How to Make Videos About Your Cross-Dressing Life


Sharing stuff about our lives online can be a nice hobby, and the internet made it possible on a larger scale. Streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, allow us to share our experiences with a large audience. And new apps may expand our creative possibilities. With that in mind, our sisters may use that as an opportunity to create content about their lives as cross-dressers. Doing so allows us to overcome loneliness, and connects us with other people. But making quality content requires a bit of previous knowledge, and sharing your life online has a few risks that we must discuss.


 How to Make Videos About Your Cross-Dressing Life


Before anything else, you must learn how to record and edit your videos with editing software. But it would be even better if you manage to set up an area for filming, so to have a better quality of audio and video. Besides that, you must still choose your preferred platform to post, and stay active on it.  And for the sake of your mental health, you should ignore any trolls and haters you come across.


With that in mind, my goal here is to introduce you to the skills you need. But I also plan on giving you a few more directions and ideas on what to do. After all of that, I hope you’ll be able to start your channel and post videos as regularly as possible. And as a result, improve both your confidence and self-esteem, overcoming loneliness in the process.



1. Choose the right software


There are several easy-to-use software out there for this purpose. Some of them are paid, such as Vegas Pro and Adobe After Effects. But you can find free alternatives such as OBS studio and OpenShot. These four are the ones I recommend since they are suited for both new and advanced users. I’ll also talk about their features, so you can choose the one that better fits your requirements.


● Vegas Pro


 How to Make Videos About Your Cross-Dressing Life


This software is powerful, but still user-friendly and easy to master. It supports a range of special effects, which you may use to add a unique tone to your videos. I consider this one as an all-rounder since most users will be satisfied. However, this is a paid software that requires you to purchase an expensive license or a more affordable monthly subscription.


● OBS studio


 How to Make Videos About Your Cross-Dressing Life


The main advantage of OBS is that it allows you not only to edit but also to record videos using multiple sources. You may use it to film yourself through a webcam while recording your desktop, which is good for streaming purposes. It is free software that beginners may find useful. But it lacks special effects and the more advanced stuff.


● Adobe After Effects


 How to Make Videos About Your Cross-Dressing Life


Adobe AE is the most complete software for video editing. It allows you to do almost anything, so you can get creative with your videos. However, if you never edited anything before, it may be difficult to learn how to do it in this software. The learning curve takes time, and it’s also a paid software, albeit cheaper than Vegas Pro. But if you want to do something out of the ordinary, this may be the right software for you.


● OpenShot


 How to Make Videos About Your Cross-Dressing Life


This free software is intuitive, so new users may get the grip as soon as they get started. It also offers a selection of visual effects features, which intermediate users may find useful. You won’t be able as much as you could through After Effects, but it’s still a way to get into it. What I mean is that you’ll be able to learn a lot and practice while editing and creating content. All of that with no cost at all.


2. Set up a filming area


This may be tricky to do for beginners, but it’s an essential step. Your filming area has a direct impact on the outcome of your source material and affects your appearance in-camera as well. But this setup also depends on the kind of content you’ll be creating, so you should build it accordingly.


 How to Make Videos About Your Cross-Dressing Life


So let us start with the basic stuff. A common mistake for beginners is to start filming themselves in front of the computer without proper illumination. If you plan to show your face, you should buy a good lamp to provide lighting to your face. White LED lamps or light rings are recommended as they are bright and neutral in color. The idea is to make the light come from a few different sources, creating what is called “three-point lighting.” It prevents shadows from distorting your image and grants a clean output. Here’s a more advanced tutorial on how to do that:


 How to Make Videos About Your Cross-Dressing Life


After that, you must think of what you need near you while filming. And that depends on the kind of content you’re creating. If you’re sharing your makeup experience and plan to show that online, keep a mirror and makeup supplies in your filming area.


 How to Make Videos About Your Cross-Dressing Life


If what you’re doing is more of a vlog or a cross-dressing diary, keep some notes so you remember what to say. It’s always useful to have a script handy, and a bottle of water to drink between takes.


3. Think of relevant topics


What do you intend to show the public? Your life as a cross-dresser or trans person sure has a lot of aspects, but which ones do you want to share? A good exercise to make is to think about stuff that happened to you, that could happen to others. The more possible it is to happen, the more relevant it may be for people to watch. If you keep your topics relevant, more people will be inclined to watch and share your content. But if you still want some examples, here are a few things you can talk about in your channel.


● Makeup tips


 How to Make Videos About Your Cross-Dressing Life


The vast majority of cross-dressers and trans people are into makeup, so it’s quite relevant. If you share your daily process of wearing makeup, you may give them the inspiration to go and try new styles. It breaks the monotony, adding more fun to the process. It’s also a good way for them to discover new techniques with a visual example, which makes things far easier.


● Your cross-dressing experience


 How to Make Videos About Your Cross-Dressing Life


Sharing your overall experience is also an option. By doing that, you may feel less isolated and will be able to reflect upon your progress so far. Besides that, it may encourage other people to start their journeys and see that they can be themselves. Describe things such as going out or how you deal with daily struggles, as they might relate to that and feel represented. It helps the queer community as a whole to grow stronger and feel united.


● Shopping tips


 How to Make Videos About Your Cross-Dressing Life


Our sisters are always looking after new stuff to improve their feminine wardrobe. But with so many options out there, it’s easy to get confused and not know what to buy. So why not make shopping guide videos? Make reviews of stuff you’ve purchased and give a sincere opinion about them. This way our sisters may decide better, and won’t regret how they spent their hard-earned money. With that in mind, if you get enough views, you may even attract sponsors to your channel.


4. Choose a streaming platform you like


 How to Make Videos About Your Cross-Dressing Life


After deciding upon the content you’ll create, you must choose a platform to publish it. The most common ones are Youtube and Twitch, with Facebook right behind. Youtube is ideal for tutorials and vlogs in general, allowing you to post pre-edited content.


 How to Make Videos About Your Cross-Dressing Life


This way, you can make sure everything happens as intended. Twitch, on the other hand, is focused on live streams, being better suited for podcasts, gaming, and live reviews. Facebook is quite balanced between live streams and recorded content, and allows you to have more control of who sees what you publish. But its number of watchers has been declining recently, as they are migrating to the other platforms.



5. Beware trolls and haters


 How to Make Videos About Your Cross-Dressing Life


On either platform, you may come across ill-intentioned people, known as “trolls” or “haters”. They will say bad stuff about your videos to make you feel bad. But keep in mind that they are everyone, targeting anyone who may listen to them. As for dealing with that, my advice is for you to either block or ignore them. They will give up and stop bothering you, as long as you give them zero attention.


 How to Make Videos About Your Cross-Dressing Life


Making videos of your cross-dressing life may be useful for you and our cross-dressing sisters. But getting started requires certain technical knowledge, and a few preparations so you don’t look like an amateur. But once you get to know the basic stuff, it’s all a matter of keeping your topics relevant for your public. Make sure you choose a platform that suits your needs and ignores trolls at all costs. Pay attention only to constructive criticism from those who support you and your work, as they are interested in what you have to share with them. It allows you to learn from mistakes and improve your content. Do you follow any cross-dresser YouTuber or streamer? Tell us in the comments what you think about their importance!

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