The Best Fashion Choices of Feminine Men


Discover fashion choices and the feminine lifestyle of feminine men. gender lines.


In recent years, the fashion world has seen a very significant shift as the traditional toxic side of masculinity is diminishing away, and gender lines are blurred.  Today’s men, crossdresser men like you and me – the modern, sissy, and feminine men – are evolving our fashion choices and embracing femininity.


Feminine Men 


The world is witnessing a new fashion standard where it’s common for men to wear skirts, do makeup, put on jewelry, or even have a feminine lifestyle. Feminine prints, colors, and fabrics have almost become the norm, adding a feminine touch to our fashion.


Take me, for that matter. As a feminine crossdressing man, I sometimes wear flowing silhouettes, shirts with ruffles, sheer fabric undergarments, and floral print pants. This is how I express my femininity to the world. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, and a lot is going on in the world of feminine men when it comes to style, fashion, and overall gender identity.


In this blog, we are going to discuss everything about basically us, the feminine men, highlighting some key traits of feminine men, and fashion choices. So let’s get started.



What are Feminine Men?


Feminine Men 


Feminine men are someone who doesn’t believe in the toxic “Men will be men” notion and embrace the “boys will be girls” narrative. That’s how it should be. Masculinity is not about being dominant, misogynistic, and homophobic. Masculinity in today’s modern age is about being compassionate, caring, and feminine.


Feminine Men 


Today’s modern, feminine man is someone who has high emotional intelligence, prioritizes self-care and beauty, someone who is not afraid of crying or being soft and poised. A feminine man is someone who embraces feminine things like drinking wine, shopping, beauty sessions, homosexuality, and feminine fashion.


How to Spot a Feminine Men?


Feminine Men


Spotting a feminine man is very easy, especially for me. I can literally smell a feminine guy because I am very feminine. Spotting a feminine man is not just about his fashion. Other aspects are involved, like styling, attitude, body language, habits, etc. Let’s find out.


Observing His fashion


Feminine Men 


Just because he’s wearing a printed shirt doesn’t make him feminine. We have to observe the prints, the fit of the entire ensemble, and the way he carries it.

A feminine man always likes wearing bright floral print shirts and pants of softer, flowing fabrics. A semi-see-through fabric shirt of soft colors with slim-fit tight pants is the first choice of feminine men. I know this because I am that feminine man. I like showing my popped sissy butt or my slim waist, so I wear tight pants, borderline crop tops, blouses, etc.


A feminine man never forgets to put on some accessories with the fit, accessories like scarves, jewelry, or bags that are typically associated with women’s fashion and embraced by feminine men. I love to wear earrings bracelets, and carry a handbag even with my normal outfits to feel feminine.


Feminine Men 


If we go for a bold approach to feminine men, we can find men wearing skirts, tunics, or robes to express their feminine side. Even some feminine men won’t hesitate to wear a bra or a camisole, or even panties, for that matter. Some of these sissies are way too bold.


When it comes to colors of outfits, the first preference of feminine men is pastels, vibrant hues, or a wide range of colors not traditionally seen in men’s wardrobes. As a feminine man, I hate wearing plain colors like black or white; it’s so boring.


Observing His Body Langauge 




Feminine Men 


Feminine men are usually very expressive and show openness and fluidity in their expressions, both facially and in conversation. Like for me, I cannot control my emotions as a feminine man; I cry a lot when I feel like crying, I pose and take a selfie when I am feeling cute, or I gasp heavily when I am feeling horny. That’s why they call me a sissy because I don’t resist my emotions, which in a way is empowerment.


Body Language


Feminine Men 


When it comes to body language, feminine men have very graceful or delicate body language, like women. You can notice in a feminine man that there will be a lot of hand gestures involved while having a conversation. A lot of talk is done with facial expressions and eyes, unlike men who have unexpressive and dominating body language. A feminine man doesn’t want to be the dominating personality; he wants to be the most loved personality in the room so that he will have very cute and submissive gestures.


