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The Crossdresser’s Guide on Feminine Etiquette

Being elegant and classy is not only essential for anyone who wants to be part of high-class society. Learning a little about etiquette will help you feel more comfortable in many situations. Not only that but it will also aid you in developing your confidence and self-respect. For crossdressers, this comes with an extra challenge. You must learn some feminine mannerisms and unlearn others’ masculine ones. But with the extra challenge, it also comes a great improvement in how you will feel while en-femme.


The Crossdresser’s Guide on Feminine Etiquette


We are going to talk about some things you must remember to keep your lady-etiquette at all times. With some tips on how to move, sit, and the proper rules for when and how to apply make-up. We are going to discuss some methods and rules to properly determine the situation and never feel nor be out of place.


These simple rules will help you to feel and look more elegant. And believe me others will notice too! If you are a crossdresser and want to learn some basic rules to keep your elegant mood flowing, keep reading!



What does it mean to be elegant?


Let’s start with the basics. What does it mean to be elegant? For starters elegance is “the quality of something or someone to be graceful and stylish in appearance or manner”. In a person, this materializes in many ways. A persons’ elegance is not only determined by the clothes or make-up they are wearing. The way they walk, talk, and treat others are very important too. Elegant people will never be out of place because they always know to read the situation and behave in an appropriate manner. Even more so, being aware of feminine etiquette requires special attention to some very specific points. This includes mannerisms when moving, walking, or sitting and rules of empathy to respect others and yourself. For crossdressers it is not only very useful to learn in order to grow confidence to go out while dressed. But also, it will also help you get in touch with your feminine side more in depth. Besides, following these rules you will develop more honest and sincere interactions and more profound connections with those around you. Being a classy lady is not only about yourself, but the manner you relate to others is a distinct trait of elegance.


The Crossdresser’s Guide on Feminine Etiquette




Who do you consider to be a classy and elegant lady? Does any name come to mind? If none come to mind, then you should begin with incorporating some examples. It is easy to think of Hollywood actresses and royalty but there are many elegant women everywhere. When reading this article, you will find that you may not know how to move with feminine mannerisms. Because of this, it will be very helpful if you visualize any elegant lady you can think of as you read on.


  • Picture their movements and start paying attention to how they interact with other people.


  • In a general way, you will have to soften your movements and slow them down. Move hands, arms, and legs in a delicate way but firm.


The Crossdresser’s Guide on Feminine Etiquette


  • Delicacy is not weakness. Soft movements are essential to tone down the masculinity in our body language.


The Crossdresser’s Guide on Feminine Etiquette


Bear in mind these considerations as you continue reading. Then again, if not one elegant lady came to mind, with a quick web search I’m sure you will find a ton of videos. You may start looking here. In case you are a cinephile, pay attention to elegant ladies characters while you watch movies. Having an idea of the way a classy lady moves will help you follow these next tips very easily!


Learning to Walk Again.


Wherever you go, you will be doing some walking. Doing it in a feminine and elegant way is crucial to keep your etiquette at all times. Walking is not only done with your feet and legs, but your whole body too.


  • Your hands and arms need to swing at your sides as you walk. With a soft penduling going in sync with your body. Let your arms help you with your balance as you walk.


The Crossdresser’s Guide on Feminine Etiquette


  • Another thing you must always keep in mind is your posture. Keep your back straight but not rigid. To project an feminine elegant aura around you must stand your ground in a firm but soft way.


The Crossdresser’s Guide on Feminine Etiquette


  • One very important thing to remember is to practice walking in heels if you are planning to go out in them. It is very difficult for beginners and dangerous to walk in them without practice.


The Crossdresser’s Guide on Feminine Etiquette


  • Whenever you can, you should walk around the house to practice your feminine mannerisms in a safe way. The stride you feel more comfortable with may be a different one while in heels.


The Crossdresser’s Guide on Feminine Etiquette


  • There are many tricky situations that you may find yourself in. Like rain or stairs are some examples that may be very dangerous if you are not attentive enough.


The Crossdresser’s Guide on Feminine Etiquette


  • Be sure to always select the right size of shoes when buying them.


The Crossdresser’s Guide on Feminine Etiquette


Standing Like a Lady


We have already seen some tips on how to keep our femininity while walking. But when we come to a stop, how do we stand? In the same way we must project a confident and feminine aura as we walk, we must reflect this when we are standing.


The Crossdresser’s Guide on Feminine Etiquette



  • Firstly, you should always stand straight with your shoulders relaxed and your chin at a natural height


  • Don’t tense your muscles in order to avoid looking stressed. You should always keep your arms and feet close to your body


  • One very feminine way to stand is with your legs crossed and with one arm close to your body, grab your elbow. This is just one of many ways you can stand while being feminine and elegant.



Sitting Down in a Feminine Manner


It’s time to rest a little, I’m sure your feet must be killing you by now. But, how to do it? In the same tone that we’ve been softening our body movements to make them more feminine and gracious. Follow these simple tips when you are thinking of sitting down:


The Crossdresser’s Guide on Feminine Etiquette



  • When a lady is entering the car she should always remember to sit first on the edge of the seat and then put her feet in the car.


  • On a chair, be very mindful of when and how you cross your legs. To avoid misshapes, pay attention and do it when nobody is looking directly at you and cross your feet too. As with standing, elegant ladies sit keeping their feet together


  • If you are wearing a skirt or a dress, remember to always brush down the back of it before sitting down in a delicate way.



When to Freshen Yourself


Wearing make-up may be one of the most useful tricks in a crossdresser’s book. As such, learning how and when to apply it is very important to keep elegance and etiquette. Remember these tips when you need to freshen up:


  • Never lay the contents of your cosmetic bag laying around. Carry a make-up bag in your purse to keep it organized.


The Crossdresser’s Guide on Feminine Etiquette


  • If you are at a social event, it is okay to freshen up your lipstick while at the table if you do it in a discrete way. For any heavier retouchments you should always go to the bathroom to do them.


The Crossdresser’s Guide on Feminine Etiquette


  • While in the bathroom, remember to keep it always clean and try not to mess anything up. Others will use it to deserve a clean bathroom too.


The Crossdresser’s Guide on Feminine Etiquette


  • If you are wearing a wig, you should also check for it in the bathroom. It is not classy to brush your hair or re-attach your wig while in public.


The Crossdresser’s Guide on Feminine Etiquette


Looks Ain’t All!


We have been talking about many tips on how to act more feminine and elegant but as we have said before, look is not all there is. Being an elegant lady also means being attentive to those around you. Being polite and present is also a distinct trait of elegance. These are some basic tips to keep in mind when treating with others:


The Crossdresser’s Guide on Feminine Etiquette



  • Respecting everyone as you expect them to respect you is key. Be honest when you are talking with people and listen to them.


  • Be grateful and know when to ask for forgiveness.


  • The value of the world is a very distinguishable trait of elegance.


  • And last but not least, remember not to drink too much alcohol. This can get very messy with booze involved. Let alone if you are trying to avoid making some scandal when you go out! Know your limits and have fun in a healthy way!



The Crossdresser’s Guide on Feminine Etiquette


As you can see, there is more to elegance than meets the eye. Putting these tips in practice will help you develop a lot more confidence when you go out. Not only that, but also you will see in no time how your relationships become more meaningful. You will also feel a lot better with yourself knowing that you surround yourself with love, kindness, and respect. Hope that you have learned something from here and are feeling more classy already! If you think that I have missed something, please let me know in the comments below. See you soon and a very happy new year!


Written by Tina Munova.

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