Thicc Femboys Vs. Slim Femboys: The Pros and Cons



Thicc Femboys Vs. Slim Femboys


To be thicc or to be slim — that is the question! As your resident thicc femboy, it’s my duty to blab about my personal XP. For the longest time, I thought I couldn’t fit into the femboy scene because, well, I’m not the “standard size.”


Although there are no written rules about femboy sizing, I’m still pretty hesitant about claiming to be a femboy. Can you blame me? Have you seen femboy media? They are all Size 0 when I’m balancing between being a Size 5 or 6. Imagine my surprise when I realized I’m not the only one dealing with this issue!


There are other thicc femboys out there, but none of us dared to question the obvious:


“Is there such a thing as a thicc femboy?” Well, read on to find out!


Thicc Femboys


Thicc Femboys Vs. Slim Femboys 


I’ll simplify definitions here. The ‘net uses the slang “thicc” to label a full-figured individual. Note, I’m saying  “full-figure,” not curvy as there are body types that can be curvy and slim. Type “big booty femboy” in your search bar and you’ll see what I mean.


Thicc femboys, for me, is a broad term that borders any femboy whose body is above Size 2. Now, there’s no definite Size chart out there, but based on my experience and interaction within the femboy groups, that’s the idea.


In my perspective, us thicc femboys are simply those with extra cushion. We have curves — may they be prominent or not so much. We thicc boys are those you want to cuddle and hug all the time. Not saying that sim femboys are not huggable, because they are. I’m just making the distinction.


Slim femboys are the “standard size” I’m talking about it in my intro. They are slender, lean, and almost have that fairy-like appearance. You feel like they can float in the air and fly away with ease.


Both — thicc and slim femboys — are gorgeous. But they come with their own sets of pros and cons.


The Pros


Yes, thicc femboys’ extra something-something gives them an edge!


body positivity


Body Positivity and Confidence


Thicc femboys don’t just blend into the crowd. A femboy who has worked on his insecurity (born out of society’s beauty standards) and loves himself just has this glow.

A thicc femboy knows his strengths thanks to every experience — both good and bad.


So, if you’re a thicc femboy and you talk about body positivity, people know you’re not just talking out of your ass. They know you’re sincere about what you’re talking about. Plus that confidence you feel from within? It’s contagious.


Challenging Beauty Standards


Thicc Femboys Vs. Slim Femboys


We’re flying the plane as we build it. Honestly, thicc femboys are literally rewriting the playbook on what a femboy can be.


Screw those outdated ideas — you can be chubby and cute and femme! Just by being your thicc self, you’re smashing narrow-minded beauty rules. Why not when your bouncy curves can slay just as much?


Enhanced Features


Thicc Femboys Vs. Slim Femboys 


Not all your curves will be in the right place — but we’re here because we don’t care about conventional body standards, right? It’s good if you have curvy hips and rear.

But it’s also nice to have thicc thighs and arms! Your body’s got a natural allure. Bank on it! Find clothes that complement your curves. All you need is a bit of effort and trust in yourself!


More to Love


Thicc Femboys Vs. Slim Femboys 


Let’s be real, some just appreciate a little extra cushion for the pushin. Being a thicc femboy means you can bring all that softness and warmth to the table (and the bed if you have a lover). Despite what you think, there’s nothing more comforting than a warm, tight hug.


I used to hate it when people asked me to hug them. But over time, whenever I saw their faces before and after my big hugs, I realized I was supporting them in ways I hadn’t thought possible — by just being me. I’m now a self-proclaimed, life-sized teddy bear!


Flexible Fashion


Thicc Femboys Vs. Slim Femboys 


Yes, there are limitations for us thicc femboys, but there’s no one body type that looks good with every fashion there is! Even Size 0s don’t look good in certain cuts and fabrics!


Don’t limit yourself to what you see in magazines or online catalogs. Be creative on your own. With endless online stores to choose from, you’ve got a whole fashion world at your fingertips! Invent your own style, and be innovative to show your fashion talents.


The Cons


Thicc Femboys Vs. Slim Femboys 


There are obvious cons and you may not want to think about these disadvantages. But as Sun Tzu said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”


Sizing Issues


Your battleground may be the changing rooms or the never-constant clothes chart size. Sizes are whack! You might end up in the plus-size aisle or have to shell out extra cash to get stuff tailored. Frustrating as heck!


But remember this: Sizing issues are not only for the bigger femboys. Everyone has issues with sizing! That one’s thanks to Vanity sizing!


Stigma and Discrimination


It’s 2024, but there will always be people who give their unwanted opinions. The judgment and rude comments can be such a mood killer.


Some think they have the right to throw shade or make snarky remarks about your body. But they don’t. That won’t stop them from being a-holes though. Seriously, who hurt them?


Thicc Femboys Vs. Slim Femboys


Pressure to Conform


Now this is something I personally struggle with since my teenage years! The pressure to be skinny — I can’t remember how many times I spent hours crying about why I couldn’t lose weight! When I got older, I learned that my food cravings are literally embedded in my DNA!


If only people talked about inherited reasons for being thicc. Or at least be a little kinder when discussing bodies outside of the ideal, how perfect would that be?


