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The Crossdresser’s Secrets to Fitting Shoes

How many times do we ask ourselves, “Is it worth spending money on some shoes that I don’t know they fit?” Luckily, we solved that here. But what if, even if we buy the correct size, when we get home (or when the package is soundly delivered), we put them on and feel they aren’t quite right and make our feet hurt? Can’t you return it to get a proper fitting size? It was the last pair in-store and you definitely had to have them? Don’t worry, I got your back!


Most of the people around the world are wearing the wrong size of shoes so you are not going to be the first and certainly not the last. This problem is especially true for crossdresser/trans/non-binary people, so, in this article, I am going to teach you how to make your tight-fitting shoes more comfortable, reduce the rubbing against your feet, select the right pair of socks, reduce sharp edges inside your shoes and stretch them. Hopefully, you could even make Cinderella’s heels fit!


The Crossdresser’s Secrets to Fitting Shoes


By the end of this article, you should be able to walk like a total diva in your favorite pair of shoes (or heels) and the idea is that you can do this with things that are easily available in your house or can be bought for very cheap in almost every supermarket and pharmacy, so let’s get to it!




1. Keep your toes safe


The Crossdresser’s Secrets to Fitting Shoes


There’s no worst feeling than having your toes smashed against the constricting prison of your shoes and each other while you are walking and trying to do it elegantly. Each piece of clothing we wear must create an aura of wellbeing that surrounds us; permanently trying to hide the pain due to our shoes is far from that.


The Crossdresser’s Secrets to Fitting Shoes


Using some toe guards (or bunion protector) will prevent your shoes rub against your toes and each other. It will also make the fit far more comfortable if you have any blisters. Using adhesive bandages or cotton may take us out of the hurry, but, the truth is that they aren’t meant to keep the toes from hurting and the rubbing of the fabric will wear them very easily.


The Crossdresser’s Secrets to Fitting Shoes


Besides, if we use cotton balls, they may deform and get wet, promoting athlete’s feet and hurting our bones. Instead, toe guards are designed with this in mind, made out of breathable fabric, resilient to the wear of the rubbing and aiding our feet sit right. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and although this seems to add confusion to the matter, actually, when you think about what kind of shoes you are going to wear and what toes are in need of them, the answer becomes very clear! They are easily available in almost every supermarket and sports store.


2. Prevent the rubbing against your ankle


The Crossdresser’s Secrets to Fitting Shoes


● Choose the right kind of socks


First of all, socks. Choosing the right kind of socks or hosiery will greatly reduce the friction of your ankle against the shoe. If the problem persists, maybe try with a thicker pair! Below are some of the types of socks I consider to be must-haves.


Cotton Socks


The Crossdresser’s Secrets to Fitting Shoes


Cotton socks are the most classic kind. They are great at keeping the feet dry, preventing the formation of smell. Available in many heights, colors and from many brands, they are very easy to find and cheap.




The Crossdresser’s Secrets to Fitting Shoes


Deliciously feminine, soft and warm, stockings are great for when we want to take out our heels for a ride. We can find them as pantyhose, at whatever length and color we want and can even get kinkier with some fishnets! They help slide our feet more easily into the heels and make our legs look and feel amazing. They are also very warm and come in different thicknesses for different seasons.


Wool Socks


The Crossdresser’s Secrets to Fitting Shoes


Even though they aren’t as sexy as the former, wool socks are extremely warm and comfy, ideal for lounging on a cold winter! They are soft, cushioned and durable, making them perfect to prevent the rubbing of your ankles against your shoes. The wool comes from different animals so there’s a variety to choose from, there’s even vegan wool made entirely out of plants! Wool socks are also very easy to make too, so why don’t you choose a type, a color and give it a try? Here‘s how.


