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Why Does It Feel So Good to Cross-Dress?


Cross-dressing is, sometimes, more of an abstract concept.


It has a general meaning, of course, of people wearing clothes of a different gender.


But each cross-dresser is a unique person. Each of us has a different motivation and is attracted to a specific aspect of cross-dressing.


We must question why it feels so good to understand ourselves better.


Why Does It Feel So Good to Cross-Dress?


This will be a unique task for each one of us. But we can figure it out.


I must add that there are, however, many aspects that commonly make people feel good about cross-dressing.


I aim to point out some of these common aspects and help some of our sisters figure them out.


If you’re curious, read it till the end!



1. If it feels like you’re yourself


Why Does It Feel So Good to Cross-Dress?


Sometimes, it’s part of who we are, and that’s okay.


Being yourself means dressing up as you like, not limiting yourself to social standards and gender norms.


And if it includes feminine clothes, you may find yourself to be fond of cross-dressing, which is not, by any means, a bad thing!


Accepting our inner desires, and behaving according to our personality, is a positive experience.


Think of that as being able to unleash your full potential by breaking the so-called gender barriers.


If you don’t, you may feel like an impostor of some kind. But if you do, you’ll finally feel like you’re truly yourself!


This feeling is quite rewarding and improves your self-esteem, making you feel good about it.


2. You can experience something that was denied to you


Why Does It Feel So Good to Cross-Dress?


Society divides more than clothes based on gender. This division can be brutal sometimes.


It includes expectations of feelings and demonstration of love.


It expects boys to show little to no emotion, allowing only women to be soft. But sometimes, corresponding to those expectations does not represent who we are on the inside.


This way, we feel like our authentic way of life is being denied, as they expect us to comply with gender roles and expectations.


In such a context, cross-dressing can serve as a means of escaping and dealing with the trauma.


In a sense, it is a coping mechanism to help us live what we always wanted to.


But it’s much more than simple role-play. You’re not pretending to be someone else.


You are just exploring who you couldn’t be.


This way, the art of cross-dressing will allow you to break free from the prison of feelings society built around you.


3. It satisfies your curious instincts


Why Does It Feel So Good to Cross-Dress? 


Speaking of exploration, we’d all be lying if we said we are not curious.


That’s an instinct in every human being, let alone a cross-dresser!


But once again, I have to mention how society separates many things based on gender.


I mean, if many aspects of femininity used to be hidden from us, why wouldn’t we be curious about them after growing up?


This way, cross-dressing can serve as a means of satisfying our instincts and fulfilling our interested thoughts.


This will to explore is natural, and the discoveries we make while cross-dressing are priceless.


We can use that to develop our feminine side and do things we never imagined doing as men, expanding our personalities in the process.


As such, it also serves as a self-introspection. But being able to see how ladies perceive the world might be enough for many cross-dressers.


I’m sure they feel good about their discoveries and plan to keep doing it.


4. Cross-dressing can be Therapeutic


Why Does It Feel So Good to Cross-Dress?


All we have discussed until now made me believe that cross-dressing can be somewhat therapeutic.


It helps us to deal with trauma by allowing us to be ourselves and discover new points of view.


It also allows us to get in touch with many perspectives that used to be far from our reach.


And when we use all of that, in addition to professional help, we might be able to overcome many hard feelings and become better people.


In other words, we can use cross-dressing as a means of self-improvement since it involves so many aspects of our psychology.


Session after session, chances are that those changes start to be more visible to us.


Not only that, but most, if not all, of our doubts regarding gender identity, will be answered in the process.


5. You can dive into your kinks


Why Does It Feel So Good to Cross-Dress?


We can’t ignore the sexual side of cross-dressing. It exists and is the reason for many of our sisters to keep on dressing up.


And I must say, there’s nothing wrong with it either. Each one of us has our kinks, and sometimes it involves cross-dressing.


Elaborate role-play or BDSM kinks can blend with it, creating unique combinations that some of us enjoy.


And exploring this side of your sexuality can be quite healthy for your mental state.


Even rewarding considering your subconsciousness. So, if this is what makes you into cross-dressing, you shouldn’t stop.


Go ahead, and do what you like, as long as it makes you feel good.


6. Dealing with gender dysphoria


Why Does It Feel So Good to Cross-Dress?


Last but not least, cross-dressing can help closeted trans people overcome gender dysphoria.


It is that one feeling of being uncomfortable with your body or gender presentation.


Sometimes, while closeted, we are forced to conform to gender norms based on biological sex.


As such, we are obliged to dress up as expected of our gender assigned at birth.


Unfortunately, not too many of us are safe to transition openly. But until then, cross-dressing might be your escape valve.


This will help you see yourself as you really are and brings the most benefits of all the previously mentioned motivations.


So, if you don’t think the other ones suit you, it may be time for you to rethink your gender identity.


Why Does It Feel So Good to Cross-Dress? 


There is no such thing as a single reason to cross-dress. Each one of us is a unique person.


But cross-dressing is a vague, or better yet, versatile concept. And many aspects of it can make someone feel good.


So there’s no exact answer to what makes cross-dressing feel so good.


It depends on the cross-dresser, and each one will have a different answer.


Yet, they are all valid answers and should be considered so by who is asking.


To summarize things, we can say that cross-dressing feels great because we are doing something we like, something that makes us happy.


It feels so good because we already like what we are doing. And that, my sisters, is the true meaning of cross-dressing.


What is it for you? Make sure you leave a comment to tell us about it!




Which aspect of cross-dressing makes it a viable therapy complement?


Written by Elise

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1 comment

  1. hmm. i would say curious is the reason and for fun. there is a certain amount of adventure and intrigue in doing something out of the ordinary. I dressed up in a dress and pantyhose and of course the usual female undergarments, ok I’ll say them, bra and panties. Only having a small amount of padding and no wig. then put on a pair of athletic pants and top that hid the whole thing. I went to a small quiet bar and spent the night drinking orange juice and talking to the bartender/owner. Found out he was gay and when he asked of my identity I said i enjoy crossdressing. This lead a a little discussion of for how long and other information. then when i said i was wearing a dress underneath he was interested. and that i had my high heels in my bag with me as well. He wanted to see the outfit. Since there were no other in the bar by this time i showed him by opening the top of the athletic suit and removing the pants then stepped into my high heels.He was quite impressed and also curious as to how i kept the silhouette of my male parts hidden. I showed him that i was wearing two thongs and a pair of pantyhose that had run so i had cut off the all but the panty part and that kept me tucked in and hidden quite well so as not to spoil the effect of the dress by an abnormal bulge.The second pair of panty hose was dark and a thicker denier so i did not have to shave my legs to get a good look. The downfall was when i went to use the bathroom, the mens restroom only had a urinal. There was no possible way to open up that much underwear and to pull up a dress while wearing the athletic pants earlier so i had to discreetly wait until the ladies room was unoccupied to use that restroom. Which incidentally is not uncommon in that bar. That was the first time i disclosed that part of me to a stranger. But in doing so he recommended a place to go that he knew about and i went and had a very good time.

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