Hands and Foot Care Tips For Crossdressers


As a crossdresser, your hands and feet need extra care to maintain their smooth, cellulite-free appearance. Unfortunately, many of us do not put the time into proper maintenance, and our hands and feet start to look old before their time. If you don’t take care of your hands and feet, they’ll turn dry and flaky. Neglecting them will also lead to skin cracking around the nails, which can be painful. Fortunately, there are many things you can do every day to better care for your hands and feet. Do you know the hands and foot care tips?


Hands and Foot Care Tips For Crossdressers


The first thing to do is protect the skin on your hands and feet from the damaging effects of humidity.


This is easily achieved by regularly applying a very thin layer (1-2 layers) of petroleum jelly or a water-resistant oil like jojoba oil.


You should wash your hands, inspect your nails for signs of damage, and trim them if they grow out.


Soaking your feet in a pot of hot water and Epsom salts is also fruitful.


If there are signs of dryness, such as cracks, the skin might be more susceptible to chapped skin and calluses.


Use a moisturizing cream to protect your hands and feet from such problems.




To maintain a feminine appearance and keep your hands and feet looking great, you need to give more attention to them than most people do.


Your hands are one of the first things people notice about you as a crossdresser!


This article will give you some great hands and foot care tips to keep your hands and feet looking great.



1. Keep your hands and feet moisturized


To maintain the beautiful luster of your skin, it is necessary to moisturize your hands and feet.


This will also help reduce dryness, cracks, and chapped skin. Moisturizing doesn’t need to be complicated.


You can use a moisturizer with a slight scent, like coconut oil or cocoa butter, or a hand cream containing shea butter (not an all-natural one).


For effective moisturization:


Wash your hands and feet.


Hands and Foot Care Tips For Crossdressers


Take a small amount of moisturizer and apply it to your hands and feet.


Hands and Foot Care Tips For Crossdressers


Rub it in gently, and then leave your hands or feet to sit for at least ten minutes before you shower or do anything else with them.


Hands and Foot Care Tips For Crossdressers


It would be best if you also were sure to use an appropriate amount of moisturizer.


And remember that if you have very dry skin, this will cause more harm than good.


2. Get a manicure or pedicure regularly


Hands and Foot Care Tips For Crossdressers


You may not have the money for a full manicure, but getting your hands massaged, nails polished, and cuticles trimmed regularly can be a great help to the appearance of your hands.


If you do not have time to go to a nail salon, take care of your hands at home.


Get a couple of sets of quality nail clippers to make it easy to trim your nails.


Use a base coat on your nails, followed by a clear coat. Then follow up with a polish (not an all-natural one).


This will prevent your nails from chipping quickly.


Get a manicure with several extra services, like cuticle care and pedicure, if you have very long nails.


3. Wear gloves when you’re doing dishes to avoid dry skin on the backs of your hands


Hands and Foot Care Tips For Crossdressers


Most of us do dishes at home, and usually, we hold the dish with our bare hands.


Protecting your hands from drying and cracking is paramount.


One of the best ways to avoid this problem is to wear gloves while doing the dishes or cleaning.


A good set of dishwashing gloves that comes with a dusting glove can also be a good investment.


4. Use lotion after washing dishes, taking a shower, or spending time in the sun to keep skin soft


Hands and Foot Care Tips For Crossdressers


Washing dishes and taking a shower can dry out your hands very quickly.


It is almost inevitable that your hands will get dry, and they will become flaky, cracked, or even chapped.


You can help prevent dryness by moisturizing them.


Never use wet hands to apply lotion, as this will dilute and wash off the layer of moisturizer.


Additionally, spending time in the sun will dry your skin even more.


When you are out in the sun for a couple of hours, apply a moisturizer that contains sunscreen.


5. Wear socks whenever possible – they help cut down on foot odor and prevent calluses from forming


Hands and Foot Care Tips For Crossdressers


One of the best strategies for preventing foot odor is to wear socks.


Some socks have additional foot padding, like those made from plastic or foam.


If you’re wearing them, ensure the padding isn’t pressed against your feet.


It can compress and damage your skin and cause painful inflammation.


Other types of socks have an anti-odor lining that wicks moisture away from your feet, which also prevents dryness and inflammation.


Socks that are 100% cotton are best, but if you have to wear polyester socks, use a type that has an anti-odor lining.


You should also wear socks if you wear sandals or go barefoot in public.


6. Get rid of old nail polish that’s dried out so it doesn’t chip off while you’re sleeping


Hands and Foot Care Tips For Crossdressers


Nail polish can dry out and get thick. If you wear nail polish more than once, it is a good idea to get rid of it before applying a new coat.


Please do not throw it away in the regular trash, as the chemicals can cause problems for people who live near landfills or incinerators.


It would be best if you got rid of the old polish properly by adding a small amount of acetone to it and stirring gently until all the polish has dissolved into the acetone.


Once it has dissolved, you can add the acetone to a bottle or jar and put it in the recycling bin.


7. Gently wipe your hands to remove excess moisture after washing dishes to prevent chapped skin


Hands and Foot Care Tips For Crossdressers


The harsh rubbing that comes from washing dishes and taking a shower will dry out your skin quickly.


If you are using a hand moisturizer, be sure to wipe off any excess moisture before applying the moisturizer to your hands.


If you have very dry skin, rub a small amount of lotion into your hands with a towel before drying them off.


8. Use a blow-dryer and hairdryer less often


Hands and Foot Care Tips For Crossdressers


A blow-dryer and hairdryer will quickly dry out your hands and feet, especially in the wintertime.


If you use them too often, you can get cracks in your skin and make other types of skin problems much worse.


It would help if you used a blow-dryer or hairdryer only when necessary.


Another option is to use an ionic hair dryer that doesn’t overheat your hands and feet.


9. Don’t let your nails grow too long


Hands and Foot Care Tips For Crossdressers


If you have long nails, they can be a severe problem and cause dryness and cracking.


The longer your nails are, the more damage they do to your hands and feet.


If possible, trim them regularly and file them smoothly so they don’t snag on things or scratch the skin when you use them.


If you don’t want to get regular manicures, at least keep your nails short.


10. Sand your feet regularly


Hands and Foot Care Tips For Crossdressers


Sanding your feet regularly will help keep them healthy since the removed dead skin helps prevent infection.


Any rough sandpaper or emery board will gently remove the dead skin and help prevent infections.


It would help if you sanded your feet every two weeks or so, depending on how often you wear your shoes.


11. Soak your feet in warm water before bed


Hands and Foot Care Tips For Crossdressers


It is best to use warm water for feet for about 20 min before bedtime.


This helps the skin on your feet plump up and helps it stay soft even when you are sleeping.


You can also add vinegar to the water if you have hard water but don’t soak for longer than an hour, or you may risk getting an infection.


12. Consult a doctor before using any new moisturizer


Hands and Foot Care Tips For Crossdressers


If you have dry skin, it is good to see a doctor and see what type of moisturizer or lotion you should use.


Several types of moisturizers can be used to treat dry skin, including emollients, absorbent lotions, emulsions, and thick pastes.


Depending on your condition, your doctor will probably recommend one type of moisturizer over another.




In conclusion, dry skin is a common condition that many people suffer from worldwide.


It can become a problem with any person at any age, but it becomes even more severe as you grow older.


Many of the causes of dry skin involve things that you can avoid – like keeping your nails short and cuticles clipped, rubbing lotions into your hands and feet regularly, and not wearing socks when you know you will be outside for extended periods.




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