Men in Lingerie: How To Get Your Sexy On


Lingerie options for men have been growing steadily.


Here’s a detailed guide about the top trends when it comes to men in lingerie.


Men’s lingerie has been gaining popularity over the years.


These sexy bits of clothing provide wearers with a means of exploring their fantasies and demonstrating their sensuality.


Men in lingerie 


If you are like me, then you definitely want to always put your best foot forward – should things be any different when it comes to lingerie?


Definitely not! Regardless of the context, I believe that we should always be our sexiest and most confident selves at all times.


Whether you are fully on board, or still on the fence on this one, continue reading for a detailed guide on how to get your sexy on with the best men’s lingerie.



Historical Context of Men Wearing Lingerie


Throughout long periods of history, men have been wearing lingerie.


Here, I am referring to pieces of clothing designed to boost the appearance of the human body – creating a seductive and alluring effect.


While they may seem similar, you should not confuse these undergarments with classic underwear.


The first pieces of undergarments closely resembling what we see today as lingerie can be traced back to literature and artwork from medieval European times.


During this period, intricate designs and higher-quality materials such as velvet and silk were used in making undergarments, in place of the more traditional and functional linen.


Men in lingerie


The design and style of men’s lingerie have been changing over the years.


However, widespread acceptance of the LGBTQ community has breathed new life into this fashion world.


Gone are the days when men were forced to craft their lingerie from scratch or from women’s lingerie.


Today, you can find top-quality lingerie specifically designed for men from top retailers.


This lingerie meets all the needs of men, including style, support, and comfort.


Men’s lingerie is here to stay.


Every new day, there are more options to choose from featuring different trends, styles, and designs.


Why Men Wear Lingerie


Men in lingerie


Men wear lingerie for a number of reasons:


  • To express their sensuality
  • To boost their confidence by making themselves feel sexier
  • To add some sizzle to their intimacy


Choosing the Right Lingerie For Men


Men in lingerie 


Picking the right lingerie will go a long way towards making you feel sexy and comfortable when wearing it.


With that in mind, here are my recommended tips for making the right pick:


  • Go with what you know: While you shouldn’t restrict yourself to a specific style, you can start by choosing lingerie that closely matches the style of undergarments you are already familiar and comfortable with.


  • Keep your Body Shape in Mind: I am all for body positivity. However, you need to consider your body type/shape when it comes to choosing the right lingerie. Generally, briefs or boxers that have a suggestive or sexy twist are a great option for men with an average body type.


  • Look for the Perfect Fit: I will just say it outright, buying lingerie that is a size smaller than what you wear is a major no no! Instead you are likely to end up with unsightly bulges under your clothes. You might even end up irritating your skin, if you wear garments that are too small. Always choose lingerie that fits perfectly to avoid all these issues.


  • Don’t Forget the Fabric: The fabric used to make lingerie plays an important part in determining the level of comfort and appeal associated with wearing the garments in question. While some garments help show off a bit more skin, others are soft and comfortable.


  • Always Remember to Have Fun: Lingerie for men is supposed to help you feel sexier and add some sizzle to your nighttime escapades. So don’t be afraid to get something special – that is completely out of the ordinary for you!


Top 10 Lingerie Options For Men


Lace Lingerie for Men


Men in lingerie 


Lace is one of the most popular types of lingerie among both women and men.


Its growing popularity among men is partly due to the fact that it helps add a level of luxury and sensuality to otherwise bland regular outfits.


You can find lace thongs, bikinis and briefs designed for men.


For a sexy crossdresser twist, Roanyer offers a variety of lace bodysuits including this seductive lace floral fishnet body suit.


Satin Lingerie for Men




Planning a hot night indoors? Satin lingerie might be exactly what you need.


This fabric has a soft silky finish that feels awesome on the skin.


A great choice for special occasions, the shiny finish will enhance your outfit by adding a touch of glamor.


With that in mind, I think that this Chicastic satin sexy boned corset from Roanyer can be a great addition to a lingerie collection.


Mesh Lingerie For Men


Men in lingerie 


Looking to turn up the heat and leave your partner begging for more?


Be sure to go for mesh lingerie.


This option is perfect for those looking to show off some skin.


Mesh lingerie is definitely one of my personal favorites because some pieces can be worn as part of everyday wear.


