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Fashionable Autumn Outfitting Tips for Crossdressers


Fashionable Autumn Outfitting Tips for Crossdressers


Autumn is finally here! It’s one of the best seasons in my opinion, and it brings a lot of fun for us crossdressers. I like to say that autumn is the perfect time of the year to crossdress. Not only to dress up at home, but in public, and to practice your skills as well. The weather is perfect to feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time. While crossdressing can be seen as an art, it’s also something that we are supposed to have fun while doing. I love to say that the whole point of crossdressing is to enjoy what you are doing: And autumn is a wonderful opportunity to do so.


Well, even though the conditions are great, some crossdressers may be thinking about what to wear. How can they crossdress in a fashionable way, while keeping themselves comfortable and in touch with the season? If you desire to do so, you may have to pay attention to a lot of details. My recommendation is for you to focus on the colors, the quality and the practicality of what you plan on wearing. This balance will ensure you both look and feel good, in a way that you stay protected from bad weather.


That’s the core idea, but we can still develop these tips in depth. We must see exactly how we can put it into practice, and what are the best choices in each category, so stay tuned with this article. My goal here is to help you and other crossdressers to find the perfect, fashionable autumn outfit. And most importantly, one that suits your needs during this wonderful season.





1. General Tips


These are a few general tips I want to mention in order to better develop the core idea. It might not only clarify the importance of it but should also give you a better direction on where to start. As I said, balance is essential, being very important if your objective is to dress well for this season. With that in mind, here I’ll explain a few ways in which you can achieve such balance.


● Stay comfortable


To be comfortable is to be happy. And comfort is sometimes a hard thing to achieve as a crossdresser. This issue is generally related to weather or physical conditions that vary between each person, but I can give some examples. Shapewear with too much compression can be painful, Heat may cause a lot of sweating and melt part of your makeup. Tucking the wrong way may be harmful to your genitals, and tight clothes aren’t recommended, as they are prejudicial for both your looks and health.


Fashionable Autumn Outfitting Tips for Crossdressers


Feeling uncomfortable with what you wear has a very negative impact in your crossdressing sessions. It influences your endurance and determines for how much time you can keep crossdressed, which is important if you plan on going out. As we can see, comfort is a key feature in terms of the quality of crossdressing experience, and that’s why it’s so important.


Fashionable Autumn Outfitting Tips for Crossdressers


If you want to stay comfortable, avoid excessive shapewear, practice your tucking skills and wear clothes that fit you well. A fact about autumn that I love is that it makes it easier to be comfortable. The weather isn’t warm enough to cause sweating or to make you feel too much discomfort. But it isn’t too cold either, so you won’t need to coverer yourself up in clothing. This way, you can still show off part of your silhouette, and wear enough clothes to conceal most of your masculine features. It’s a midterm between summer and winter, that allows you to feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time!


● Avoid showing too much


I know, most crossdressers want to feel sexy and show off a considerable amount of their bodies. It helps us to deal with dysphoria and makes us feel more feminine, but crossdressing isn’t limited to that. You can express your femininity in other ways and be your inner woman with more appropriate clothing. Besides that, revealing outfits won’t fit the season, and some people might consider them to be inappropriate.


Fashionable Autumn Outfitting Tips for Crossdressers


Remember that autumn is a season with cold weather and is usually associated with clothing with more coverage. That’s to protect people from the cold and rain. If you still want to wear something a bit more revealing, you can use a sheer stocking to show a few of your legs and a moderate cleavage. Said cleavage can be combined with a scarf to match the season.


Fashionable Autumn Outfitting Tips for Crossdressers


The better type of outfit for this season, however, are those that make you comfortable and charming at the same time. To be more specific, it’s ok to wear something revealing, as long as you are comfortable with it. I also want to add that, if don’t wear enough clothing, you may get a cold.


● Use more clothing to your advantage


As I said before, you can use a larger amount of clothing to your advantage. The trick is to use it to conceal any masculine features and highlight the more feminine ones. In theory, more clothing will help you to pass easier and to be more convincing. A good example of that is to use light scarves to cover up your Adam’s apple. More consistent underwear may help you to tuck, and long sleeves will make your arms look slenderer. You’ll be able to make your shoulders look less broad, and a stuffed bra will add volume to your chest seamlessly.


