How to Choose Fake Vagina Pants for Crossdressers


There are a variety of silicone pants on the market that have a fake vagina, and these can be a great option for male crossdressers. Some of the benefits of these pants include that they can help create a smoother, more feminine silhouette. Additionally, they can help prevent chafing and discomfort when wearing skirts or dresses.


1-Fake vagina pants for crossdressers


Choose a comfortable and well-fitting pair if you’re considering buying fake vagina pants. You’ll want to consider the style of the pants – some have a more pronounced vagina, while others are more subtle. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide what looks best for your style.


Whether you’re just starting to explore your crossdressing side or you’ve been dressing up for years, silicone pants with a fake vagina can be a great addition to your wardrobe. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder they’re becoming increasingly popular among male crossdressers.



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1. Fake vagina pants and how crossdressers can use them


2-Fake vagina pants for crossdressers


As crossdressers, we often face the challenge of dealing with masculine-looking genitalia when dressing in feminine attire. Many crossdressers wear silicone pants designed to create a smooth, feminine silhouette. However, these pants can also disguise and cover up masculine-looking genitalia.


A few different silicone pants are designed specifically for male crossdressers. These pants typically have an opening in the front or back that allows you to urinate without removing the entire garment. This is a great option for those who want to avoid any potential awkwardness or embarrassment that could come with removing their pants in public.


Silicone pants are also a great option for crossdressers who want to create a more realistic-looking feminine figure. These pants can be worn under dresses and skirts to create the illusion of curves and hips. They can also be worn over regular underwear to give the appearance of wearing panties.


Roanyer's girdle


Silicone pants with a fake vagina are a great option for male crossdressers who want to create a more realistic and feminine appearance. They are also a convenient option for those who want to avoid any potential embarrassment or awkwardness that could come with removing their pants in public.


2. The different types of fake vagina pants available on the market


3-Fake vagina pants for crossdressers


There are several types of silicone pants with a fake vagina for male crossdressers. The most popular type is the silicone urinary sheath, designed to look like a vagina. Other types of silicone pants have an opening in the front or back, which allows you to urinate without removing your pants.


The most popular type of silicone urinary sheath is the one that looks like a vagina. This sheath type is usually made from medical-grade silicone and is designed to give you the most realistic experience possible.


3. How to use fake vagina pants for crossdressing purposes


4-Fake vagina pants for crossdressers


Silicone pants are a popular option for many crossdressers, as they provide a snug, comfortable fit and can create a very realistic feminine silhouette. Here’s how to use silicone pants with a fake vagina for male crossdressers:


How to choose vagina pants


  1. Choose the right silicone pants: There are many different styles and brands of silicone pants on the market, so it’s important to choose a pair that will fit you well and provide the level of coverage and support you’re looking for. If you’re unsure what size to get, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and go for a larger size.


  1. Get into the pants: Silicone pants can be tricky, so take your time and patience is important. Start by slipping your feet into the leg openings, then slowly pull the pants up over your hips. Once the pants are in place, use your hands to smooth out any wrinkles or creases.


How to choose vagina pants


  1. Urinate into the opening: Most silicone pants have a small opening at the front or side designed for urination. To use this opening, simply hold the waistband of the pants away from your body and direct your stream into the opening.


7 - Fake vagina pants for crossdressers v3


  1. Clean up any messes: If you make a mess while urinating, it’s important to clean it immediately. You don’t want your pants to get stained or smelly, do you? Use a wet paper towel or baby wipe to clean up any urine that may have leaked.


  1. Remove the pants: Once you’re finished urinating, simply slip the pants off and wipe properly. Remember to keep your silicone pants in good condition for comfort. Dispose of any wipe or tissue properly.


Following these simple tips, you can use silicone pants with a fake vagina without any problems. Just remember to take your time, be patient.


4. Tips on choosing the right type of fake vagina pants for your needs


8-Fake vagina pants for crossdressers


When dressing up as a woman, choosing the right underwear is one of the most important aspects. This mostly happens when you’re planning on wearing silicone pants with female genitalia. Here are 5 tips to help you choose the right pair of pants for your needs:


9-Fake vagina pants for crossdressers


  1. Make sure they fit properly: Silicone pants can be quite snug, so it’s important to ensure they fit properly. They’ll be uncomfortable and may even tear if they’re too small. If they’re too large, they’ll bunch up and look unnatural.


  1. Go for colors that match your skin tone: While you may be tempted to go for a bright color, choosing something that will blend in with your skin tone is important. Otherwise, the pants will look fake and unnatural.


10-Fake vagina pants for crossdressers


  1. Make sure the material is of good quality: Silicone pants are made of various materials, so choosing one of good quality is important. Otherwise, they may tear easily or lose their shape over time.


11-Fake vagina pants for crossdressers


  1. Look for a pair that has a realistic design: There are some silicone pants on the market that look very fake and unnatural. If you want your pants to look realistic, ensure they have a realistic design.


  1. Make sure they’re comfortable: This is one of the most important things to consider when choosing silicone pants. If they’re uncomfortable, you won’t be able to wear them for long periods. Make sure you choose a pair of comfortable materials that fits well.


