The Wondrous World of Femboys!


A little delve into what, who, history, and the world of femboys culture.


In-depth loo at skirts, thigh highs, pretty dresses, things that are seen as the natural signs of femininity.


The internet has revealed the fact that there has never been a restriction on who is allowed to wear them.



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The femboy community has become more and more accepted and is shown on the internet.


It has split into its own umbrella of plenty of men who express themselves in their unique way, so let’s dive into the world of femboys, and the unique history and discussion of gender!



What is a femboy?


Femboys are male-presenting individuals who express themselves by using many feminine traits, quirks, and styles, while still identifying and preferring to present themselves as males.


Femboys can vary from a guy wearing a skirt all day, to a boy wearing makeup, wearing a dress while playing football.


They are they are guys who act very girly and still are guys all in all.


Like many other identity and lifestyle expressions, it’s self-identified and doesn’t have any direct rules. But, its typically shown as boys who show a visible femininity.



Femboys and LGBTQ+


Femboys are often entangled with the LGBTQ2+ community, despite overall, being its own unique, yet still valid identity for anyone to align themselves to.


Some femboys happen to also be homosexual, or transgender, but neither is synonymous to being a femboy, and femboys often use femininity for non-sexual purposes, just to express themselves in a way that makes them feel comfortable.


Gender non-conformity is a common theme shared by many members of the LGBTQ+ community, and by femboys, and other groups that show that people can bend the gender roles that are formed by the opinions and viewpoints of others.


Therefore, although the groups don’t directly overlap, one can perceive them as linked because of the idea that there are no set rules for a person to express themselves.


History of Male Femininity


The idea of boys showing typically perceived feminine traits has been around for a rather long time, especially during the times of ancient Egypt, and Greece, as well as periods such as France and Europe in the 1700 and 1800’s.


Men in those periods often wore commonly female-associated items such as high heels, makeup, and wigs, and the current perception of male femininity is surprisingly barely in its thirties.


The word femboy is a portmanteau of female and boy.


The term femboy, started coming around in the 1990’s. Originally, people used it as a derogatory term to label effeminate men, coupling it with words like sissy and wimp.


During this period, it was also at the gay community, considering their frequent display of feminine traits, aligning with the broader usage of the term.


Other uses of the term commonly fell onto trans women, and crossdressers at the time, which were not accurate towards the definition of the term, but this was a typical part of the anti-LGBTQ+ stigma of the time.



Femboy Internet Culture


Around the same time that the term was coming around, the internet was starting to come to life.


During the 2000s and 2010’s communities in 4chan, and reddit started forming around femboys, and the topic got its own category on Pornhub.


Reddit and other sites started creating their own communities around this time as well. Such communities, such as r/feminineboys provide themselves as a safe place for femboys to interact and present themselves.


The term “femboi” came out as a variant, typically used by the LGBTQ community due to the soft connotation of the “boi” part of the term.


As of recent times, the platform Tiktok has created its own world for femboy culture to show itself, and with the hashtag #femboyfriday and the trend of femboy hooters in 2020, femboys have become a mainstay aspect of the gender non-conforming community on the internet.


Subsections of femboys, such as catboy femboys, sissy femboys, bimbo femboys, and many others exist on the platform for anyone to join their group to find themselves!


femboys culture

Image: [r/femboyhooters]


Are you a femboy?


Now, looking inward at yourself, if you want to know if you fit into the world of femboys or not, ask yourself the following questions:


  1. Do I tend to show traits and quirks that are perceived as feminine?
  2. Do I feel comfortable of being seen and presented as a man?
  3. Does being seen and referred to as male feel, right?
  4. Do you feel like what you do is breaking male stereotypes and is expressing yourself?


If you perceive yourself as a boy and associate traits traditionally perceived as feminine with your own identity, rather than viewing them as an extension of femininity, you likely identify as a femboy.


This oversimplification is important to note, and one shouldn’t consider it the definitive measure.


Ultimately, you’ll know if the term ‘femboy’ accurately describes you, or if identifying as a sissy, transgender, nonbinary, or crossdresser aligns better with your self-perception


catboy, sissyboy

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Accepting Yourself


Overall, no matter how exactly you desire to perceive yourself, you will ultimately know who you are. The challenge is more in realizing that you are a femboy.


Then, find the groups and people to help support yourself. You will find numerous communities, both local and online, designed specifically for people like you.


In the end, you will go through the journey of self-discovery for most of your life. There is no rush or urgency to trying to find what term fits you, or just don’t care about the terms, be you!


Expressing Yourself


If you decide that you are a femboy, then try to find what makes your style! Experiment, try on different styles and themes.


Have some of your female friends come over and give you makeover tips. Or, go and get yourself your own skirts, and leggings.


The internet also provides many sources of information. Find tips on Tiktok, as well as other sources such as Royaner!


The adventure of discovering what fits you is never a hundred percent set in stone. No matter what you choose, you’re on your way to finding the essence of who you are!


There are endless possibilities in the world of femboys.


Places to find cute outfits!


If you are wanting to find good places to find outfits that are well made, and are friendly towards femboys, places such as Attitude Clothing, Sissy-Boy, and many others which are perfect for finding the outfits made for your feminine experience and adventure.


If wanting to be intimate and playful with the people in your life, getting lingerie to express your femboy self is always an amazing option.


Sites such as Royaner, Menagerie Intimates, and Johnnie’s Closet are amazing options to find the special clothing just for you!


From fully body intimate wearing, to fishnet boxers to show off your glamorous body, there’s plenty to find!




Image: [r/femboy]


Be the best you!


Most importantly, the biggest thing about being a femboy, is to be yourself!


To be the person that you know you are, and to not let the world hold you back.


Everyone’s journey is about self-discovery, and if that includes short skirts, and thigh highs, then you go and get them!


We’re all in this world to discover ourselves, and it’s beautiful and wondrous for everyone, femboys included!

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