Fashionable Autumn Outfitting Tips for Crossdressers


You may also use different combinations of pants and skirts to enhance your hips, adding some more volume in the region. It creates a more visible contrast between a male and a female body, giving you some sort of hourglass figure. Another advantage you can get from using more clothing is that you can better hide your shapewear, with a seamless effect. I can recall I was quite upset when I started to dress up and noticed that my corset’s silhouette was visible through my shirt. I had to wear two other shirts to hide it. This wasn’t very practical since I live in a country with warm weather, but the lower temperatures of autumn make it possible and viable.


2. Color Schemes


Now, we start to talk a bit more about the “fashionable” part of this tutorial. I like to start with colors since they play a major role in it. If you want to look attractive, you need to choose the right tones for your outfit and match everything in your look. You may select the color based on different parameters, each one of them focusing on one aspect. They can be selected based on a thematic pretest, such as an “Autumn outfit” with the colors of the season. Or even, chosen to serve a major practical purpose and help you out. There’s a wide variety of colors for you to choose from, and they all serve different purposes. In order to help you find a fashionable color that suits your needs, I’ll point out which one fits in each parameter.


● Thematic colors


Fashionable Autumn Outfitting Tips for Crossdressers


Thematic colors are related to the season you are in, generally being associated with the meaning or major characteristics of it. Well, even though autumn tends to be cold, it’s commonly associated with warmer colors, such as brown, orange and red. That’s because these colors remind people of the fallen leaves and pumpkins, which are two common symbols of autumn. Autumn always brings up the Halloween subject, which can be linked to the colors Black and purple from the goth style and witches.


Fashionable Autumn Outfitting Tips for Crossdressers


These colors will show that you are in touch with the meaning of the season and updated in terms of fashion. They are somewhat common to see around there, so you can shop for them with relative ease. You may give preference for more opaque tones, which will help you to blend in and pass while keeping you quite fashionable and feminine.


● Attractive colors


Fashionable Autumn Outfitting Tips for Crossdressers


The main color that comes to our head when we think about looking attractive is, of course, the color red. It’s a color commonly associated with lust and sensuality and tends to highlight many feminine features in our bodies. Red is a color well known for drawing attention and is somewhat related to autumn and the fallen leaves. I know that yellow also draws attention (some say even more than red), but I wouldn’t recommend it. That’s because yellow is usually referred to as a color better suited for summer and spring. You can, of course, mix yellow with something more “wintery”, and I’ll address that later. For now, if you want to be noticed, my tip is for you to stick with red and maybe orange.


● Practical colors


Fashionable Autumn Outfitting Tips for Crossdressers


Practical colors are those that bring you more benefits besides appearance. They are useful for a variety of things on a variety of occasions, but here I’ll be focusing on those we can make use of during autumn. My favorite one in this category is black. Not only does it fit in the seasonal fashion sense, but is also one with lots of practical applications. First of all, black enhances your silhouette, making it appear more well-defined. Then, black is a color that absorbs heat, keeping you warm in the case that the weather becomes colder. Finally, it also conceals your shapewear better than any other color.


Fashionable Autumn Outfitting Tips for Crossdressers


For autumn, in terms of practicality, the darker the better. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t find a use for light-toned outfits. Brown, beige, light gray and orange are very useful colors if you plan to blend in and draw less attention. Doing that increases your chances of passing, but it doesn’t stop there. Dirt and stains are harder to be noticed in such outfits, and water ponds tend to be everywhere during autumn. These colors will give you a bit more freedom to walk around without being afraid of dirtying your clothes.


3. Deal with the cold


Alright, autumn isn’t as cold as winter. But considering that we just left the high temperatures from summer, it might not be too easy to adapt to the new weather. With that in mind, I’ve got quite a few tips on how to protect yourself from the cold without losing style.


Fashionable Autumn Outfitting Tips for Crossdressers


The trick is to incorporate certain pieces of clothing into your outfit. A good one, that works in most cases, is the good old trench coat. They are quite fashionable and are spot-on nowadays but are more suited for outfits with more coverage. If you want an outfit with more exposure, there are lots of alternatives. Stockings and hosiery in general works like a charm in such a situation. It lets you expose your legs while keeping them warm and highlighting their silhouette. Of course, black thick pantyhoses will offer bigger protection against the cold but will completely black out your legs.


