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7 tips of crossdressing in public

Every crossdresser wants to go out in public at least once in their life. However, many people choose to crossdress in secret because it is much easier. Well, if this is you and you are worried about the actual details, we'll address that in upcoming sections.  

For starters, you must decide if you really want to go out, and if it is acceptable. There are many countries around the world, where steeping out publicly as a woman is accepted and is normal; however, there are countries where it is just not tolerated. Whatever the case may be, please follow the law and culture so as to avoid any nuisance or unfortunate moments.

Crossdressing in public is one of the most powerful ways to validate your female self, and below are some tips and things to consider before stepping out.

#1 Perfect your feminine appearance and manners

There are a lot of feminization products out there that can help you achieve the feminine appearance that you need, as well as add some flare when you crossdress. Take time in learning to style yourself from head to toe, and you’ll realize that makeup can do wonders. Please pay attention to every detail while applying makeup; get rid of all the facial and body hair. Use makeup to hide any masculine features. Choose a hair wig wisely. Only wear good quality hair wigs and also learn to style it. Wear body shaping garments like hip pads, butt pads, tummy shaper etc., to enhance your figure. Be familiar with feminine postures and gestures.

#2 Learn to dress as a female

Always dress within limit. Make every effort to follow dress code that girls and women around you usually follow, by knowing different styles of dresses, fashion tips, types of feminine garments etc. Being a female is so much more than just putting on a wig or a dress and a pair of high heels. Remember you want admiring glances instead of laughter. Therefore, wear appropriate outfits that matches the event or occasion.

#3 Wear nice accessories

Having the right accessories can make all the difference in passing as a woman. Carry a nice handbag or purse. You can wear sunglasses, ear-rings, necklace and bracelets. Splash yourself in feminine perfumes and smell great.

#4 Walk like a female

Use feminine movements that will make you a fashion model. Make sure you can walk in women shoes with ease before stepping out. Try to be relaxed and flexible; avoid being very stiff while walking. Put on wedges, flats, mini heels or sandals if you are uncomfortable to walk in high heels. Do your best to maintain a good feminine posture while you are outside.

#5 Talk like a lady

Its highly likely that you might have to speak to someone in public. So, practice on your feminine voice as much as you can. It would help a great deal if you could make a female or a gender neutral voice.

#6 Pick a right time and place to go out

Plan in advance on how you are going to go about your business outside in public. Decide on the time which best suits you, whether during the day time or at night. Be careful in considering the location and activities that you will be doing as well. Always carry some money, your mobile phone and keys before stepping out.

#7 Stay calm and confident

Try to be relaxed when you are outside, and don’t focus too much on how you must be looking. Smile more often and remember not to keep adjusting your hair or your clothes over and over again. Do away with fear and focus on having a good time. 

There doesn’t have to be conflict in our lives about who we truly are. If we can not express ourselves, we will be quite sad, but if we are brave enough to do so, our lives will be full of happiness and fulfillment. How to be the latter? You can achieve this by being properly prepared, by overcoming shame and being fearless, try to smile with your family and friends, and make eye connection with them. When you do these, you will find that life is indeed a beautiful journey.

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