Roanyer’s See Through Mesh Lace Underwear is a perfect specimen in this case.


Leather Lingerie for Men




If you want to feel confident and powerful at the same time, leather lingerie is perfect for you.


This lingerie option is designed to perfectly hug the body and provide a snug fit.


The material is quite popular among the LGBTQ community.


And, in the bedroom it is associated with submission and dominance.


Use this sexy Leather Garter Belt from Roanyer to round-off your sexy look for a kinky and fun time


Fishnet Lingerie 


Men in lingerie 


Planning something hot for an upcoming special occasion, fishnet stockings and bodysuits can help you turn on the heat.


The sheer design reveals enough to keep your partner drooling for more, while the unique pattern is enough to transform any outfit – introducing an element of excitement.


Looking for the perfect fishnet stockings and bodysuits?


Be sure to check out Roanyer’s extensive selection


Themed Lingerie/Costume for Men


Men in lingerie 


If you want to show off your funny side in a sexy and alluring way, themed lingerie/costume for men is exactly what you need.


Considered to be a great conversation starter, themed lingerie is available in a variety of styles, including firefighters and law enforcement officers and animal print pieces.


This Fishnet Leopard print piece from Roanyer is perfect for a hot night of role playing.


Bridal Lingerie for Men


buy lingerie now! 


For those looking to conjure up the passion and romance associated with wedding nights, bridal lingerie is a perfect option.


This option is available in a variety of different styles including satin or silk decorated with lace details.


Alternatively, you can go for a more provocative look with a sheer bodysuit decorated with details traditionally associated with weddings.


This Garter Belt semi sheer from Roanyer introduces a level of fantasy and romance to your overall outfit.


Novelty Lingerie for Men


Men in lingerie 


Another great option for those looking to show off and enjoy their funny side with their partner, novelty lingerie comes in a selection of styles.


As a great conversation starter, this lingerie option can also be worn to dates or parties.


This lingerie is characterized by sexy garments featuring everything from comical cartoon characters to funny phrases and more.


Sheer Lingerie For Men


Men in lingerie


Available in a number of styles, including thongs and briefs, sheer lingerie for men is great for those who enjoy teasing.


This lingerie option leaves little to the imagination – making it great for people who like showing off their assets.


This Bodysuit Semi-Sheer from Roanyer is a perfect example.


Fetish Lingerie for Men




Have a unique fetish or kink you would love to indulge in?


If so, fetish lingerie is definitely worth considering.


Available styles feature everything from jockstraps, chaps and harnesses, among others.


I really like the fact that you can also get outfits that include BDSM items like collars, cuffs and gimp masks for some extra fun.


Maintaining and Caring for Lingerie 


Proper care and maintenance is necessary if you are going to keep your lingerie looking better for longer.


Lingerie should always be treated as delicates and air dried, when it comes to washing and drying.


As a rule of thumb you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning, drying and storing your lingerie.


Always use hand-washing for any pieces that have embellishments or are made from lace.


However, you can machine wash lace, silk, nylon and cotton briefs.


To avoid tangling with other garments or unnecessary stretching, I recommend that you place these pieces in a mesh delicate bag, before they go into the washing machine.


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Cold water is best when washing by hand.


You can use warm water in the washing machine.


Always use a gentle detergent – especially when washing lingerie pieces made from synthetic materials/fabrics.


Exposure to high heat can lead to damage, shrinkage, and fading.


As such, I recommend air drying your lingerie.


If you can’t avoid the dryer, be sure to choose the lowest heat setting.


Once your lingerie pieces are clean and dry, store them in a clean and dry space.


Extended exposure to damp surroundings can damage the fabric or promote bacteria growth.


The above tips will help you keep your lingerie in great condition for as long as possible.


For added longevity, consider buying more lingerie pieces, for rotation.


This way, you don’t have to wear the same outfit every time – leading to enhanced wear and tear.




Men’s lingerie options have been increasing in recent years.


Whether you are more into something that’s on the conservative side such as briefs or boxers, or want to turn up the heat with daring pieces like role-play lingerie or thongs, there is something for everyone.



Most importantly, I like the fact that Roanyer – my go-to retailer for all things crossdressers – offers a selection of high-quality products covering most of the men’s lingerie options available today.

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