Fashionable Autumn Outfitting Tips for Crossdressers


If you want to keep your legs in a more natural and exposed tone, you can make use of a technique called “layering”. The premise of layering is to wear multiple different layers of clothing to achieve the desired effect. In terms of hosiery, you can start by wearing a beige pantyhose, in a tone similar to your skin tone, topping it with black stockings of a lower denier. This way, your legs won’t be completely blacked out, as your skin will be visible through the fabric. Even so, with layering, your legs will still be protected from the cold.


To increase your protection and make sure you stay warm, I have a few more tricks under my sleeve. Well, one of them is related to sleeves actually. I’m talking about long-sleeved sweaters! If you follow my tips about color, you can make them look quite fashionable all the way from autumn through winter.


Fashionable Autumn Outfitting Tips for Crossdressers


Gloves, Hats and berets are common accessories that will keep you warm and fashionable, making them a fine addition to your outfit. However, if you are wearing a wig, you need to be careful with the former ones, since they might entangle it. To avoid this kind of situation and still keep your head warm, you can use an extra hairnet. Think about layering, and do something like that, but with multiple nets under your wig.


4. Deal with the rain


Fashionable Autumn Outfitting Tips for Crossdressers


Rain is another characteristic of the autumn weather but is relatively easy to deal with. Basically, you can solve this issue with a matching set of umbrella and raincoat. Some boots are also helpful if you plan to go out, since it protects your feet from the cold wet floor. The color doesn’t really matter, since you won’t wear your rain protection for too long. However, if you feel fancy and want to match your outfit with your outerwear, go ahead! Remember to check if the material is waterproof, and make sure your other clothes are enough to keep you warm.


5. The fabric


Fashionable Autumn Outfitting Tips for Crossdressers


The fabric of which your clothes are made is also important. You may want to avoid lighter fabrics, such as silks, light cotton and Linens. They are better suited for warmer temperatures and hot weather, being too light to help you during autumn. What you are looking for are heavier types of fabric, that can keep you warm and are more fashionable during this season. Some examples are leather, cashmere wool, flannel, denim, corduroy, felt, lace and chambray.


6. Extra Fashion Tips


Now that you know how to choose your outfit for the autumn season, I’ll give you a few tips on how to make your outfits look even more fashionable. My first tip is to do a little mixing of winter and summer clothes. Remember when I mentioned balance? Well, what is fall if not a balance between these two other seasons? This is a useful trick that makes use of such balance and improves the fashionability of your outfits.


Fashionable Autumn Outfitting Tips for Crossdressers


Another tip I find useful is to use prints and patterns. Clothes made out of this kind of fabric are quite trendy and tend to be way more popular than plain colors. Trying to make makeup match your outfit is another great idea since it reinforces the idea that you are in touch with the season.


7. Stores that I recommend


● Amazon


Fashionable Autumn Outfitting Tips for Crossdressers


In order to help you a bit more, I want to point out where you can buy your autumn outfits. One of them is, of course, Amazon. Even though I have some critiques about them, they are still a huge department store with a lot of outfit options.


● Shein


Fashionable Autumn Outfitting Tips for Crossdressers


Another online store with good-looking clothes and a considerable variety of colors is, and both of them have worldwide shipping. Of course, even though buying online has its advantages, costs and delivery time may vary. If you’re on a budget and want something affordable ASAP, I have a few other recommendations.


● Local commerce


Fashionable Autumn Outfitting Tips for Crossdressers


Thrift stores and flea markets are the first things that comes to mind, as they tend to have good items for below-average prices. Another option is to try the local commerce and browse the mall for decent findings.


Just a few words on what I consider to be a relevant matter for crossdressers. If you like to shave, keep doing so, and don’t neglect your underwear. Remember that you can still be a woman even with more clothes on, and these little details are useful to make you feel more feminine! I know, other people won’t notice it, but you are crossdressing for yourself, not to them. The important part of crossdressing is to have a good time and to be ok with yourself.


As we can see, the autumn season brings a lot of opportunities to crossdressers. It allows us to dress up more elegantly and stay comfortable at the same time. We can dress up in very fashionable outfits, as long as we keep an eye for the current trends and adapt ourselves for the season.


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