Confidence in Style


Feminine Men


And that’s what brings a feminine man the most confidence. It’s hard for a feminine man to have masculine body language. I can’t do that at all. My legs unconsciously cross whenever I am sitting, or I can’t resist pouting when clicking a picture, and that is my confidence space. Comfort and confidence in wearing styles I want and being the person I feel from inside. I am not comfortable at all in loose boxers; I would rather prefer tight panties to feel comfy.


Observing His Habits 


Grooming and Beauty Routines of Feminine Men


Feminine Men 


Feminine men prioritize beauty and grooming, like taking a keen interest in skincare, makeup, and hairstyling. You can see a feminine man is feminine if he does routine beauty parlor sessions and likes doing girly grooming. As a feminine man, to keep my femininity intact, I shave daily. I don’t like body hair, so I get it waxed, and I use makeup products like lipstick, mascara, and a little bit of blush. And most importantly, a feminine man never wears gents’ cologne. He always smells feminine.


Interests and Hobbies of Feminine Men


Feminine Men 


Feminine men will always have girly interests and hobbies like learning makeup, dancing, or watching feminine shows on Netflix. Feminine men don’t usually like going out with the boys, playing rough, and acting buff. Being cozy and minding our own business is how we girly men roll, right?


Fashion Choices of Feminine Men


Makeup Choices of Feminine Men 


Feminine Men 


When it comes to makeup, most feminine men have a clean-shaven face with foundation to conceal the beard patches. Also, feminine men like me love lip gloss and lipsticks; there is something about colored pink or red lips that is so intoxicating and draws feminine men in. More bold feminine men also apply blush and heavy makeup like eyelashes and mascara to stand out and show a more radiant personality.


Dressing Style of Feminine Men


See now! 


Just like makeup, there are two types of feminine men. The first one is like me, who keeps it low-key secret just by wearing slim-fit pants, feminine shirts, women’s underwear inside, and maybe a bra sometimes, but it’s concealed under the shirt. Then, some hyper-feminine men just steal the show. These boys confidently carry bralettes, crop tops, dresses, and skirts in public, which is quite commendable and inspiring. Just to simplify, here is an example: like our guy Harry Styles, he’s low-key feminine because he chooses colors like pinks and soft colors, etc., and his fashion choices like wearing low-waisted pants and borderline crop tops, that’s the kind of style I have. On the other hand, we have someone like, say, Jeffree Star, who is a full-time feminine man. He dresses feminine all the time and acts feminine, his choices of makeup, dresses, and everything.


Accessories for Feminine Men


Read now! Roanyer 


Accessories are my favorite things, because they make me feel feminine and confident without having to worry about if I am being too loudly feminine with my choices. For example, I always carry a crossbody bag with me, which is a feminine thing to do and has kind of become the norm. Another accessory I wear is those cute bracelets like those high school girls; I feel very cute with a bracelet on my hand. Along with that, I like to wear necklaces, rings, anklets, etc.


Crossdresser feminine men take this accessory game one step ahead and include breast forms and sometimes a feminine bodysuit in their ensemble.




Roanyer crossdresser 


The stigma around men being feminine is now diminishing away, and I am very optimistic that the future will be way more feminine than it is today. Today’s modern men are defying the traditional gender norms by making bold choices in fashion and lifestyle and creating a new gender norm for a society that is way more inclusive and diverse.


Feminine men these days wear whatever they want, whether it’s applying feminine makeup, dressing feminine, or even having feminine habits. Yes, there are some challenges we have to face as feminine men, but this won’t stay long. Back in the day, a feminine man had to suppress his feelings and stay closeted for life; now, feminine men are out there, confident and becoming part of regular society. Seeing a man wearing, let’s say, a skirt or having a feminine walk is more common than it ever was.


Let me know in the comments about what bold decisions or choices you are making in your life as a feminine man. Until then, slay!


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