Physical Challenges


Since I’m personally sparring with this stuff, I won’t sugarcoat anything. Additional weight (that outside of your BMI) will come with physical challenges.


I have perpetual joint pain. I get out of breath quicker. It’s all so annoying! It can make you think twice before hitting the gym or going for a hike. Sometimes it’s just a bummer, especially when it stops you from even trying.


Limited Representation


Where my thicc femboys at in movies and TV? Oh right, barely there. Especially when you consume Asian media — the difference is glaring!


When you rarely see someone like yourself on screen, it’s inevitable to feel like you’re alone. The solution? Turn off the screen and focus on you! That’s what I did! No influencer can tell me what clothes to wear because they don’t have my body. They don’t know what looks good or not.


So, invest in your body and find out for yourself!


Standard and Still Sexy: Slim Femboys


standard sexy crossdresser 


Slim femboys are those you think about when you hear “femboy.” Cause of this, I call them the “standard” size. But I guess “benchmark” is more appropriate in some cases.


Either way, slim femboys are still very much in the picture! The rise of the thicc femboys club just shone a brighter light on slimmies.


The Pros


Let me remind you why slim femboys have always been popular:


Attractive “Fragility”


Slim femboys naturally look more demure — like you want to protect them at all costs. They look fragile, and so many’s instincts come out and want to shield them. Then when the supposed protector realized the slim femboy needed no protection — they only became more attractive.


Their thin frame makes them look like they need help. When you think like this, know that slim femboys already got you around their fingers!


Dep Store or Personal Closet?


Shopping is a breeze for smaller-frames. Again, I don’t like sugarcoating things. I’ve had many slim femboy friends, and I’ve suffered the long hours of waiting for them as they try on everything in a store.


It took me time to accept the rationalization behind this. But once I looked at it objectively, I also stopped feeling bitter about my size not being on the rack or paying more for the same design.


It’s a simple production cost. More fabric means more cost. More cost means a higher selling price.


Thicc Femboys Vs. Slim Femboys


Local Inspiration


Clothes look good on slim frames. Exhibit A: Runway models. It’s also easier to pose and get good pics. Because of this, slim femboys can easily curate fit inspirations for others.


If you’re a Slim Jim, this also shows others that you don’t need mad gains or a bulky frame. Your lean bod is already fire, and seeing you being confident in your skin can light a fire under someone else to do the same.


Flexibility in Fashion


Slim bodies are like a blank canvas that can rock any paint. Most of it at least.


Take me for instance. I love 90s street style — the baggy and colorful ones, the better. But because of my frame, wearing baggy clothes only makes me look heavier.


Plus hey, you can wear butt or hip pads to help you with the missing curves.


Less Physical Strain


As a direct opposite to one of my cons to the thicc femboys, a lighter body means less stress on your body. But this doesn’t mean a slim femboy doesn’t have any physical illnesses.


The Cons


Thicc Femboys Vs. Slim Femboys


Being a slim femboy comes with its own set of headaches.


Stereotypes and Misconceptions


“You look weak.”


“You’re not masculine enough.”


Familiar? I hate it when I hear others say this to my slim friends. Just because a man or boy is on the slimmer scale, doesn’t mean he’s not pure muscle. Or that he doesn’t have rows and rows of abs!


Pressure to Stay Slim


Yes, the same struggle thicc femboys have, slim femboys do too. There’s really no way to win against the standards of this society.


Society puts slim peeps on this super high pedestal. It’s insane! Everyone expects you to stay that way. When you eat heartily, there’ll be jokes of “‘Ey, be careful of getting fat!” Even if they’re jokes, it’s still maddening. It’s like, can femboys just live?


Sadly, some develop anorexia and other eating disorders because of this pressure as well.


basic crossdresser 


Looking “Basic”


Since slim folks can pick up clothes easily, sometimes it feels like you’re just another clone. With everyone having the same fits, it’s tough to stand out.


Health Issues


And don’t even get me started on the health probs. People think being slim is all rainbows, but no. If you’re too skinny, you must be on the lookout for stuff like nutritional deficiencies or feeling exhausted all the time.


You need to stay woke on your health game, or it can sneak up on you.


Embracing Diversity in the Femboy Community


Thicc Femboys Vs. Slim Femboys 


Thicc, slim, somewhere in between — every body type brings something special to the femboy table. We should uplift and support each other. Celebrate our differences and never let them divide us. There’s room for everyone anyway!


Breaking Down Beauty Standards


Narrow beauty standards? Pfft, who needs them? Femboys are here to redefine what beauty means in the crossdressing and LGBTQ+ community. Keep challenging outdated beauty norms!


Self Femboy Love


Loving yourself isn’t always easy, but it’s so worth it. Throw societal expectations out of the mix — what matters most is how you feel about yourself. Your qualities, your quirks, your everything — all of them make you uniquely you.


Look, no one else can be you, and that’s what’s great about the diversity of bodies in the femboy community. Flaunt it!




Thicc Femboys Vs. Slim Femboys 


So there you have it — the pros and cons of thicc femboys versus slim femboys. Each body type has its own set of challenges and blessings. But what’s most important is that you love and accept yourself just as you are. If you want to change your body for whatever reason, that’s perfectly fine too!


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