5. How to take care of your fake vagina pants to ensure they last longer


12-Fake vagina pants for crossdressers


If you’re a male crossdresser, you’ve probably invested in silicone pants with a female opening. These pants are designed to give you the most realistic feminine look and feel possible, and they can be quite expensive. So how do you take care of them properly?


First, it’s important to understand that silicone is a delicate material. Be sure to pull them up slowly and gently, avoiding sharp objects that could puncture the material.


Always use mild soap or detergent when washing your silicone pants, and avoid using hot water, which could damage the material. You can hand wash them, or machine washes them on a gentle cycle, but be sure to line dry them to avoid any heat damage.


Below are additional tips:


13-Fake vagina pants for crossdressers


  1. Wash them regularly with mild soap: Washing your silicone pants regularly will help to keep them clean and free of dirt and other build-ups. Use mild soap when washing them, as harsh chemicals can damage the material.


  1. Store them properly: Store your silicone pants in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight, which can damage the material.


14-Fake vagina pants for crossdressers


  1. Don’t overstretch them: If you need to stretch your silicone pants, do so gently. Overstretching can cause the material to tear or lose its shape.


15-Fake vagina pants for crossdressers


  1. Avoid sharp objects: Avoid puncturing your silicone pants with sharp objects. Even small holes can cause the material to tear or leak.


  1. Inspect them regularly: Take a close look at your silicone pants regularly, checking for any signs of wear or damage. If you notice any problems, address them immediately to avoid further damage.


With proper care, your silicone pants should last for many years. Enjoy your new feminine look!


Looking for a way to complete your feminine look? Check out our silicone pants with a vagina! Made from high-quality silicone, these pants will give you the realistic look and feel of real women’s underwear. So, whether you’re a petite crossdresser or a plus-size crossdresser, we have the perfect pair of pants.


These pants give that perfect feminine silhouette and cover up any unsightly bulges. They also have a built-in gusset for added comfort. And, because their material composition is silicone, they won’t absorb any moisture, which means you’ll stay dry and comfortable all day.


If you need a pant that will make you look and feel your best, check out our silicone pants with a vagina today! They’re the perfect design and solution for male crossdressers and will create that perfect image, especially on the genital region.

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  1. I purchased the Anzi thickened hip fake vagina panties. I made sure i clipped my fingernails and had some thin latex gloves and some cotton ones in case i needed to use them to put on the pants initially. When they came i was a bit surprised at how thick the silicone was. I had anticipated a much thinner pant. Also with the butt being thicker they are quite heavy. I was a bit relieved that the heavier material would not require the use of gloves to put on though. They went on pretty well. When i got them up to the point where thought i would insert myself into the urinary tube i found that i could not get me into it. I tried gently forcing me in but to no avail. then tried rolling back the tube and finally with much gentle pressure i got me inside and pulled them up the rest of the way. it was a bit uncomfortable for my thing to be in the tube as it seemed it was up too high for a straight shot. And i felt like i was folded in half. The fit was good otherwise. the navel lined up exactly with mine. The butt was a bit loose on the back of the legs but overall a very good fit and feel. By reaching behind and inside i was able to place the vagina tube properly. With a pair of Cupid XL panties they seemed nearly perfect. I lounged around in panties enjoying the look and feel for some time. then of course it became time to pee. I was a bit uncomfortable for the time i was lounging and feeling like i was folded in half still but thought i would give the pee like a girl thing a try. i sat on the toilet and after several seconds felt a release from my bladder. nothing came out of the hole and after two more small releases, felt like something was not right. I stood up and stepped into the bath next to me. then pulled the vagina pants down and saw that i was or had been folded over. A little dribble of pee came out of the Vagina but mostly was still up inside. I pulled the pants down a bit more and pulled me out of the tube. was a bit concerned when there was blood and urine emitting from the tube and the vagina. I guess on a humorous side i can say the first time i peed like a woman i got my first period….After a day without any further problems and of course not wearing Vag. pants, I wore them again but did not attempt putting me in the tube. i woud suggest after measuring me and the pants and their openings, that the tube be omitted or open from the top to allow us to sit and pee without removing anything and then wiping like the gals do, any stray drops. Have enjoyed the pants and the feel other than the mishap and not being able to pee as i thought. there was an explanation in the above regarding taking the pants away from the body and aiming the stream into the tube. I will try this later perhaps.

  2. I tried to pull pants away so as to aim a stream into the tube. But alas it is either my anatomy being too low or the tube is way too high. In order to pee into the tube the Vag pants needed to be halfway down my leg. It was easier to pull the pants part way down and stand to pee. than to try to use the tube affixed to the pants. Has any one had the same experience or a better different one? I would love to hear about it either way.

  3. i too have been left puzzled by the catheter part of my silicone vagina pants. there is no way i can fit myself into the small tube comfortably, and the little amount that i can fit in just looks weird when i pull the pants up. i have taken to just wearing a gaff underneath, i was hoping the pants would replace the need for the gaff so i am a bit dissapointed. i do like the overall look of them, and have enjoyed finding the best underwear combination to go with them whilst hiding the seams

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