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How to achieve natural-looking chest?

Creating a proper female body shape is one of the most important thing for crossdressing.  The big amount of crossdressers who aren't looking for body modification (i.e. breast implants or hormone therapy), but there are many products in all price ranges which can help.


Some of the beginners often choose to pad their bras, but while padded bras can temporarily enhance femininity for a crossdresser, they can be difficult to manage and are prone to shifting, which immediately destroys the illusion these men seek to create.


How to achieve a natural look chest? Using silicone breast plates for men may offer a satisfying and comfortable solution.

Silicone breast forms were originally designed for women who had a mastectomy due to breast cancer. These forms use an adhesive to stick to your skin and then fit inside of a bra.


The right breast forms allow men to wear female clothes comfortably while allowing them to feel more womanly. If you want to add breast forms to your crossdresser wardrobe, it's important to research all options before making a purchase. Check out a few examples:


#1 attachable breast forms

·Works great with underwire bras & lingerie

·Fully fills moulded cup bras

·Built-in textured nipples add extra realism

·Double-Sided Tapes for attaching

·Designed for flat chests with no breast issues 

#2 attachable silicone breast plates

·Designed to show off cleavage

·Edges attach to the body

·Self-adhering breast forms designed for wear with non-pocketed bras

#3 crop top silicone breast plates

·No need to use messy glues for a braless look

·Crop top style is cooler and more comfortable to wear

·No revealing lines at the edge of your bra cup

·Great for showing cleavage

#4 naked silicone breast plates

·The very first breast forms that can be worn with push-up bras

·No need to use messy glues for a braless look

·The most jiggle and bounce imaginable

·No revealing lines at the edge of your bra cup

·Great for showing cleavage

I know the trend of breasts that is” bigger is better”, but if you are going for a realistic, classy look, proper and realistic breast is your best choice. When it comes to wear female’s apparel, only you can determine what makes you feel most womanly and comfortable. 

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