a must-have piece.


This playful lingerie is also a favorite among crossdressers like me since it’s a fun way to explore my feminine side.

Some novelty lingerie pieces that you can try are:


  • French maid lingerie
  • School girl uniform
  • Animal print lingerie
  • Disney princess lingerie




A fishnet is the perfect lingerie for any special occasion that you might have.

You can pair it with a cute plaid skirt or even a skater dress.


The combo will draw attention to your amazing legs while leaving a little to the surprise.


It’s also perfect for you if you have scarring or marks on your legs, but still want to rock short dresses.


Where and How To Shop for Men’s Lingerie?


Crossdressing Men in Lingerie 


Now that you know what kind of lingerie men like, it’s time to explore places where you can shop for them.


If you want to do this in secret, without your partner finding out you like lingerie, I recommend doing it online.


You can get great lingerie pieces from crossdressing stores like Roanyer.


Roanyer Sissy 


At Roanyer, you can shop for sexy lingerie pieces and receive them in discreet packages.


But if you’re feeling more confident and you’d like to see the pieces in person, feel free to stop by a men’s underwear store.


Lingerie Starter Kit for Crossdressing Men


Roanyer Sissy 


As a crossdresser, finding the right balance between quality and timeless pieces is very important.


Having a lingerie starter kit can ensure that you always have something sexy on.


Even if you’re just chilling at home by yourself.


Here are the lingerie essentials that I can’t miss in my crossdressing wardrobe:



Roanyer Sissy 


Once you have at least one of each item, you can move on to these advanced lingerie pieces for men:



Wrap Up


Crossdressing Men in Lingerie 


Life is too short not to wear sexy lingerie. Don’t care so much what other people think,

because as long as you feel great, that’s all that matters.


Plus wearing brongerie or lingerie pieces doesn’t make you any less of a man.

So feel free to rock these pieces both inside the house and when you’re going out.




Roanyer mtf 


Can Men Wear Women’s Lingerie?


Absolutely. If brongeries are not for you, don’t shy away from trying women’s lingerie.

As a beginner, I recommend that you start with some sexy cotton panties.

These are not just soft but also breathable and they’ll support your manhood.


Can a Straight Man Wear Lingerie?


Wearing lingerie is a common kink for straight men,

but most of them don’t tell their partners because they’re scared to be judged.

Loving lingerie doesn’t make a man gay.

So wear what you want as long as it makes you happy.


What Should I Consider When Buying Men’s Lingerie?


Before anything else, always pick out a lingerie piece that’s comfortable for you.

Pretty doesn’t have to hurt and you don’t want to risk damaging your manhood.

Then consider its use. For example, if you want everyday lingerie, go for sheer pieces you can wear inside your clothes.

But if you need a lingerie piece for some sexy time with your partner, go for more intimate ones like thongs.


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