● Keep your feet dry


The Crossdresser’s Secrets to Fitting Shoes


Humidity in our shoes not only will allow the bacteria that produces that unpleasant smell to thrive and keep our feet even colder in winter but also makes the rubbing of the shoes against them even more hurtful. If you are prone to having sweaty feet and using a thicker pair of socks or pantyhose doesn’t seem to help, then we can always use a little powder to keep our feet dry. Just select the one you like the smell of and try it out! It will also prevent nasty odors from forming.


● Get rid of irregularities and rough edges


It is very common, especially when they are not high-end, for shoes to come with rough edges on the inside or irregularities. Together, they will not only ruin the experience of new shoes but also, they may rip your socks and pantyhose. Wear the shoes a little and identify where they are and take them off.


The Crossdresser’s Secrets to Fitting Shoes


Once the problem is located, the best thing you can do is get some moleskin and cover it up. Moleskin is a padded auto-adhesive bandage that it’s very resilient, perfectly to prevent wear. In case it is impossible for you to find the right shape or size, you can always buy a standard-sized one and cut it yourself with a pair of scissors, so it fits. They are easily available in pharmacies everywhere.


3. Take care of your heels


The Crossdresser’s Secrets to Fitting Shoes


Supporting the weight of our bodies everyday, heels are, literally, keeping us up on our feet, so they deserve respect and consideration. Not having proper heel support may lead to injuries that worsen with the passing of time, that is why we are taking care of them. Here are three tips to prevent your feet from rubbing against your shoes and provide them comfort and support.


● Get good insoles


The Crossdresser’s Secrets to Fitting Shoes


Insoles not only support the heels and the rest of the feet, but they can correct your posture and the way you walk. Although the best way to go here is consulting your traumatologist about what kind of insoles are good for you, you can get the regular kind for all types of shoes. They may not be miraculous, but they will make your feet more comfortable. The ones that are made of foam offer the most support and comfort, making them a great starting point. When buying them, make sure they are cushioned enough and forget about the heel pain!


● Oil your shoes


The Crossdresser’s Secrets to Fitting Shoes


Using oil to soften the edges of the shoes and help them break down it’s an old-fashioned trick that works wonders. Once located the edge that’s getting in your (feet) nerves, rub it with oil and leave it for a day or two. Repeating the process will increase its’ effectiveness and after a while they will be more comfortable, softer and those rough edges will be gone. Linseed, mink, coconut or massage oil is, to mention a few, the kind you can use. Try to use a light-colored oil to prevent staining your shoes! Alternatively, you can get a leather conditioner and apply the same process with it.


● Should you stretch your shoes?


If everything else fails, before going to the shoemaker or the goodwill store, there’s one thing you can try without spending any money: Stretch your shoes. Proceed with caution: you can’t undo any damage done to them.


The Crossdresser’s Secrets to Fitting Shoes


This can easily be done wearing the thickest pair of socks you can get your hands on (or wearing two pairs instead if they are too thin) and putting your shoes on. Grab a hairdryer and heat them uniformly, holding it at a six inches distance (fifteen centimeters), concentrating on the parts that are the hardest and hurt you the most.


The Crossdresser’s Secrets to Fitting Shoes


How long you must heat your shoes depends on the material, construction and how tight they are. Once they give a little and you can feel the warmth, walk around and flex them a bit. When they are cooled off, take them off, along with the socks, and wear the shoes as you normally would. See how they feel now and repeat the process if needed.


Combining this method with the use of oils will surely stretch your shoes, maybe even a size or two. If you do this, wait until the oil has dried off before heating to prevent a hard to remove stickiness! Don’t forget to heat keeping a safe distance between the shoes and the hairdryer, we don’t want to discolor or damage our shoes!


As you can see, there are a lot of ways we can keep our feet and wallets safe and comfortable. I don’t think feeling and looking beautiful should be synonymous with constant pain and agony. Summing up, here are the methods that I know work best, what do you think? Did you try any? Do you know any other shoe hack that we should know? Please leave a comment and tell me how it went if you tried anything here or if I missed anything. Hope you are doing great and that I could be of some help. Take good care, lovelies!


Written by Tina Munova.

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