The Ultimate Make-up Checklist for Crossdressers


Make-up plays an important role in creating a feminine look.


It also gives me the confidence I need to go out to do my thing.


As a crossdresser, I know that having the right products in our make-up kits is not easy, especially with a wide selection to choose from.


The Ultimate Make-up Checklist for Crossdressers


To help you out, let me tell you what’s inside my make-up pouch!


This includes items from building your base to plumping your lips, with secrets and tips on the side.


On top of that, I’ll also share the best items that I use to transform my face.



Interested? Please continue reading to learn more make-up tips for crossdressers; let me get started with the first item on the list.



1. Make-Up Brushes


The Ultimate Make-up Checklist for Crossdressers


My advice? Splurge on these brushes if you can because they can either make or break your looks.


I swear you’ll be amazed at how you’ll look so much better when you use a good set of make-up brushes!




These are the brushes you should place in your make-up kits:


  • Angled and flat eyebrow brush


  • Crease brush


  • Eyeliner brush


  • Foundation and concealer brush


  • Powder Brush


  • Cheek Brush


  • Lipstick Brush


2. Skincare and Primer


The Ultimate Make-up Checklist for Crossdressers


Normally, we men also have skincare routines, but they’re not as tedious as women’s.


The secret to a healthy face, even with make-up on, is using the right skincare.


Another helpful tip is always using a primer, ensuring that your make-up stays all day.



If you’re priming with a consistency similar to silicon, then you’re in for a tip: the best tool that I use is beauty’s most powerful equipment – my fingertips.


3. Foundation & Concealer


The Ultimate Make-up Checklist for Crossdressers


Since most crossdressers have oily skin, I choose a foundation with a matte texture so my face doesn’t get sticky after a few hours.


Various foundation shades are available; for extra effect, I pick one that matches my skin tone and my wigs.



Next up, my concealer! Women use concealer to cover up their dark spots and wrinkles.


But as crossdressers, we need to conceal our beards.


To do this, here’s another piece of advice for you: concealer isn’t the only thing that you’ll need to cover up completely.


Here are the products that I use:


● Red or Pink Color Corrector


The most effective way to disguise a beard shadow is to apply a color corrector.


You can choose a natural appearance with minimal make-up by reducing your beard shadow’s blue color.


● Medium Coverage Liquid Foundation


Instead of a heavy formula, go for a medium-coverage foundation.


It’s better to apply numerous thin applications of foundation to develop coverage rather than one thick layer of heavy foundation.


● Powder Foundation


This is an excellent choice for spots that require more coverage, which, in this case, is our beard.


4. Eye Make-Up


The Ultimate Make-up Checklist for Crossdressers


Our eyes generally appear far from each other compared to women’s, so we must figure out ways to make them look closer to each other and bigger. Here’s how I deal with this situation:


● Eyebrow Pencil


The inner part of our eyebrows appears more pointed than women’s.


So, to look more dainty, we can use an eyebrow pencil to draw on them, making them appear rounder and closer to the center of our foreheads.


● Eyeshadow


To match your crossdressing outfits, using the right eyeshadow colors can also draw other people’s attention to our eyes, making us look more seductive.


● Eyeliner


We want our eyes to appear wider like women’s, and eyeliner can certainly help with that!


On top of that, eyeliners can also make our eyes look more pronounced while making our eyelashes look lusher.


● Eyelash Curler and Mascara


If you want to mimic the long eyelashes that women have, we can use an eyelash curler and then apply mascara to create a thicker effect.


5. Skin Glow-up Products


The Ultimate Make-up Checklist for Crossdressers


Since women have smoother and brighter skin than ours, we must also use products to make our faces appear more vibrant and flawless!


● Setting Powder


The secret to ultimate flawless skin is using a good setting powder.


It ensures that your make-up stays fresh all day without looking oily – the number one thing we absolutely hate!


Also, it creates a waterproof barrier to protect your look even when you sweat after a day of crossdressing.


● Cheek Blush


Blush makes my face wake up in an instant!


When choosing the perfect shade, I also consider my skin tone so that the blush matches my overall make-up look.


Sweeping some blush on the cheeks and nose is also a little trick that can make us look more girly and cute.


● Contour Kit


The Ultimate Make-up Checklist for Crossdressers


Trust me, your contour kit will help you make your face and nose appear thinner, improve your cheekbones, and hide your underchin. It’s like magic!




If you are a square or round-faced crossdresser and want to make your face look softer, an alternative is to use a bronzer and simply apply a little amount below your cheeks and around your forehead for an instantly smaller face!


You can also apply contour on the sides of your nose to make them look sharper, similar to women’s.




I love to use powder foundation with an angled medium-sized brush, but if the cream is more applicable to your skin, try to use your fingertips, foundation brushes, or a make-up sponge.




If you’re new to contouring, I suggest reading this article to find the solution to feminizing our big and round faces.


● Highlighter


I only use a highlighter when it’s a crossdressing party or a special event.


A highlighter enhances your skin complexion, making your face appear glowing and dewier!


Several crossdressers also love highlighting cheekbones to look more feminine.


I would always have a liquid highlighter in my make-up pouch just because it’s easy to carry and you can use it on the go!


6. Sexy Lippies


The Ultimate Make-up Checklist for Crossdressers


As crossdressers,  we create attractive, feminine lips that can be created by make-up. To get started, here’s everything you need:


● Lip Liner


I use lip liners for fuller lips and sexier lips.


If you have small lips, you can always overline beyond the outline of your lips using the same shade as your chosen lipstick.


● Lipstick & Lip Balm


I like to go all-natural and choose nude shades when it comes to my lippies.


It gives me that fresh, out-of-the-shower look while also making sure my lips are looking good.




Our lips aren’t as soft as women’s, so we want to keep it moisturized.


So, after putting on lipstick, I usually apply a stroke of lip balm to achieve that glow.


In my experience, it can also help make your lipstick last longer.


Complete Your Make-up Kits Now


Having a make-up kit is indeed necessary for us crossdressers.


The make-up essentials that I’ll never forget are my primer, concealer, eyelash curler, blush, and lipstick.


They’re all part of my everyday make-up routine to help me get the crossdressing look I desire.




So, how about you? What’s inside your make-up kit? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Are there any complete generic makeup kits that a new crossdresser can experiment with, before we invest in more expensive things. thank you Jamie

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